Customer Engagement Weekly Roundup

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we can’t help but think about the important role customer experience plays for both LogMeIn and our many B2C customers.  This week’s roundup takes a look at some blogs about technology leaders and how they are leading the charge in increasing brand equity and generating revenue.  Additionally, I’m sure many LogMeIn blog readers have seen the WestJet Christmas miracle video (if not, click here), which led to some thought-provoking discussions on memorable experiences that built brand loyalty. The LogMeIn Rescue and BoldChat teams want to hear from you.  Has your organization gone out of its way to provide a memorable experience that resulted in a win-win for everyone?  Let us know in the comments section below.

What Makes Amazon Customer Service So Satisfying?

In our first glance at this week’s blog posts, @Parature takes a look at Amazon and why they are so successful at customer service.  Parature first reviews the results of a recent Foresee Experience Index report where Amazon stands at the top of 100 known brands with some impressive numbers including 83% of Amazon customers more likely to purchase more and 77% are more likely to recommend the brand to others.  Parature highlights five areas of focus that makes Amazon customer service so satisfying, with one focused on convenience, which will cover in another story below.  Click here to read more.

 Even Steve Jobs put customer experience before product

GetSatisfaction found some footage from the 1997 Apple WWDC that evokes some fond memories of the late Steve Jobs.  In their retrospective, including a link to the actual video, they remind us that Jobs and Apple design around the customer experience first and foremost.  One quote that caught our attention was: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”  Jobs admits he has made the mistake himself by prioritizing technology.  It’s really interesting to listen to a man as successful as Jobs discuss lessons learned from failures.  Click here to read more on GetSatisfaction’s take of Steve Jobs’ response to a challenging question.

Customer Experience: What is the Opposite of Convenience?

Asphalt road with a crack caused by landslides, JaŽn, autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain

Kate Nasser takes a look at the role of convenience plays in meeting customer expectations.  While the example references fast food, this can be easily applied to the technology sector and more specifically mobile applications.  When people are on mobile devices, they are using most apps for convenience.  This can be a productivity app like LogMeIn Free for iOS, a banking app, or even an airline app enabling you to check in or book flights online.  When you are building your mobile app, you need to start with the convenience connection and design for optimal customer experience and behaviors for smartphones and tablets, not the web.  Click here to read more on building a connection to your customers through convenience.



Customer Engagement Weekly Roundup

For our readers in the US, welcome back from the Thanksgiving holiday!  Hopefully you had your fill in both Turkey and shopping.  As you continue to read this roundup week by week you’ll see how companies are handling customer engagement across different types of channels.  This week started out with one of the busiest online shopping times of the year and customer engagement plays a large roll on both sales and support of purchases.  Read on as we cover some of the bigger news around mobile commerce, recap 2013 service technology trends, including how to measure successful customer engagement and some insights into multi-channel engagement.


2013 Is The Year For Mobile eCommerce

Media Post’s Online Media Daily ran an interesting article prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday highlighting the rise in mobile shopping and forecasting what to look for in the coming days.  Leading up to Cyber Monday, online shopping traffic on mobile devices was up 42% and actual sales were up 54% year over year, according to the latest IBM Digital Analytics.  Media Post also highlights iOS users spent 16% more per order when purchasing on an iOS device versus Android.  Click Here to read the full article and see how the mobile commerce numbers compare to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.  Continue reading “Customer Engagement Weekly Roundup” »


Customer Engagement Weekly Round-Up

The Rescue team is kicking off a new round-up of articles that we’ve come across during the week that help drive home the importance of customer engagement to your business.  This week we’d like to highlight stories about a large company who is making investments around enhancing customer engagement, the importance of designing for mobile, and some key developments and news coming out of Dreamforce ’13.

df13’s Big Dreamforce Reveal Is New Mobile Platform, Salesforce1

In advance of CEO Marc Benioff’s keynote speech on Tuesday at the company’s major annual Dreamforce conference, CRM +0.58% announced a new platform on Monday called ‘Salesforce1.’  The platform, which the company is billing as a CRM platform for developers and software vendors focused on mobile apps, fits the theme we can expect from Benioff as Salesforce’s mantra for 2014: mobility (again), connected devices, and an open-API application-first approach to business software. Read more here. Continue reading “Customer Engagement Weekly Round-Up” »


On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Hotlanta (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome back to part two of our three part series on the key insights we gained during our travels on the road in October.  In our last blog post we covered our experience at TSIA’s Technology Services World 2013 where the topic of discussion was big data and the importance of organizations to get moving with big data.  In today’s post we will take a look at the importance Customer Engagement Management (CEM) for an organization.

We Care, Everywhere

The next stop on our USA tour is Atlanta, GA where we attended CEM in Telecoms: North America, hosted by Telecoms IQ.  The 2013 CEM in Telecoms event was attended by leading cable providers, telecommunication providers, and thought leaders in the Customer Experience Management space, providing a platform to review industry best practices in improving customer experience.  The two-day session covered many topics in the CEM space including:

  • Enhancing the customer experience across contact centers and other touch points
  • Increasing cross-functional collaboration and overcoming silo mentality within organizations


Contrary to the graphic, most organizations don’t have a single touch point with the customer, even though many interactions with the customer are handled this way.  This was among many insights captured through our panel session and discussions, a few additional insights have been shared below: Continue reading “On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Hotlanta (Part 2 of 3)” »


Instant Integrated Remote Support for an Android Tablet

In February of this year, LogMeIn announced Rescue support for Android tablets and smartphones, which can be achieved in two ways, pre-deployed for mobile operators and over-the-air for corporations. Today, we are excited to showcase an example of a mobile operator who has pre-deployed Rescue on an Android device, enabling full remote support with remote control. This also happens to be the first remote support solution that has been pre-installed on an Android Honeycomb tablet, the T-Mobile LG G-Slate.

LogMeIn has been working with T-Mobile to deliver an integrated, out-of-the-box support solution that simplifies the way customers receive support. From T-Mobile’s pre-installed “My Account” application, a customer and support representative can easily connect via LogMeIn Rescue and share control of the customer’s Android device to resolve a problem.

This solution is being used by T-Mobile representatives to provide support to T-Mobile customers on the new LG G-Slate tablet and other new Android devices, including the LG G2-X and Side-Kick 4G for T-Mobile.

Check out the video below to see the T-Mobile App with Rescue in action.