Customer Spotlight: Sprinklr, Connecting a Global Workforce

A few weeks ago we traveled to Austin, Texas to visit our friends at Sprinklr to learn how they are using (and, of course, sample some epic barbecue). If you’re not familiar with Sprinklr, they create social software for brands to engage the voice of the customer through social platforms.

With about 600 employees in offices around the world, Sprinklr found that getting everyone on the same page was often a challenge. Especially for Katie O’Brien who leads product launches for the entire company, In Katie’s role, making sure that all employees are working together and collaborating is crucial.

Katie and the rest of the Sprinklr team uses across the organization to collaborate internally and to train employees on new product launches. Speed and simplicity are the two main reasons Sprinklr chose, and communication has since improved greatly across the organization.

Watch the whole story here:


Tip Tuesday: Enhanced Collaboration

Here at, we know sometimes it’s hard to keep meetings on track and get everyone on the same page. Some of the best features of help you do just that. Did you know you could highlight a document or draw on the screen to keep your attendees engaged? What about send a presentation file or document to attendees during the meeting? This week’s Tip Tuesday is all about the features that let you make the most of your meetings and get stuff done, fast.

Need to send a quick message to an attendee or the entire group?  Find out how chat works in this video.

If you want to share a file or presentation with your meeting attendees, learn how to use file transfer in this short video.

Once you’ve mastered the meeting basics, take your collaboration to the next level with annotation by learning how to highlight or draw on the screen.


Customer Spotlight: Meltwater Sales Teams Drove Adoption of

We recently spent a fun afternoon visiting the Boston offices of one of our favorite customers, Meltwater. If you don’t know them, Meltwater is a leading media intelligence platform offering their clients smart solutions in media monitoring, database management, and news distribution services.

Meltwater has a team of over 600 global sales professionals, who are all happy users! What we love about their story is that the adoption of came from the ground up. Sales teams were unhappy with the complicated meeting tools that the company was providing. Download requirements that were incompatible with prospect software or security regulations were causing meetings to fall from their calendars.

The Meltwater sales teams did some research to solve their problem – and they started using trial accounts for their meetings. With the simplicity and speed of, Meltwater sales reps can now start unscheduled, on-the-fly sales demos, leading to more meetings throughout the day, and in turn, they’ve increased their sales revenue.

Watch more of the Meltwater/ story in this video:

Thanks so much to Meltwater for letting us visit and for sharing your story with us! If you’re a current customer and have a story to share, please leave a note in the comments section below. We’d love to connect with you!

  named ‘Market Disruptor’ and Fastest Growing Web Conferencing Product in New Report

We’re excited to share that has been recognized as a “market disruptor” in a new Global Web Conferencing report by Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan Global Analysis of Web Conferencing Market - An Executive Summary

The research states that the global web conferencing market is becoming a key business enabler that is connecting and engaging employees, customers, and partners as never before.  In fact, the market grew by 10.5 percent in 2013 to reach $2.0 billion in revenue. With more than 100 percent year over year revenue growth, and a 150 percent increase in customer accounts in the last 12 months, is ranked as the fastest growing web conferencing product on the market.

The report also focuses on how the consumerization of IT is turning traditional ways of working and technology selection on its head, highlighting that users are bringing their choice of devices and applications to work for simpler, faster, and better ways to communicate and collaborate.

“As a result of BYOA and the consumerization of IT, web conferencing users as well as line of business heads are discovering simpler and more effective options for collaboration, triggering greater adoption of cutting edge technologies in their workplace,” said Roopam Jain, Industry Director of Enterprise Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan. “ has built a large base of users and successfully entrenched itself in the SMB segment, proving  the overall value in its service.”

For more  information and to access a copy of an executive summary of the Frost & Sullivan “Analysis of the Global Web Conferencing Market” report, please click here:


  Receives 2015 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award

Frost award logo

The team is thrilled to have been awarded the 2015 Customer Value Leadership Award for web conferencing by Frost & Sullivan in recognition of our customer and business impact in the Web conferencing market! received the highest ranking based on the criteria set for the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award, which focuses on business impact and customer impact. Frost & Sullivan evaluated price/performance value, customer acquisition processes, financial performance, growth potential and customer purchasing experiences, among others.

Roopam Jain, Industry Director of Enterprise Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan stated “ offers a good fit with the emerging user trends to serve customers with a high performance, low priced approach to collaboration, eliminating the traditional hurdles to adoption that include high costs and complex solutions. has effectively leveraged its expertise in the enterprise communications market and has enhanced customer value through innovation and sound execution. Its rapidly expanding customer base is a strong testament to the strength of its portfolio and the overall value of its services.”

For more information and to see the full Frost & Sullivan award summary, please visit


New Harvard Business Review Article: Stop People from Wasting your Time


Everyone is busy, but what can make life even more hectic is if you are distracted by others who don’t value your limited time. How can you stop people from wasting your time? What specific steps can you take to regain control of your schedule, so you can start thinking big and taking control of your career?

We sponsored a webinar earlier today featuring leading marketing consultant, professional speaker and author, Dorie Clark. Dorie outlined four specific, practical steps for managing your time, and preventing others from wasting it.

  • Tell others how you’d like to communicate
  • Require an agenda for meetings
  • Keep meeting guest lists short
  • Make sure that participants are prepared for meetings

These techniques, also summarized in her related HBR article, can help you become more efficient and productive, changing the culture of wasting time in your organization. Take back control of your valuable time!

Click here to read the full article or view the webinar recording here.


4 Tips for staying productive during Winter Storms


#Snowmageddon2015. With anywhere between 1-3 feet of snow due to hit the Northeast, there’s a chance that you might not be able to make it into the office today, or tomorrow for that matter.  When snow storms hit, how do can you make sure you are staying productive and not come down with a case of cabin fever?

I thought I would share some of my top tips for making sure Juno doesn’t put a pause on my productivity.

1. Find an area in the house you can concentrate. I know most of us have been there before- “working from home” quickly becomes “working from couch”. If you find yourself watching Maury more than responding to emails, you know it’s time to make a move. I personally find my kitchen table the most productive place to work, but I’ll leave this up to you. Here are few criteria you can use to decide where to post up:

  • Your workspace should be free from distractions & noise.
  •  Look for an area where you have natural light. This is crucial for maintaining concentration.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable chair, so you don’t find yourself back on the couch mid-day.

2. Stay connected and up to date. When I say stay up-to-date, I don’t mean with the latest snowfall totals (as tempting as that may be). I mean making sure you are accessible to anyone, anywhere for quick ad-hoc collaboration or for a pre-planned meeting – just because it snows, that doesn’t mean projects are on hold! With chat or email I can quickly get a question answered, but if I need to have a more collaborative conversation, I always use That way I can show my screen, pass presenter role and even annotate if I need to. It also helps that if the whole team is working from home, they can all dial-in and be on the same call.

3. Come up with goals. Set 3 goals for yourself for the day and strive to hit those goals by certain times in the day. When working from home it’s easy to get distracted and push off certain tasks for later in the day. Then, all of sudden, it’s almost time for dinner and you haven’t accomplished anything on your to-do list. I love to use Asana to keep with daily tasks and stay up to date on my team’s progress and tasks. This is especially convenient when I can’t just walk over to their desks and get a status update.

4. Enjoy your time at home. The best thing about being productive when you’re snowed in is that you can fend off cabin fever. When you close up your laptop for the day, you will actually feel accomplished. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate, you deserve it!

These tips should help you stay productive during your snow day. Do you have any other tips for staying productive when working from home? Please share with us in the comments below!


The 5M Dollar Meeting Problem

Wasted time is a pain, wasted money, a problem. Our 2014 Ovum study shed some light on late meeting starts and found that these delays added up to an average of over 10 minutes of time wasted each meeting, which increased to almost 3 hours per week for executives. So what does that mean for your bottom line? After all, time is money. We found that for the average mid-sized organization that wasted time translated to over $5M in wasted cash. What else could your business spend that money on? We’ll tell you what we would spend it on. With an extra $5M cash over the course of a year, we calculated that our Boston office could buy ALL of the following:


… Talk about perks. Okay…. Maybe 100 pizza parties is excessive, but what would you do with your extra $5M?! We’d love to hear some ideas the comments section below. For the full report, click here, or check out the full infographic.


Tackling the Sales Management Challenge by Virtual Collaboration

CSOInsightsSalesMark_2.v3 A 2014 study on Sales Management Optimization by CSO Insights revealed that sales managers reported their forecasted deals at a win rate of only 45.9%. In the same survey, managers overwhelmingly responded that they felt they “needed improvement” on industry best practices, across the board. So while sales teams are struggling, sales leaders are recognizing that there is work to be done at their levels to better enable their teams. The environment is ripe and ready for improvement, and virtual collaboration tools are rising to the top as a multifaceted solution. In Sales Management 2.0: Optimizing Virtual Sales Team Collaboration, CSO Insights and by LogMeIn examine the various ways that virtual collaborative sales tools can be used to empower sales managers, and better enable and prepare their teams. This whitepaper explores in detail the following sales practices that can be improved by the use of of virtual collaboration tools:

  • Sales Training and Coaching
  • Optimized Virtual Sales Calls
  • Recording and Sharing Voice-Of-Customer
  • Forecast Management

In implementing just some of these solutions presented, companies can increase the effectiveness of sales around account planning, sales execution, forecasting, and ultimately improve the win rate of their deals. For the full analysis, download the whitepaper here.


Better Collaboration Equals Better Performance.

Successful collaboration in the workplace can be the difference between success and failure. According to Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, leadership effectiveness expert and CEO of virtual training organization Bridge the Distance, workforce teams that collaborate the most often are 36% more productive than teams with less collaboration. Companies that make increased and improved collaboration a top priority can see improvements across a number of departments or functional areas, including customer service, profitability, and employee engagement. The key, and the crossroads at which many organizations find themselves today, is determining which tools to use and implement across the entire organization.

According to our recent research with Forbes Insights, the key factor in a virtual meeting tool that drives successful collaboration is simplicity. Kostner agrees – she says: “the best tools for collaboration have to be easy to get into, so that it’s fast and spontaneous. The strategy for successful collaboration begins at the top level. We want to make sure that we’re combining great tools and great technology along with great meeting practices that pull everyone in, to get the richest meeting experience.” View more of Jaclyn’s comments in this video below, which also highlights more key insights from our recent Forbes report: