now offers a brand-new audio system has never been faster, easier or sounded so good. As of today, now offers a brand-new audio system called unified audioYou can now choose to join the audio conference by internet or by phone. No matter how you join the conference, you’ll be able to hear everyone on the conference, loud and clear. Your participants can also choose how they want to join the conference – either way, everyone will be connected. (For me, internet calling is too easy to pass up.)

Click on the “learn more” link in your phone button for more info.

For the next two weeks, both free and pro users will have access to unified audio. Play around with it, test it out – we promise you’ll love it. After that, internet calling will become the standard free option in


Check out the new VoIP beta at

Thanks to all of the great feedback we’ve received during our beta period, we’ve made a few changes to our VoIP beta. Head on over to to start a session and click on the phone button. First thing you’ll notice is that we added the capability to mute everyone and turn chimes on/off . No matter if you joined the audio conference by internet or by phone, you have the ability to mute everyone and turn chimes on / off right in the app.

We also gave you more control over what devices you use when you join by internet. From the drop-down menus in “audio settings”, you can select what device you’d like to use for your speakers or your microphone. To test your audio, you can press the orange “play” button to hear a ring coming from your computer to make sure your speakers work. Don’t forget that you can also adjust the levels of your speakers and microphone if its too loud or soft for you.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback. Email us at


New Update – Ability to Manage HD settings

We’re aware that some of our users have been experiencing issues with the recent launch of our HD feature. We’ve been working to improve HD and make it easier to manage settings.  The improvement we just launched gives you the ability to adjust HD in the default color quality settings via a host preference package in Central (see below).

Additional information on working with host preference packages is in our User Guide.

Further enhancements and optimizations are in development. Keep the feedback coming.


Download the desktop app for Windows / Mac screen sharing

If you haven’t tried our desktop app, you’re in for a treat. The app allows you to start or join a session right from your desktop. This is what my pro desktop app looks like.

Now you can get the desktop app for Windows or Mac screen sharing. Click on these links to download: Windows (as a .msi) and for Mac (as a .pkg). Happy sharing.


What’s New: Windows Host Update Version

­LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows): This update provides enhancements to our Windows Updates feature improving speed and performance.  Additionally, this update fixes other performance and stability issues with previous versions of LogMeIn.