It’s Here! LogMeIn Rolls Out Ignition for Mac Beta

Now you’re only a click away from accessing all of your computers from any Mac with Ignition for Mac Beta.  You can now have all of the great features and functionality available in Ignition for Windows, including Remote Access, File Transfer and Computer Search, without having to open your browser and login.  All of the computers in your LogMeIn account will automatically appear in Ignition and are accessible with one-click access.

Try it out and let us know what you think, your feedback is always valuable to us.



Try the new Mac app at

Calling all Mac users: We’ve got something special for you.

We just took our Mac app to the next level. It’s new, improved, faster, slicker – but still the same you know and love.

Head on over to, take it for a spin and let us know what you think of the new and improved app. Feedback wanted and welcome at

P.S. Windows users: We haven’t forgotten about you – stay tuned for a new Windows app coming to beta soon.


LogMeIn Central Has a New Feature: Auto Reboot for Windows Updates

LogMeIn Rolls Out the Auto Reboot Feature in LogMeIn Central.

“Windows Has Finished Installing Important Updates, Do You Want To Restart Your Computer Now?”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  In the past a LogMeIn Central user would have to individually restart the systems that require a reboot resulting from Windows Updates.  Those days are long gone.

With the Auto Reboot feature, Central users can choose which computers to automatically restart (if one is required) after Windows Updates have completed.  You will have the freedom to schedule your reboot immediately, or at a future date of your choosing.  Additionally, you will be able to set a delay between 1 minute and an hour, so users can save their work before reboot.

This feature gives Central users more control over the restart requirements from Windows Updates, whether you are managing 5 or 500 hosts.

Try it out and let us know what you think, your feedback is always important to us.


What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update Version 4.1.2450

LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows): This update features a variety of host enhancements including:

·   Updates to Windows Patch Management – Several enhancements have been added, including color coding to indicate patch installation status, an indicator for computers requiring a restart and overall improvement in performance when installing Windows updates.

·  HD Color Quality improvements – Color quality for remote control determined automatically by host computer performance.

· Remote Control Suspension – Suspend a remote session during desktop sharing, in the event a moment of privacy is needed to check an important email, etc.

Additionally, several host fixes have been implemented in order to provide you with the best LogMeIn experience possible.

For the full release notes please visit here:


Get the viewer for Google TV today

I don’t know about you, but I love my Google TV. I love it for a lot of reasons (YouTube on the big screen!) – but now I love it because I can use on it, too.

As of today, you can now download our viewer for your Google TV. Head on over to the Google Play store on your Google TV and get the app. Watch presentations, demos, slideshows – anything you want – just like you would from your Android mobile device. Except with a bigger screen. And probably a comfier seat.

Happy viewing.