LogMeIn Partners With Lionbridge to Embed Real-Time Translation Into BoldChat

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Lionbridge GeoFluent Real-Time Chat Translation to bring real-time translation capabilities to BoldChat, our multichannel and multi-device customer engagement offering.

Starting with BoldChat’s signature live chat capabilities, the integration with Lionbridge’s GeoFluent real-time translation allows sales and customer service staff to engage online and mobile customers in their native language by instantly translating the online conversation. As a result, multinational businesses – or even businesses with multilingual customer bases – can significantly broaden their reach, boost brand loyalty and cost-effectively support customers, regardless of language, location or device.

The new integration with GeoFluent makes it possible to:

  •  Reduce costs and time associated with supporting customers across languages and geographies through reduced staffing needs and providing chat agents to instantly translate BoldChat messages in real-time for both the customer or site visitor and the customer service agent.
  • Identify and translate branded terms, industry lexicon, slang, typos and communication shortcuts common in mobile device interactions, resulting in higher quality translation. Agents can also choose to preview translated text and make adjustments, if needed, before sending to the visitor.
  • Support “language swapping,” where agents can see when a visitor’s language has changed and quickly alter the conversation to adapt to the new language.
  • Support more than 40 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Japanese

The new capabilities are immediately available for customers of both BoldChat Enterprise and Lionbridge. For additional details, please contact sales@boldchat.com.

BoldChat Lionbridge Spanish_Chat_Window