Introducing: social integration, bandwidth improvements and more

With the latest update to Cubby you may find yourself earning more gigs, uploading files quicker, and altogether being better informed about the status of your syncing. Plus, we launched a few other neat items, too (Cubby Preview program, anyone?). Check out the details below.

Referral link social integration
Share your personal referral link directly to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The more friends and colleagues you refer to Cubby, the more gigs you earn. Remember: they need to install the app.



Bandwidth usage improvements
We’ve introduced the first in a series of improvements to control bandwidth usage. With this release, upload bandwidth is now automatically adjusted by your computer’s operating system to optimize upload speed. Download bandwidth is not impacted. In a future release we plan on introducing manual control over bandwidth usage and limits. These improvements are in response to your comments and votes for the item Bandwidth Usage Control.

Improved sync status messaging
For an active download/upload, Cubby displays the percentage remaining rather than the file count and size.
For a new cubby, the progress spinner appears immediately and Cubby informs you that it is “determining what to sync” as the first stage in the sync process.

Coming soon: Cubby preview program
Join the Cubby preview program to get the latest features and fixes before they are officially released. Right now, we don’t have any features available for you to try. But, when we do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Performance Improvements
As we do with every release, we’ve introduced a number of performance improvements.

Ready to dig in? Cubby updates automatically, so look for version– you’re probably ready to go.


The online meeting scheduler just got better

When it comes to collaborating with others, it’s all about organization and communication. That’s why we’ve launched a new and improved meeting scheduler that makes managing your business and personal life a lot less complicated.

As a pro user you can:

  • Customize the notes section of your meeting invite
  • Decide which audio information to include in your invite, including international numbers
  • View meeting history­ – ­be it an upcoming meeting or one that has already taken place
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting from past meetings, accessible from your history tab
  • Choose to share your full name with invitees, instead of  email only
  • Schedule future meetings without sending an invitation at that time, or ever! online meeting scheduler

With a well-organized schedule, life can get surprisingly easy. As for the getting everyone to agree? That’s for another post.

Want to try the new scheduler? Login to your account or sign up for a free trial today.