Receives 2015 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award

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The team is thrilled to have been awarded the 2015 Customer Value Leadership Award for web conferencing by Frost & Sullivan in recognition of our customer and business impact in the Web conferencing market! received the highest ranking based on the criteria set for the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award, which focuses on business impact and customer impact. Frost & Sullivan evaluated price/performance value, customer acquisition processes, financial performance, growth potential and customer purchasing experiences, among others.

Roopam Jain, Industry Director of Enterprise Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan stated “ offers a good fit with the emerging user trends to serve customers with a high performance, low priced approach to collaboration, eliminating the traditional hurdles to adoption that include high costs and complex solutions. has effectively leveraged its expertise in the enterprise communications market and has enhanced customer value through innovation and sound execution. Its rapidly expanding customer base is a strong testament to the strength of its portfolio and the overall value of its services.”

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QUIZ: What is Your Meeting Type?


Meetings got ya down?

Are you distracted, bored, or frustrated with your meetings?

Would you rather spend your day alone by the glow of your computer screen with a half-cup of old coffee, rather than deal with another BAD meeting of dial-in issues and complicated downloads?

We understand how you feel. Bad meetings, cumbersome meeting tools, and wasted time can bring anyone down at work. But you don’t have to feel this way forever – is here to help, just in time for Cupid’s special day!

Take our “What’s Your Meeting Type” quiz to discover your meeting identity. We’ll connect you with just the right match to be more productive, feel energized, and make the most out of your workday.



Update.Me – Collaboration, Innovation, and Engagement News

Week of February 6, 2015

Collaboration is great, but meetings suck. At least that’s what everyone is telling us, including NPR. In a new article they examine the dichotomy of meeting culture – recent data shows meeting attendance is trending upward, but so are people’s frustrations. Everyone is tired of “bad meetings” that waste time and diffuse responsibility. For tips on how to avoid some of these bad meeting pitfalls, check out this HBR article on time-saving strategies.


And So We Meet Again: Why the Workday is So Filled with Bad Meetings
NPR examines the office meeting culture and the problems it causes – low productivity, slow company decision-making – but why the “bad meeting” habit is so hard to break.

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image2A Surprising Upside to Terrible Weather
Many of us were hit with a major storm recently and have had to work from home. According to new research, people actually tend to be more productive when stuck at home (IF armed with the right productivity tools, we’d add).

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Now on Twitter: Group Direct Messages
There’s a new way to collaborate on one of social media’s most popular platforms – Twitter has rolled out a group chat feature, allowing for private direct messages between multiple users. We’re interested to see how companies and brands will use this feature to interact with their customers or followers.

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Building an Innovation Engine in 90 Days
While many companies consider themselves “innovators”, are they doing it the right way? Quite often, good ideas in an organization go unknown, or undeveloped. This HBR article outlines what makes a successful innovation engine step-by-step from day 1 to day 90.

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New Harvard Business Review Article: Stop People from Wasting your Time


Everyone is busy, but what can make life even more hectic is if you are distracted by others who don’t value your limited time. How can you stop people from wasting your time? What specific steps can you take to regain control of your schedule, so you can start thinking big and taking control of your career?

We sponsored a webinar earlier today featuring leading marketing consultant, professional speaker and author, Dorie Clark. Dorie outlined four specific, practical steps for managing your time, and preventing others from wasting it.

  • Tell others how you’d like to communicate
  • Require an agenda for meetings
  • Keep meeting guest lists short
  • Make sure that participants are prepared for meetings

These techniques, also summarized in her related HBR article, can help you become more efficient and productive, changing the culture of wasting time in your organization. Take back control of your valuable time!

Click here to read the full article or view the webinar recording here.


[Webinar] Focus on the Customer: Creating Great Experiences in 2015


In a highly mobile, technology-enabled society, how is it that we hear so many stories of customers with continuously unmet needs and inconsistent customer service experiences? Have customer expectations significantly changed in recent years or, have organizations just lost sight of what customers want in a great service experience?

Does your contact center have the planning, resources and technologies in place to provide great customer experiences while valuing your customer’s time? If not, it’s time to learn what you’ll need to do so!

Join us on Thursday, February 12th at 1pm ET for an interactive webinar with ICMI’s Senior Director of their Corporate Executive Board, Pete Slease, Senior Director of Products for BoldChat, Ross Haskell, and AutoAnything’s Director of Contact Center Operations, Tabi Elbahou.

They’ll share what it takes to create great customer experiences, including:

  • The core customer expectations of today’s connected customer
  • The role of proper forecasting, planning, and staffing
  • The value of technology in meeting customers “where they are”
  • Best practices for creating great experiences for your customers

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Entering in passwords for all of your everyday applications and web services is a pain. Worse yet, being locked out of an account and losing time during a busy business day trying to recover access is frustrating. With LogMeIn’s newest product, Meldium, eliminating the headache of keeping track of passwords has never been so simple.

Meldium, a password manager with single sign-on, allows you and your entire team one-click access to over 1,800 web apps and services like Google Apps, Salesforce, ZenDesk, Office365, ADP, WordPress, Evernote and more.  Your team can access all of their favorite cloud services quickly and securely, share access without ever sharing the actual passwords, and onboard new team members in minutes.

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