Anti-Virus Management is now in Central!

Simply manage and monitor anti-virus software with LogMeIn Central

Managing anti-virus software across all of your remote computers can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Central has made it easier to stay on top of a variety of anti-virus applications and keep your computers healthy and up-to-date.

The new Anti-Virus Management feature allows you to view the health status of all your computers (in Detail View) and verify that anti-virus software is installed and enabled. The new “Health” icon lets you quickly scan your computers to identify potential problems and focus on the ones that need your immediate attention.

With Central and LogMeIn Pro on your remote computers, the Anti-Virus Management feature does even more. With this powerful combination you can:

  • Update virus definitions
  • Enable real-time protection
  • Initiate full scans
  • View a threat-log of viruses found

Central’s Anti-Virus Management supports hundreds of versions of anti-virus software including BitDefender, McAfee, Symantec, VIPRE and more… but you need to make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of LogMeIn Host Software, 4.1.2504. To view the full list of supported anti-virus software, click here.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think. Your feedback is always important to us.

  viewer now available on Windows Metro 8

Checking out the preview release of Windows 8? If you’re not, here’s a great reason: We just released a new viewer in the Windows Store that will allow you to view any meeting from your Windows PC, tablet or smartphone, all in the brand-new Windows 8 style. Check it out below:

Anyone using a Windows 8 device? What do you think of the viewer?


Cubby goes to the spa

Heads up Cubby users: we’re making improvements to our sync engine and will need to briefly retreat to a zen-like place for a few hours while we’re doing some fine-tuning.

Access to, the Cubby desktop and mobile apps will be temporarily unavailable from approximately 12:00 am to 8:00 am EST on Thursday, July 26th. Don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it!  Better and stronger.

While you wait, might we  suggest organizing desktop folders, inventing new Excel formulas and building a giant rubber-band ball?


Update: 3rd party application support for iOS app

We know that as much as you love your picture-filled cubicle and sounds of your coworkers typing away, you’re not always in the office. You’re in the airport, or bouncing from meeting to meeting, and looking for better ways to work with your files on-the-go.

In the newest version of the iOS app, we’ve made it easier to add files to the cloud from your mobile device and work with existing files already in the cloud.

For instance, iOS users can now take files from other applications (like email) and add them right to their Cubbies for access anytime, anywhere. Just click the attachment and “Open in…” Cubby.

Users can also do the opposite: Open a file in another application from Cubby.  This is perfect for editing or viewing using your favorite applications, like Quickoffice or Adobe. Simply open the file, click the arrow in the upper-right corner, and select the app.

In general, how much time are you spending with Cubby on your mobile device? Let us know.


What’s New: LogMeIn Supports Apple’s new Mountain Lion

LogMeIn Host Software Update for Mac: Apple unleashed it’s latest version of the Mac OS, Mountain Lion, and we’re ready. The latest version of LogMeIn software, complete with Mountain Lion support, is available for a free upgrade to our existing customers. We’re excited to be at the front of the line of applications supporting Apple’s updates to their operating system at launch.

Automatic updates have been turned on, but to manually update your LogMeIn software and ensure you have the latest version on your Mac, click the LogMeIn icon on the Finder bar:

  1. Click Open LogMeIn.
  2. Click the About tab.
  3. Click Check for Updates.

New LogMeIn users, download the latest build when a new Mac is added to your account via

Check out the latest upgrade and give us your feedback.

  pro now features window sharing

It’s out of beta, and it’s here to stay: pro now features window sharing. You can now choose to share your whole screen or just one open window. Check out our tutorial below:

Have you tried window sharing? What do you think?


New window sharing feature now available for PC users (beta)

PC users – your time has come. You can now share just one window instead of your whole screen, like we announced for Mac users last week. Head on over to to sign in / sign up and check out the feature. As always, feedback and comments welcomed at

Happy sharing.


LogMeIn by the Numbers

It’s been just over 9 years since LogMeIn’s official inception (then called 3am Labs), and almost 8 years since we introduced our signature remote access product, LogMeIn Free.  At the time, if someone were to suggest that one day we’d have tens of millions of users, I’m pretty sure we’d have dismissed them as a dreamer.  As we pass one anniversary and approach another, I thought I’d share some interesting stats about LogMeIn and our users that drive us to dream of even bigger and better things.   Enjoy, thank you, and stay tuned.  The best is yet to come!

LogMeIn by the numbers:

Registered users: over 40,000,000
Application installations: over 190,000,000

Number of computers remotely fixed with LogMeIn Rescue: over 50,000,000
Number of troubleshooting sessions ran with LogMeIn Rescue: over 140,000,000

Number of remote access sessions with LogMeIn Free/Pro: well over 2 billion
Peer to peer data transferred for the above 2bn+ sessions: 22+ petabytes screen sharing participants: over 50,000,000

Hamachi peer-to-peer VPN tunnels set up: over 24 billion. Relayed VPN tunnels (where a peer to peer connection was not possible to negotiate) total 4.5 billion.

Hamachi’s peer to peer traffic has been over 71 petabytes, traffic relayed through our datacenters a relatively meager 1.7 PB.

These are pretty impressive numbers, and our operations team did a stellar job at keeping the service humming along. Uptime for the most recent years:

2009: 99.96%
2010: 100%
2011: 99.9939%
2012 YTD: 99.9998%

Ok, there are a few more interesting numbers, but we’ll save those for the tenth anniversary retrospective.


Getting more free space in the cloud just got easier

We’ve received a ton of great feedback on Cubby since first rolling out the beta – so great, in fact, we’ve included a lot of it in our recent updates. But there’s one thing you Cubbsters have been asking for that we’ve been working on: Getting you more space for spreading the word about Cubby. So today, the rewards are kicking in.

Share the love, double the storage

To celebrate the next phase of the beta, you can now get an additional 1GB of free storage every time you introduce a friend to Cubby. Just log into the Cubby website, invite a friend into Cubby, and when they sign up, we’ll reward you with an extra GB. Here’s a tip: Invite 5 friends to Cubby and it’ll double the free storage you already have (from 5 to 10GB).

Oh, you’ve already invited friends and colleagues to try Cubby? Even better. Next time you log into your account, you should see more free GB’s in your Cubby if they’ve created their account. (If they haven’t, you might want to give them a call. Or a Facebook message. Whatever works.)

Unlimited sharing. Unlimited.

We also know sharing your cubbies is half the fun of using Cubby. So that’s why now, when you share cubbies, it won’t count against your beta invites. Because sometimes, everyone needs to see your stuff. Not just a few people.

Has anyone doubled their free storage in Cubby yet? Let us know in the comments.



We like to say if you’re not syncing, you’re sinking. And in our latest update, you’ll know you’re afloat because all your cubbies are now marked with a Cubby icon when viewed on the desktop or via your file explorer. Goodbye boring, unsynced-looking folders. Hello, knowing what’s a cubby and what’s not all at-a-glance.

Take a look:



That extra “C” means you’re certified and officially synced– or as we like to say, “cubbified”. Feels good, doesn’t it?

And don’t forget, we’ve got 3-ways for you to make anything a Cubby so, cubby-away.