A peek inside the Cubby inbox

Typically, our lawyers are really adamant we don’t share what’s inside our email inboxes. You know: company secrets, road maps, financial information (all the boring stuff, really). But there’s one part of our inboxes that we can’t help but share… and that’s the amazing amount of feedback we’ve received about Cubby.

In addition to the feature suggestions, bug reports (SQUASH!), and questions about our future, we’re getting a lot of  love. So here’s a whopping “thank you” for all the feedback so far.

The emails we can’t help but share (and love):

“The Cubby is exactly what we need, hopefully it leaves beta soon so that we can start deploying the service.”

“This app is AWESOME!”

“The product is working extremely well especially considering that it is beta. I love the peer to peer ability and the speedy sync and the fact that I can sync any folders on each system”

“I really love the desktop application’s interface. It’s so smooth and the edges are nice and curved. I love the lime green colour against the white background. It really is quite amazing.”

“Knocks the socks off the competition! Love the mixed ability to Cloud sync or just machine to machine sync.”

“Best. Online storage. Ever.”

“This is the most awesome cloud storage idea on the net today!!! A cubby account has become a standard recommendation to all of our clients.”

“Amazing service, really outstanding”

We’d like to hear from you, too. Go to Cubby.com, and click on “Talk Back.”


Knowledge Workers and the technology they use at work

People aren’t using the same old technology at the office anymore. Tried-and-true solutions are being replaced with personal devices and new tools that better meet the demands of our fast-paced, hyper-connected workplace. Bring Your Own Solution is becoming the new norm, not just a passing trend. At least that was our hunch. We needed to find out what people were really using to get down to business. Working with Harris Interactive, we conducted a survey of U.S. knowledge workers in March 2012.

Our goal was to figure out 3 things:

  • How do today’s knowledge workers prefer to communicate and collaborate at work?
  • What tools, technology and solutions are they using, and why?
  • Are those tools employer-provided or personal?

The results were thought-provoking, and even a little eye-opening. Here’s what we found out.