Customer Engagement Weekly Round-Up

The Rescue team is kicking off a new round-up of articles that we’ve come across during the week that help drive home the importance of customer engagement to your business.  This week we’d like to highlight stories about a large company who is making investments around enhancing customer engagement, the importance of designing for mobile, and some key developments and news coming out of Dreamforce ’13.

df13’s Big Dreamforce Reveal Is New Mobile Platform, Salesforce1

In advance of CEO Marc Benioff’s keynote speech on Tuesday at the company’s major annual Dreamforce conference, CRM +0.58% announced a new platform on Monday called ‘Salesforce1.’  The platform, which the company is billing as a CRM platform for developers and software vendors focused on mobile apps, fits the theme we can expect from Benioff as Salesforce’s mantra for 2014: mobility (again), connected devices, and an open-API application-first approach to business software. Read more here. Continue reading “Customer Engagement Weekly Round-Up” »


Dreamforce Day 3 Wrap Up – November 20, 2013


Marissa Mayer at Dreamforce 2013 – Fireside Chat


Mark Benioff at Dreamforce 2013 – The Connected Customer


Dreamforce Day 1 Wrap Up – November 18, 2013


Can Dropbox win the battle for IT and end-user harmony?

When Netflix embarked on its goal to pivot from the world’s best known DVD and streaming provider to original content provider they offered a money quote of all money quotes – a simple phrase that summed up its ambitions and challenges in a nice neat sound byte: “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.” software as a service

It is the first thing I thought of when reading this week’s news from Dropbox about their latest updates to the business offering. Dropbox may be among the best personifications of today’s shifting IT landscape and latest aspect of BYO trend, BYOA.

Today, the consumerization of IT is being pushed by a younger, more mobile workforce who are less inclined to draw a line between corporate and personal technology. Employees have good technology at home and they expect to be able to use it at work too. Consumerized services like Dropbox have quickly won over users – 200 million if you take the VC darlings report at face value. Consequently, IT departments are faced with deciding how to protect their networks and manage technology that they perhaps did not procure or provision.

According to what one Gartner analyst described to us as “at least 70+ contenders are looking to capitalize on IT fears by offering an enterprise – i.e. safe, IT friendly, secure, controlled – version of cloud file sync and share,” it’s a tough market for a company to differentiate itself in.  If you paid close enough attention, you’d notice that Dropbox was not on this list.

The problem for those vendors and for IT professionals is that users continue to bring in services like Dropbox in droves, and frankly they do not care what IT thinks. Users are not just looking for a “cloud storage solution”, they want one that is easy to use, addresses their work and life needs, and, most importantly, that is emotive.

To react, the “enterprise guys” talk a big game about winning over users too (see Box and their freemium offering). Trust us, Mr. IT guy, your users will love to use us.  Meanwhile the “consumer guys” are busy building out IT friendly features.

This sets up a battle for hearts and minds that, frankly, feel and think from completely different perspectives. Thus far, there are no clear winners – users bring in what they want while IT buys solutions they hope will stem the tide.

The question becomes, to paraphrase Netflix, “Can Dropbox become Box before Box becomes them?” 

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On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Music City (Part 3 of 3)

Welcome back to the final installment of our three part series on the key insights we gained during our travels on the road in October.  In case you missed our first post, we covered our trip to TSW 2013 and the value of organizations getting started big data.  In our most recent blog post we covered insights from CEM in Telecoms: North America where we covered the importance of customer experience across all touch points within an organization.

Designing the Support Desk of the Future

We now move north to Nashville where the Rescue team attended Fusion 13 hosted jointly by itSMF and HDI, two leaders in the world of service management.  Fusion 13 is an interesting mix of IT professionals, help desk managers and business analysts, which led to various discussions on topics including cloud computing, software as a service, and virtualization.  The majority of the presentations are related to improving operations through processes and software.  Speaking with event attendees, the Rescue team found that people are critically concerned with the following themes:

  • IT service desks are largely moving to cloud based technologies.  IT management across the board concluded that there is less and less appetite for investment in server infrastructure and software/services.  At the speed of hardware technology change, and Agile software development updating platforms and services, many IT managers are hesitant to invest in something that could be outdated in a mere twelve months.  By passing the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to the cloud providers, IT departments can focus on their time on their day-to-day jobs and be assured that there is a strong infrastructure behind them.
  • Integrating the many support desk systems is a key initiative in 2014.  New employee training at a modern support desk typically includes a CRM Solution, Knowledge Base, Instant Chat, Social Interaction, IVR, Remote Support, Device Management and more.  All of this functionality is necessary for a high level of support, but it is a challenge for the support agents to have an efficient workflow between these systems.  A ton of time is wasted by agents scrambling to sign-in or launch a system when they need to use it.  In addition, rarely is data shared across point solutions for reporting and/or analysis.  By choosing tools that integrate well together, help desk management can create work flows and processes that improve the efficiency of their agents on every level.
  • Technical Support professionals are expected to be the experts in all devices, across all platforms, running all applications.

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Infographic: Cloud Computing Growth

We all know the saying “you’ve got your head in the clouds.” Well, maybe that’s not such a bad place to be…

According to AwesomeCloud, the total cloud computing industry is expected to reach $150 billion in 2014. With new technology allowing us to access the cloud wherever we go, it makes sense that 60% of server workload is expected to be virtualized by 2014.

Today, Cubby and work together to extend the collaboration benefits of each product and offer a simple, secure way to store your meeting recordings –and this is just the beginning.

How else has the cloud grown? Check out this infographic by AwesomeCloud to learn more:


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On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Hotlanta (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome back to part two of our three part series on the key insights we gained during our travels on the road in October.  In our last blog post we covered our experience at TSIA’s Technology Services World 2013 where the topic of discussion was big data and the importance of organizations to get moving with big data.  In today’s post we will take a look at the importance Customer Engagement Management (CEM) for an organization.

We Care, Everywhere

The next stop on our USA tour is Atlanta, GA where we attended CEM in Telecoms: North America, hosted by Telecoms IQ.  The 2013 CEM in Telecoms event was attended by leading cable providers, telecommunication providers, and thought leaders in the Customer Experience Management space, providing a platform to review industry best practices in improving customer experience.  The two-day session covered many topics in the CEM space including:

  • Enhancing the customer experience across contact centers and other touch points
  • Increasing cross-functional collaboration and overcoming silo mentality within organizations


Contrary to the graphic, most organizations don’t have a single touch point with the customer, even though many interactions with the customer are handled this way.  This was among many insights captured through our panel session and discussions, a few additional insights have been shared below: Continue reading “On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Hotlanta (Part 2 of 3)” »


On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Sin City (Part 1 of 3)

The Rescue team had a busy October attending several key industry events allowing us to meet with customers, prospects and industry leaders, while logging lots of frequent flier miles.  Now that we have returned home to Boston, MA where the weather is turning colder, we wanted to share some of the insights captured while on the road in a three part series.

Data so Big, It’s Everywhere you Go

Our first stop is Technology Services World (TSW) 2013 Service Transformations.


This is the Technology Service Industry Association’s (TSIA) annual fall event, held this year in Las Vegas, NV.  The goal of this year’s event was to bring together service and support professionals, industry leaders and revolutionaries, and best-in-class sponsors to discuss new trends that will help differentiate service offerings.  For us, it boiled down to one key theme:  how can I use data about my customers to improve my services, product, and drive revenue.  Here are a couple thoughts and insights we gathered from the show: Continue reading “On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Sin City (Part 1 of 3)” »