Two business class upgrades. For everyone.

Ever wonder how the other half lives?  Starting today, you, and the tens of millions of other users will have a chance to find out through the new Pro Preview.  All users who host a meeting will now get instant free access to’s premium features, right out of the gate, for their next two meetings.  No registration required.

During your two Pro Preview meetings we’ll unlock all of’s premium features, including:

  • Window Sharing – share only a single application or portion of your screen
  • Presenter Swap – pass the baton to others and let them drive for awhile
  • Annotation – highlight areas and keep your audience engaged through collaborative annotation
  • Conference Lines – take advantage of dedicated domestic and international conference lines

…and more

pro preview

Want more time to check out pro? You can sign up for a 14-day, risk-free trial on the website.


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Your ideas lead to new features. That’s how Cubby works around here. We have a hard-working team monitoring, listening and talking to customers around the clock– not to mention, a talented (and fun) group of developers ready to create, design and code.

Here’s the latest update which was released magically (thank you, automatic updates) to you, your friends and colleagues on March 7, 2013:

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As requested, we’re making it easier for you to share Cubby Love. We’ve introduced a link that you can copy, paste and post to your favorite social spot. You’ll find your link in the More Space? section of once you’re logged-in. Invite away.


Orange cubbies = Improved tracking of syncing issues

As requested by Cubby user Scott Bilas, we’ve made it easier for you to identify sync issues. We call it the “Orange cubby” fix.

When you see an orange cubby on the desktop application, click Issues to see detailed information about what might be preventing your sync from finishing. No more guessing. We promise.


Time stamp improvements

As requested, we’ve made improvements to how Cubby handles file time stamps. Cubby will preserve the modified date, but the creation date will be when the file first gets synced to a “new” computer.

Referral tracking improvements

We made some improvements that help ensure you’ll get +1 GB referral bonus when a friend installs Cubby on his PC or Mac.

Improved syncing

Lots of little fixes to make Cubby faster and even more reliable.

Note that Cubby should update automatically to the latest version, which is


Important Changes to LogMeIn Free

We’re making some changes to LogMeIn Free — specifically introducing new volume limits on LogMeIn Free accounts — that will impact a small portion of our user base. While the vast majority of LogMeIn Free users will not be impacted by this change – LogMeIn Free is and will remain free – we wanted to take a minute to explain what is changing, who will be impacted and what, if anything, it will mean for you.

For nearly a decade we’ve sought to provide users with a great free remote desktop access product, and users have been able to install and use LogMeIn Free on as many computers as they wish.  In addition to the tens of millions of individuals who use LogMeIn Free to access their home or work computers, we have thousands of businesses, IT organizations and managed service providers (MSPs) who use LogMeIn Free to remotely access and manage hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of computers.

As the nature of remote access and mobile working continues to change, this free model has been extended to a broader set of offerings, including our online meeting service, and our cloud data access product, Cubby.  Free is and has been a mutually beneficial proposition for us and our users, and we plan to keep it that way.

In order to ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality, free remote access services, make meaningful improvements, and invest in products that meet the evolving needs of our customers we will be limiting the number of computers a user can access free of charge to 10. For users that would like to remove this volume limit and access more than 10 LogMeIn Free computers a subscription to LogMeIn Central, our remote management tool, will be required.  Any computers that exist beyond the 10 computer, free-only limit will not be deleted; rather they will not be remotely accessible unless the free account is upgraded to Central.

Again, the vast majority of LogMeIn Free users will not be impacted by this change.   For those impacted by the change, we will do what we can to help ease the transition in a couple of ways.

We will be notifying impacted users by email and via the product, and will provide ample notice and a grace period before enforcing any changes.  We will also be offering discounted pricing for Central starting at $199 for the year for existing LogMeIn Free users, i.e. for less than half the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can remotely access and manage as many computers as you’d like.

We appreciate that with change comes questions, concerns, and sometimes angst.  And we want to make sure our users have quick answers to any questions and all the information needed to help ease the transition.  We hope users will make the decision to upgrade their accounts.  We also recognize many users may not be happy with this change and will unfortunately consider other alternatives.  In the long-term we believe this change will allow us to continue to support all of our users, paid and unpaid.

You can find the answers to common questions here, and our staff will be dedicating an area of our community site for fielding questions and feedback.

-Marton Anka
Founder & CTO
LogMeIn, Inc


LogMeIn Readies Rescue, Parature Integration

For the LogMeIn Rescue team, it’s no rest for the weary.  Following five days at Mobile World Congress in beautiful Barcelona, the LogMeIn Rescue team traveled to Las Vegas for this week’s Parature’s annual user conference, ParaFest 2013.  And there’s no better place to preview our latest helpdesk integration with Parature’s increasingly popular customer service software.  That’s right, you’ll soon be able to combine the power of Rescue and Parature to bring integrated remote support capabilities directly from the Parature ticketing interface.  Here’s how it works and how you can take advantage of the new capabilities.

If you’re a B2C helpdesk using Parature to manage your customer service requests, you’ll soon have the ability to give your support staff the option to launch a remote support session directly from a Parature ticket.  The ability to generate a Rescue session will be available from within Parature without any setup required and only a single simple admin setting change from within Rescue.  Support technicians can collaborate with their customers in real time to quickly diagnose and resolve issues related to their products by viewing and controlling a user’s computer or smartphone, on-demand. The result is a faster and more reliable customer experience.

The integrated offering will be made available on our integration portal in the coming weeks to joint LogMeIn Rescue and Parature customers at no extra cost. Both product lines are SaaS-based, eliminating the need for onsite installations, resources or management.

The new partnership allows customers to:

  • Generate a LogMeIn Rescue session directly from a Parature ticket.
  • Post LogMeIn Rescue session details back Parature tickets, including timestamps, chat logs, notes, as well as any custom fields and survey answers.

Stay tuned for the official launch, and if you are at Parafest stop by our table top for a live demo.


Introducing the New Rescue Integration Portal!

While Rescue may be your go-to remote support tool for troubleshooting PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets, we recognize it’s but one of the many tools you use to keep your helpdesk running.  We’ve spent a lot of time making sure that we can offer the best and most efficient out-of-the-box integrations between Rescue and the industry leading CRM, ITSM, ticketing, PSA solutions, and more – giving you new ways to get even more out of your helpdesk tool kit.  And now, we’re offering an easy way to make sure you quickly take advantage of these integrations:  the all new LogMeIn Rescue IntegratiIntegrationPortalon Portal.

The new portal features details and instructions on how to integrate Rescue with:

  • Connectwise
  • ZenDesk
  • Autotask
  • ServiceNow
  • Spiceworks

It also provides details of how best to take advantage of Rescue’s APIs to perform administrative tasks like adding or removing authorized technicians and creating groups; to logging into Rescue from other applications to escalate support and work seamlessly between tools; to integration with call center applications for transferring session data for central access and storage; to creating dashboards on session data, survey results and performance statistics.

Looking to add your applications to an integration wish list?  The new portal provides a simple means of requesting new partnerships and integrations with inputs that go directly to our development and BD teams.

Check it out, let us know what other apps you want to see added to our out-of-the-box checklist, and make sure to keep your eyes out for new integrations in the coming weeks and months.