6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business – Tip #1

Recent research shows how major retailers improve their customers’ mobile shopping experience. In this first post of the “6 Tips to Launch Your mCommerce Business” blog series, we’ll share some data that can help your mobile conversions soar.  Check out the infographic below for the first tip:


To see more data like this, head on over and download our 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study now!


5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes – Tip #3

joinme sales meeting tips

#3 Will the Real Decision Maker Please Step Forward? 

Have you ever had the experience of doing a presentation and not having any sense as to who the decision makers are?  If you have, you would be accurate in your assessment.  If you think you know who the decision makers are, you don’t!

Typically, about seven people within each organization work to make buying decisions.  Not being able to see into the future, you have no idea who might be the junior staff member today and who will be leading an entire department in two years.  The solution is a real no-brainer.  Simply address everyone who attends the meeting as though they are the primary decision maker.  Easy, right?  Allow everyone to share their input and opinions and leave the guessing game as to who has the final say to someone else.

By including everyone, you are also planting seeds for the future.  Not everyone sitting at the table will be a lifer with that particular company.  When they move on, if they remember you have treated them with respect and you have a product or service they need, they may call you – not your competitor – for support.  Talk about a smarter, faster way to sell:  you are not only explaining your services to current decision makers at one company but preparing for the future as well!  Access 5in5:  5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes to learn more meeting tips now.


Internet of Things Takes Center Stage at CES

Like I’m sure many of you have been doing, we here at LogMeIn have been closely following the ongoing events this week in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  CES has become the preferred annual event for tech press as they seek to identify the “next big thing” in technology.  Judging by the volume of articles, posts and tweets, one of, if not, the primary theme that seems to have caught fire this year is the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Here at LogMeIn, we have been involved with the IoT since we acquired Pachube in 2011, which has since evolved into Xively, our commercial platform-as-a-service.  We are excited to see the market continuing to advance while applications proliferate.  Below are a few links to some of the reports and articles we have been reading this week:

This is just a sampling of the myriad of articles covering this fast growing space.  We continue to eagerly watch developments in the IoT and appreciate the speed with which this market is evolving.


5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes – Tip #4

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#4 Get 10 hours of your life back, each and every month!

Oh, to have the time to take a breath and actually get some work done!  With professionals averaging a brutal three meetings per day, there is literally no time to get work done, plan or follow up on anything other than the most urgent matters.  There is a smarter, faster way to decrease your meeting time.  All you need to do is to scale them back with the 10-minute principle.

It’s easy!  Simply schedule your meetings in 20 or 50 minute blocks instead of the normal half hour or full hour.  That extra 10 minutes can make all the difference.  Less time means more efficient work, sticking closer to the agenda and making decisions more quickly – all things that can benefit business, spur sales and create momentum.

The best part?  That extra 10 minutes that you normally would have scheduled for a meeting is now free!  You can take a walk to clear your head, jot notes for next steps and creative solutions, or simply kick back and get a latte.  Losing 10 minutes of meeting time will give you peace of mind and better productivity.  Want more tips like this?  Take a look at 5in5: 5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes today!


Using Mobile Chat Proactively Throughout the Customer Lifecycle


Successful retailers take a holistic view of the customer experience ensuring that service is seamless across different phases of the customer lifecycle regardless of the purchasing channel. But even the most sophisticated retailers recognize that mobile is making the job harder and harder. According to Forrester Research, mobile retail sales are estimated to grow from $12 billion in 2013 to $27 billion by 2016. And mCommerce isn’t just limited to purchasing goods and services online – over half of mobile shoppers (60%) use smartphones while in-store and another 50% use them while en-route to a store.

Bringing the human touch to the mobile experience can be a real differentiator for mCommerce, especially if retailers take a proactive approach. Surveys have found that 40% of customers would use mobile chat if it was offered by retailers. But why wait around for customers to contact you? Retailers should consider proactively inviting mobile visitors into a chat conversation.  Since consumers leverage smartphones and tablets from the beginning of the purchase process through checkout, there are many different opportunities to invite them into a one-on-one conversation with a helpful agent. Continue reading “Using Mobile Chat Proactively Throughout the Customer Lifecycle” »


5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes – Tip #5

joinme sales tip 5

#5 Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time

Meetings, meetings, meetings.  It seems that more and more actual work time is spent in meetings that do nothing but cause a ton of frustration.  When those meetings are sales meetings and don’t meet the potential clients’ expectations, you can end up with a mess on your hands.  The reality?  Meetings that aren’t well planned, don’t meet the prospects’ expectations, and don’t address the “what’s in it for me” issue are simply a waste of time for everyone involved.

What can you do to create more effective client meetings?  Work carefully to set agendas that directly address what prospects want to know.  Remember that they aren’t taking time out of their day to hear you ramble.  They have questions and needs – those have to be the priority.  When you are assembling the agenda and during the meeting, remember to ask questions that force them to answer with more than just a “yes” or “no.”  Crafting this type of agenda lets clients know that they are in for more than just a stock sales presentation and that you care about the individual needs of their company and brand, which helps build anticipation and cooperation.  Read more about this smarter, faster meeting process in 5in5: 5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes, and you’ll be halfway to the sale before the meeting ever happens.


[SLIDECAST] Bring Your Own App: The Secret Weapon for Sales and Marketing Success

BYOA SlideCast - LogMeIn - Lou Orfanos - join.me

Recently, I attended the 2013 salesforce.com Dreamforce event.  I had the excellent opportunity to talk about how to best understand and leverage the Bring Your Own App trend in your organization.  It’s an interesting topic because it affects sales, marketing, and IT, albeit in vastly different ways.  The trick is using it to your advantage!  Here’s a description of the presentation, right from my abstract:

Bring Your Own App:  The Secret Weapon for Sales and Marketing Success

CIOs and their counterparts in Sales and Marketing have learned the hard way that saying “no” to user-chosen productivity applications is a non-starter.   Learn how leading enterprises are embracing these best of breed applications to achieve transformative improvements in overall collaboration and sales and marketing productivity.  This slidecast will help sales and IT leaders alike better understand and align around an ever-changing sales persona, driving better productivity and sales as a result.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, I’m sharing it with you below.  You can pace yourself through the slides and my audio with the SlideShare commands.

What about you?  Does your workplace embrace a BYOA phenomenon?  Are you a millennial ‘Joe’ sales person?  Let us know in the comments.