What’s New: LogMeIn App Update for iOS

My Cloud Bank with SkyDrive and BoxThe latest release of the LogMeIn App for iPad/iPhone is here.

You’ve asked, we’ve listened.  Bluetooth keyboard functionality is now available with the LogMeIn App giving you the ability to view the full screen on your iOS device as you type away.

In addition, this release adds SkyDrive and Box to the list of supported cloud services in My Cloud Bank. Customers can now access all their files through SkyDrive and Box from their iOS devices.

We’ve also made improvements to your remote control experience. Host resolution for Windows now sets to your iOS device for the best possible clarity.

Additional product enhancements and improvements have been implemented in order to provide you with the best LogMeIn experience possible on your iOS device.

Be sure you download the newest update, now available on the App Store, and let us know what you think.


Try the new Windows app at beta.join.me

Want some Monday fun? Head on over to your PC: The new join.me Windows app is ready for you on beta.

Head on over to beta.join.me, take it for a spin and let us know what you think of the new and improved app. Feedback wanted and welcome at beta@join.me.


LogMeIn pour iOS arrive en France début 2012

[UPDATE] The LogMeIn App is finally available for download in France.

Application LogMeIn est finalement disponible à télécharger en France.

For our French faithful, thank you for your interest in the free LogMeIn app.  We are currently working through the necessary documentation and regulatory requirements to be able to offer the free app in France. We hope to be available in the French App Store in early 2012. Stay tuned.

Nous remercions nos fidèles utilisateurs français pour l’intérêt qu’ils portent à l’app LogMeIn gratuite. Nous travaillons actuellement sur la documentation et sur la conformité réglementaire afin de pouvoir offrir l’app gratuite en France. Nous espérons vous la proposer dans l’App Store France début 2012.


On the go? So is Cubby.

By now, you’ve probably played around with cubby.com and downloaded Cubby on your PC or Mac. You’ve renamed your cubbies. Twice. You’ve read some FAQs. But have you downloaded the Cubby mobile app so your stuff is with you wherever you go?

Download Cubby for your iPhone/iPad or Android device for free to keep all your cubbies right in your pocket. Whether its the photos from the wedding you went to last weekend or the third version of the group PowerPoint you’re working on, it’s all right there, in your cubbies, whenever you need it. The app is still in beta (just like Cubby) so we’re looking to you, Cubbsters, for your thoughts and feedback to make Cubby great. It’s a serious task but we know you’re up to it.

Here’s the nitty gritty: The app will run on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or above, and on any Android device running Android 2.1 or above.

Has anyone been using the mobile app? What do you think?


New Mac app on join.me

Good news! Our brand new Mac app is now available on join.me. It’s new, improved, faster, slicker – but still the same join.me you know and love. Start a join.me session on your Mac at join.me to check out the new app.

Using a PC? We haven’t forgotten about you – stay tuned for a new Windows app coming to our beta site soon.


Update: New settings in Cubby

You know how we’re always asking you to tell us what you think, because your opinion counts? Well, its true. We’re kind of like that genie from Aladdin, minus the lamp, and that crazy beard… Okay, maybe we’re not like him at all. But there’s a brand-new settings panel in your Cubby app and it’s all thanks to you. Here’s the deal:

Now you see them, now you don’t: You can now pick how often you want to see Cubby notifications on your desktop. You can choose to see notifications from all of your Cubbies, or only your shared Cubbies, or none at all.

Growl: Mac users can now opt to use Mac’s notification system, Growl, to see Cubby notifications.

It’s magic. No, really: Want Cubby to start automatically when you start your computer? Cubby works the way you want it to, so it’s your choice.

New proxy tab: Click over here to configure Cubby for your company’s proxy server, whether you let Cubby detect it for you or you do it manually.

You can access all these new settings in the upper left-hand corner of your Cubby app next to the “?“.

What do you think about these new settings? Let us know in the comments below.