New feature: Window sharing now in beta (Mac)

Ever wish you could share just one file on your computer instead of your whole desktop? Welcome to window sharing, now in beta.‘s debuted a whole new look for pro Mac users, allowing you to choose either your whole desktop or just one window for your viewers to see. This way, when you’re sharing your screen, you have more control over what your viewers see – no more pesky Outlook reminders or IMs popping up in your meetings (hey, it’s happened to all of us.)

To choose a window to share, click on the drop-down arrow under the broadcast button and click “Window”. Hover over any of the open windows on your computer and click one to start sharing. Ta-da: Your viewers now only see that one window and nothing else. Now, you can share anything – without sharing everything.

Mac users can check this feature out now by signing up or signing in with their pro credentials at and starting a session. Since we’re still in beta, feedback is wanted and welcome at

Windows users: You’re up next – keep checking the blog for news on window sharing for Windows beta availability.


LogMeIn Rescue for Summer 2012: Great new features, same great product!

It’s here! We’ve just released our latest version of LogMeIn Rescue for Summer 2012. You know by now that Rescue places the technician at the center of the customer care experience, and this version of the product is no different. Now you can use Rescue to bring in outside resources to solve customer issues even more efficiently. When 70% of a technician’s time is spent just searching for information, Rescue can help!

Here’s how:


Now you can use Rescue to invite external technicians, from outside your support organization, to join active sessions and help. We know you expect Rescue to be the best, so we’ve worked hard to maintain the balance between flexibility, security, and administrative control. As a technician, you have the flexibility to decide when to bring in help. As an administrator, you determine who can be invited, by whom, and how they can use Rescue in the session. We give you all of this while maintaining a careful record of the entire activity as usual.


Now you can access any web page like a FAQ or Knowledge Base, right from within the Rescue Technician Console! Technicians will no longer need to toggle between windows in order to access important information when in-session. What’s more, Rescue will also pass session-specific data from the Technician Console to the web page, making it much more powerful when using the portal to load a CRM or ticketing system.

We’re really excited about this version, and we’d love to hear what you think as always. For more information on the features, check out our New Features Guide.


What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update Version 4.1.2504

LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows): This update is required for you to take advantage of the upcoming release of Anti-Virus Management.  This feature will enable you to monitor and manage your remote PCs’ anti-virus software.  Be sure to update all your hosts in order to take advantage of the latest Central has to offer.

In addition, this host update includes host fixes to make your Central experience better.


3 Ways to Cubbify Your Stuff

With Cubby, there’s no need to change the way you work. Keep your stuff where you like your stuff because we’ve made it easy to make a Cubby from anywhere on your computer:

The good ol’ drag & drop: Drag any folder onto the Cubby application to make it a cubby. Your folder will stay where it is – it’s just a cubby now, too. Magic.

Create a cubby in Cubby: In the Cubby applictaion, click “Add folder”  on the bottom of your Cubby app (pictured) and select a folder from your computer to make it a cubby.

The right right-click: You can right-click on any folder on your desktop and choose “Make this folder a cubby.” This is available for Windows, but it’s on the list for Mac users too.

What are some other ways you’d like to make a folder into a cubby? Let us know in the comments.