Presenter Swap Now Available for iPad users

iPad presenter swap Screenshot

Starting a meeting on the go from your iPad but don’t necessarily want to be the host?

A new update to the iPad app, now allows iPad users to pass the presenter role to any other participant using’s simple “presenter swap” feature.

The new presenter swap feature, as well as the hosting capability works in conjunction with active pro accounts. pro hosts can pass the presenter role to any participant attending the meeting via a computer or iPad. The result– a simple and consistent meeting experience, no matter where you are.

The presenter swap feature can be found under the “Participants” button or under the “Meeting Tools” button on the presenter toolbar. Simply click the raised hand next to the participant you’d like to pass the presenter role to. The participant will then be prompted to either accept or deny the swap. Once the participant accepts the presenter role, your toolbar turns green and a window opens showing the new presenter’s screen.

The updated iPad app is now fully compatible with iOS7.

How else would you like to see us simplify meetings on-the-go? Let us know–we appreciate any and all feedback!