Introducing: Cubby enterprise (preview) and Cubby pro team trials

LogMeIn has long developed solutions for IT and business, and Cubby is no exception. In the latest update to Cubby, we’ve unveiled two key elements that will make it easier for your business to try, adopt and manage Cubby for your workplace.

Cubby enterprise

We built Cubby to be a secure, enterprise-grade solution for using the cloud in business so you can manage data security, compliance and risk when it comes to intellectual property. With the new Cubby enterprise, currently in preview, you can now:

  • Introduce or adopt Cubby in the workplace to boost productivity and collaboration across the board.
  • Hold the reigns on how your company’s data is shared, who is sharing it and who it’s shared with.
    • Disable public sharing
    • Prevent resharing of folders
    • Limit public sharing to team-members only
  • Easily onboard and off-board users from Cubby

Cubby enterprise is currently available in preview. For more information please visit:


Cubby pro tream trial

We know giving Cubby a test-drive is essential for making sure it’s the perfect fit for the way you do business. With the new Cubby pro trial, companies can now try pro features free with their entire team for 14-days, including:

  • Unlimited DirectSync™ without the cloud
  • Cubby Locks
  • 100 GB shared storage per user
  • Ability to invite an unlimited number of colleagues to join the trial
  • Basic user management

Starting a Cubby pro trial is simple: new users can click Try it free from the Cubby pricing page, or if you already have an account, simply click on the Team page once logged-in.


Using Cubby for business? Help us continue to optimize the Cubby experience for businesses and the enterprise. Leave a comment and tell us how you use or manage Cubby.


Now in Preview: Support for network-attached storage (NAS) and external hard drives, plus drag-and-drop and multi-file uploading

A few weeks ago we told you about the the new Cubby Preview Program —  a place for our early-adopters and loyal users to be the first to get the latest features and fixes before they’re officially released.

Today, we’ve loaded-up our preview version with some of the most frequently-requested features and we’re looking to get your feedback. Check out what’s being previewed (below), then go here to learn how to get started.

Support for network-attached storage (NAS) and external drives

Preview users can now create a cubby from a fixed or removable disk such as an external hard disk drive, USB stick (pen drive), Flash reader or similar. Users can also now create a cubby from content associated with network-attached storage (NAS), also known as file-servers.

Drag-and-drop upload at

Preview users can now drag and drop multiple items from anywhere on their computer into their cubbies via The upload status for these items will appear at the bottom of the page, allowing users to watch the upload process in real-time.


Multiple file/folder upload via

In addition to drag-and-drop, preview users can now upload multiple files at the same time through by simply selecting “Upload” and then their files. Chrome users will also be able to upload multiple folders.


Detach account on a Windows PC

To make it easier to stop using one LogMeIn ID and switch to another, we’ve added a detach feature for Windows users. To access, open the Cubby application and go to Preferences– the next time you launch Cubby, you’ll be asked to associate it with another account.


Sync improvements
As we do with every release, we’ve identified a few areas to improve our sync engine speed and performance.

Once you’ve decided to make the switch to Cubby Preview, make sure you drop us a note and let us know how it’s going. 


What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update

Versions  4.1.3256 (Windows) 4.1.3257 (Mac): This update includes improved international/regional keyboard handling. Now, during a remote session, you’ll be able to select one of three international keyboard handling options. Choose from host layout, client layout or legacy LogMeIn mapping.

Additionally, this update includes various stability improvements and fixes for Mac and Windows.

With this update the following operating systems are no longer supported:

  • Windows 2000
  • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  • Mac 10.5 (Leopard) on Power PC

Introducing: Offline file viewing for mobile devices

Update 5/16/13: This post has been updated to include the latest update to Cubby for Android

If you’re one of the millions of business travelers jet-setting 50,000 miles up in the air, you know the pain that a few hours without an Internet connection can have. In the sky or not, you want access to your team’s files. In the latest Cubby for iOS and Cubby for Android updates, we’re helping you accomplish just that– being productive in more places–  with the introduction of offline file viewing.

Offline file viewing:

Notice in the screenshot below that the user, despite being in “Airplane Mode” (an iOS setting which cuts off WiFi and 3G/4G connection), is still able to view and access his Excel Spreadsheet for an upcoming work event.


This is made possible by a solution now in Cubby called caching. Every time you access a file online, Cubby saves that version of the file so that you can view it offline. Cubby caches files automatically in the background as you access them, so there’s nothing more you have to do. The files you need, when you need them– that’s what inspired this feature.

Browsing and searching in offline mode:

We also gave Cubby the ability to remember all of your file names and the names of cubbies and folders. That means you can now browse cubbies and folders or search for those “need-it-now” docs when your device is without a connection. 

Save for offline mode:

Don’t forget, these great features are in addition to the “Save for offline mode” feature that Cubby was born with. As a reminder: simply select any file, go to its info page, and choose to save it for offline. The document will always be available to you and will always point to the latest version from your last WiFi connection.

–Additional features–

Enhanced image viewing for iOS:

We know some of you wanted an easier way to view multiple images in the same Cubby or folder. The latest Cubby for iOS update also you to simply SWIPE to view the next photo in your list. It’s that easy.


(We’ll be working on this for Android, too. Stay tuned).


Android tablet support (coming soon):

A new update to Cubby for Android is coming soon for the large-screen experience on your favorite Android tablet. With tablet support, Cubby will soon provide “two-pane mode”, allowing you to browse your cubbies (on the left) and view its contents (on the right) from one screen. Stay tuned over the next few days for this update to appear in Google Play.


Now, it’s your turn. Help us create the next, best set of Cubby features: tell us how you’re using Cubby and with whom. Simply comment on this post and we’ll be sure to take note!


Introducing Xively: LogMeIn’s new Public Cloud for the IoT

xively logmein

Today, we’re introducing a new offering designed to help businesses capitalize on the next big Internet wave: The Internet of Things (IoT). Simply put, Xively Cloud Services is a public cloud built to simplify and accelerate the building of compelling, commercial products on the IoT. And it’s the first cloud offering aimed at helping today’s businesses realize the promise of tomorrow’s Internet.

What’s the Internet of Things? Why is LogMeIn jumping into it this space? How does Xively work? You can learn that and more over at the new Xively site. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

Michael Simon


Showcasing Rescue’s latest integration with ServiceNow!

This week the LogMeIn Rescue team continues life on the road, attending ServiceNow’s annual user conference in Las Vegas, Knowledge 13.  There is no better place to showcase the latest update to Rescue’s integration with ServiceNow’s Service Desk cloud service.  For those unfamiliar with the integration, here’s how it works and how your staff can work more effectively within the service desk.

SN-PINIf you’re an IT service desk using ServiceNow to manage your helpdesk service requests, your support staff can now initiate a Rescue remote support session directly from a ServiceNow ticket. Not only does this greatly simplify the technical support workflow, it also ensures that no vital information is lost along the way. Available at no additional cost to the organization, your ServiceNow administrator can add the Rescue integration by following the detailed instructions available on our recently launched integration portal.

The integration provides efficiencies within the helpdesk by allowing staff to:

  • Generate a LogMeIn Rescue session and SN-TKTcorresponding PIN code directly from a ServiceNow ticket
  • Email a link with the session PIN directly to the end-user from within the ServiceNow ticket, making it easier for the end-user to enter a remote support session
  • Post LogMeIn Rescue session details back to the ServiceNow ticket, including timestamps, chat logs, notes, as well as any customer fields and technician survey answers.

If you are at Knowledge13 stop by our table top for a live demo!


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Our team is actively working to address this issue, and we apologize for any confusion this email may have caused. Please reference the screenshot below.