LogMeIn Introduces AppGuru

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Empowering businesses to securely embrace the app-centric world.

We’re excited to announce our new cloud app management offering, AppGuru. Specifically designed for IT professionals, AppGuru will change the way companies detect and secure employee-introduced applications and help IT professionals regain control of today’s consumerized IT environments.

IT’s acceptance of consumer devices into their network during the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era opened up the door for an empowered workforce to introduce a flood of cloud applications to their corporate network. This exponentially increased the levels of business data flowing into the cloud and created an inability to understand what apps their employees were using in addition to existing, IT provided solutions. LogMeIn’s recent study fielded with Edge Strategies, found that 70% of organizations have a presence of bring-your-own-app (BYOA) and that IT underestimates the sheer volume of apps being brought into their organization by 7X.

This BYOA trend represents the latest example of the “Shadow IT” phenomenon, and has placed IT at an important crossroads; they can either ignore a trend that can be a threat to their business or address the challenge head on to bridge the gap between employee’s productivity wants, and their IT security needs.

With AppGuru, IT can take a managed and secure approach to cloud app adoption. Here’s a closer look at how AppGuru enables IT to embrace, secure and take control of the app-centric world:

  • Discover: IT can discover what apps are being used on the network, by whom, and on what devices, in addition to monitoring how much company data is going into the cloud
  • Analyze: Evaluate the security risks of cloud apps in use and uncover efficiencies across the organization with similar apps in use.
  • Provision: Manage your company’s current apps and subscriptions with out-of-the-box support for today’s most popular cloud apps, including Basecamp, Box, Evernote, GitHub, Google Apps, Jive, join.me, Office 365, Salesforce, and Trello.
  • Control: Enforce your company’s security standards, manage the adoption of cloud applications, and control feature usage within app policies.
  • Use: This centralized approach allows IT to access all of their company apps in one place and provide your company with the needed to streamline the adoption of new apps

Looking to get ahead of the trend and keep your network, data and business secure? Please visit AppGuru.com for more information.

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69% of Orgs Will Adopt Mobile Customer Care Programs to Gain Competitive Edge

According to Aberdeen, one out of two businesses are using at least eight channels to engage their customers. Mobile is one of those channels, and it is rapidly changing the dynamics of the customer/company relationship by empowering today’s buyers with seamless access to information that influences their purchase and loyalty decisions.

This Aberdeen report, “Mobile Customer Care: It’s More Than Hype”, demonstrates how companies can establish a mobile customer care program to set themselves apart. Core components include:

  • Standardizing and centralizing data collected through each customer touch-point, empowering contact center agents to personalize each interaction and provide a seamless experience through the mobile channel.
  • Determining KPIs personalized to your business’ customer care objectives to determine strengths and weaknesses, and establish a customer-friendly mobile strategy.

To learn more about deploying a mobile customer care program for Best-in-Class results, download Mobile Customer Care: It’s More Than Hype. For a mobile-friendly service and support solution to seamlessly engage customers across devices, take a look at BoldChat.


[Infographic] Avoid the Sales/IT Collision Scenario: Using apps for better collaboration

What’s great for sales productivity isn’t always good for IT. Nearly 56% of sales teams agree that slow connections are one of the biggest issues with traditional online sales meeting apps, so it’s no surprise that many sales teams are bringing in their own cloud-based apps to demo, sell and close deals faster and easier.

The infographic below illustrates findings from an InfoWorld research report, based on an IDG QuickPulse survey administered to IT professionals. The report provides insight into the BYOA trend, identifies pain points associated with traditional online meeting tools, and address business-driven IT requirements that benefit the overall organization. You can get a full copy of the free report, Avoid the Sales/IT Collision Scenario: Using app for better collaboration, here, or get some quick highlights below.




BoldChat at IRCE!

Are you attending this year’s Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE)? With 72% of consumers now using mobile devices to research products and services, now’s the time to make sure your mobile strategy is on point.

Stop by booth #609 to:

  • Preview BoldChat’s new in-app live chat capabilities for an intuitive and controllable out-of-the-box mobile engagement experience
  • Meet one-on-one with Lauren Freedman, President of the e-tailing group, for insight into the latest mobile engagement research and best practices
  • Enter to win a FREE Vespa

We’ll also show you how we can help boost customer engagement and conversions for your organization.
See you in Chicago!


Business Insider: 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Ad Hoc Meetings


Here at LogMeIn, we constantly have ad hoc meetings to brainstorm ideas or quickly solve a problem. These types of impromptu meetings are becoming more and more common in the workplace, but can run the risk of being unproductive if they lack a visible goal or agenda. The last thing you want to do is leave a meeting feeling like your time could have been better spent. That’s why we worked with Business Insider to come up with ways to make the most of ad hoc meetings.

This article features seven tips that will help you conduct successful ad hoc meetings. To plan for the unplanned with clear communication, goal-setting, the rights tools and more, check out the article here.

And to make the most of every meeting, try join.me.

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join.me Sales Management Series


This month join.me is partnering with CSO Insights and BrightTALK to present two sales management events to provide sales leaders the resources needed to deliver profitable growth.  Information for each event is below. Don’t miss out – register today!

1. How Virtual Meetings Improve Sales’Effectiveness to Win More

Date: Tuesday, June 10

Time: 1 PM ET/10 AM PT

Join CSO Insights and join.me for a practical look at how virtual selling can tangibly improve each prospect touch point throughout the sales cycle; thereby, increasing win rates of forecast deals and improving sales’ effectiveness. Jim Dickie, Managing Partner at CSO Insights, will share how virtual selling can increase sales rep effectiveness and improve win rates where win rates today are at 45.9%. Jim is joined by Mike Muhlfelder, Sr. Director, North America at LogMeIn, who will show how new collaborative technologies instantly allow reps to turn any phone call into a virtual meeting that is intuitive and easy to implement enterprise-wide.

Attendees will learn:

  1. The challenges facing sales teams as they engage prospects today
  2. Why virtual selling is replacing face-to-face calls
  3. How new CRM innovations can help salespeople and prospects effectively collaborate during the sales process, shortening sell cycles, and increasing win rates.

Register Now! 

2. 10 Ways to Have More Profitable Sales Meetings

Date: Wednesday, June 18

Time: 11 AM ET/8 AM PT

For salespeople, a good sales presentation can determine the difference between hitting their quota or falling behind. So how do you ensure that you have great meetings with the right people? Join this roundtable discussion, hosted by BrightTALK, to learn how to create the best experience for your prospects during your meeting and achieve the outcome you desire.

Lori Richardson, Founder and CEO, Score More Sales (Moderator)
Mike Muhlfelder, Senior Director of Field Sales, NA, LogMeIn
Jim Keenan, Founder and Partner, A Sales Guy Consulting
Tim Wackel, President, The Wackel Group

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New BoldChat Mobile Release

bold2We’re excited to announce a new mobile release of BoldChat that introduces new ways for companies to deliver a superior mobile customer experience! To truly be competitive, companies must think about their mobile strategies as more than just a mobile optimized website and start to offer multiple, intuitive ways for consumers to seek help, ask questions and gain insights, from in-app and website chat to text messaging to email to social media.

According to our recent study, more than 70% of consumers now use mobile devices to research products and services. However, the same study found that many businesses have not adapted quickly enough to meet the needs of today’s mobile consumer, with consumers rating more than 40% of their mobile shopping experiences as unsatisfactory.

The new BoldChat mobile release, available later this summer, includes:

  • In-app mobile SDK designed to make it easy for companies to deploy proactive and reactive chat within mobile applications, and give consumers another convenient way to engage with brands.
  • Sample iOS and Android apps to help speed mobile live-chat deployments and the associated time to value.
  • Mobile reporting across iOS and Android app environments, as well as mobile browsers to help businesses create targeted plans for optimizing engagements, while providing a more responsive, holistic and satisfying consumer experience.

These capabilities build upon current BoldChat mobile capabilities, including:

  • Integrated support for customer interactions across SMS, live chat, email and social channels to streamline customer service and support management while offering multiple ways for customers to interact with a brand.
  • Mobile optimized proactive and reactive browser-based chat to help companies quickly tailor their web customer experience for mobile consumers.
  • Layered chat windows to provide a sleek, intuitive way for customers to browse and chat simultaneously, without having to switch between views or separate windows, by providing a sleek, transparent overlay on top of a browser page. The visitor can use familiar touch-based gestures to control chat-based conversations on their terms, including minimizing the view and calling it back up on demand through a slide swipe or tap.
  • Mobile indicator alerts to help customer service agents identify that a customer is engaging them from a mobile device, so the agent can modify the speed, length, and context of their response.

We will be offering demonstrations of the new BoldChat mobile release at the Internet Retailer Conference and Expo (IRCE) 2014 in Chicago next week (booth number 609), June 10-13, with general availability slated for later this summer. If you’ll be there – be sure to come by our booth and be one of the first to preview the new in-app live chat capabilities!


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Cubby introduces new features


We are excited to announce new features to Cubby that will improve your individual file sync and share experience and bring more visibility to Cubby Enterprise team leaders. These new capabilities bring greater insight into history and archived items, real-time file use, visibility into team content and improved performance.

Cubby Enterprise – Access to Team Content

Team leaders now have the option to access to view their team members content. This allows seamless access to content for team leaders if a team member has left the team or the organization.

For team leaders:  How can you view your team members’ cubbies?

  1. Log in at cubby.com
  2. At the top of the page, click Team.
  3. Click the your team tab.
  4. Click enable content access.
  5. For any user, click view cubbies and the user’s cubby list is displayed.

Items to note: As a team leader you cannot view a locked cubby unless specifically shared with you by a user. To view a locked cubby that has been shared with you by a user, go to your own personal cubby list and look for the locked cubby on your list.

For team members:  What can your team leader see?

  • When you are in a team, your normal cubbies can be viewed by your team leader
  • A locked cubby can’t be viewed by your team leader unless you choose to share it

Cubby Free, Pro & Enterprise Updates

Detected Changes

Cubby users can now view a list of sync events detected by Cubby on a PC or Mac that’s running the desktop app. Simply click the Cubby icon in the notification area (system tray) and select Detected Changes

The following activities are tracked:

  • Add file 
  • Add folder 
  • Modified file 
  • Removed file 
  • Removed folder

Items to note: Changes are only detected when the Cubby desktop app is online. When coming back online, only the most recent change is listed for any given file. For example, if your teammates make five changes to a single file while you are offline, only the most recent change is listed when you come back online.

changes detected


“Changed by” list for archived versions

When viewing the archive for a file or folder, the name of the person who modified the version is shown in the changed by column for each archived version.

archived versions

Performance improvements

Cubby now has improved performance when syncing 50,000 files or more

For more information please visit Cubby.com