HD for Mac has arrived!

We’ve just released an update that we hope will quite literally change the way you view your remote computers for both work and play.  LogMeIn Pro HD for Mac has arrived.  Delivering the best for your remote control sessions with video streaming capabilities and sound on your Mac.

So what does HD have to do with remote access?

First, you’ll notice a rather remarkable difference when viewing remote Macs.  The new HD ability opens the doors to a whole host of activities you may never have tried with remote access before.  Whether it’s playing games or viewing movies and TV shows, it’s now all in HD quality.

Available now as a manual update, users can update their LogMeIn software on the Mac, by clicking the LogMeIn icon in the Finder bar.

  1. Click on Open LogMeIn.
  2. Click the About tab.
  3. Click Check for Updates.

User Tip: To ensure you’re getting the HD experience, make sure your color quality settings are set to HD during remote sessions. You can adjust this while in the remote session.


Cleaner, Sleeker, Easier: The New LogMeIn Central UI is Here

Cleaner, Sleeker, Easier: The New LogMeIn Central UI is Here

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new user interface for LogMeIn Central. Our goal was simple—to make Central cleaner, sleeker and easier-to-use.

So what notable improvements were made?

Refreshed Look

Based on the great feedback we received, a complete clean up of the user interface was done with you, the customer in mind. Who wants clutter in the way when they’re trying to get the job done?  We think it looks great and we hope you do too.


You now have the ability to directly access subpages from any feature on the navigation menu. Access Report Viewer from One2Many, or click to manage your Alerts from Updates — the new navigation allows you to get where you need to go, faster and easier.

Computer Groups

We’ve focused on making Computer Groups more accessible in different views, allowing you to choose the view based on your preference. Select “Show group panel” from your View drop-down and your computer groups will appear in a left pane next to your computers.

For users with a smaller screen who would rather sort groups in the main view, you can select the group you want to view from the “Groups” drop-down.

To check out the new UI simply log in to your account or register for a free trial.  We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new Central.