LogMeIn Introduces Free Remote Control for iPad/iPhone

The world of remote control just got a little sweeter, just in time for the holidays.

We’re thrilled to unveil our NEW free app in the App Store that provides our premier remote control experience free to iPad and iPhone users.  After seven years of delivering free remote control from any internet connected computer to a remote computer, we’ve brought the same functionality for free to your iOS device.  Did we mention that it’s 100% free?

New users of the LogMeIn app will be able to remotely control any PC or Mac with LogMeIn installed, no additional cost is required to simply access and control your remote computer.  So your files, apps and desktops are always within reach from your mobile device.

For users of LogMeIn Pro, the free app includes premium features like file transfer and saving to their local device, HD remote control and video streaming with sound and integration with popular cloud services like Dropbox and Google Docs.  The LogMeIn app paired with a LogMeIn Pro subscriptions gives you the best of LogMeIn’s remote access capabilities anytime, anywhere on virtually any device.

But don’t take my word for it, download the app and experience the ultimate in remote control from your iOS device. New users to LogMeIn will enjoy our premium features free as part of a complimentary 30 day trial period.

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To Our Ignition Faithful

LogMeIn Pro…Now in HD!


To Our Ignition Faithful

You may have heard that LogMeIn just launched a new, free remote control app in the App Store. With the announcement of this launch you might be wondering what that means for you and the freedom and flexibility you’ve come to love and depend on with Ignition.

Rest assured, LogMeIn is taking care of our dedicated Ignition users. In fact, as an early adopter of Ignition we’re updating your app to include HD remote control, video streaming and sound at no additional cost to you.  No subscription required.  No change to the features and functionality you love in Ignition.

We developed the new LogMeIn iOS app to continue the tradition we started with LogMeIn Free, providing users with free remote control of their PC or Mac from anywhere.

While users of the new LogMeIn app will need to purchase a subscription of LogMeIn Pro to use File Manager, Cloud Bank, or the new HD remote control, as an Ignition user your app will be updated for free, simply download the update on your iOS device.

Think of it as our way of saying Thank You.  Happy Holidays.

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LogMeIn Pro…Now in HD!

LogMeIn Introduces Free Remote Control for iPad/iPhone


LogMeIn Pro…Now in HD!

Here’s a holiday present for you LogMeIn Pro users out there.  We’ve just released an update that we hope will quite literally change the way you view remote control for both work and play.  That’s right, Pro has gone HD.  Delivering the best for your remote control sessions and video streaming capabilities. And just in case you missed our other big news, LogMeIn launched a completely Free app for iOS.  That’s right, the app is 100% free and works with LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Pro.

So what does HD have to do with remote access?

First, you’ll notice a rather remarkable difference when viewing remote PCs (we’re extending to Macs in early 2012).  In fact, you might even have a hard time distinguishing between a local view and a remote view.  Beyond that, HD opens the doors to a whole host of activities you may never have tried with remote access before.  Whether it’s games, movies, TV shows, or just a better way to access your computer, it’s now all in HD quality.

If you haven’t already, make sure to click OK on updater, give HD a test run, and let us know your thoughts.  After all, it was your feedback that helped shaped this latest update.  So keep the ideas coming.   And don’t forget to download the free LogMeIn app in the App Store.

User Tip: To ensure you’re getting the HD experience, make sure your color quality settings are set to HD during remote sessions.


VoIP is now in beta at beta.join.me

You heard right (sorry, I couldn’t resist). You can now use VoIP in join.me at beta.join.me. Why is it on our beta site? Because we want you to test it out, and tell us what you think at beta@join.me.

Let’s talk: VoIP (Voice over IP) technology allows you to call into the join.me audio conference from your computer. You can talk to anyone in the world, hands-free, for free. You can now choose to join the conference via the internet or your phone. No matter how you join the conference, you’ll be able to hear everyone on the conference, loud and clear. Let me repeat that, because it might be the coolest thing you’ll hear all day: No matter how you call in – from your phone, mobile app or computer – everyone will be connected on join.me. Check out our new “Phone” menu button in the join.me toolbar on the left. Click “connect” to join by internet.

Listen up: You can try VoIP by going to beta.join.me and either share your screen or join a session. Feel free to sign in to our beta site with your pro credentials to use your personal URL and background. If you start a join.me session on beta, don’t forget to tell your participants to join your sesion on beta.join.me so they can try VoIP, too.

One more thing: We want your feedback. Hey, that’s why we’re putting this on our beta site in the first place. We want you to test it out from your Mac or PC, try it every which way, and let us know what you think at beta@join.me.


What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows)

­Version 4.01.2126: This update provides enhancements to enable new Windows features including the upcoming release of HD remote control.  HD allows the user to control desktops, applications and stream audio and video content with a superior visual experience. The full feature will be released shortly.  Additionally, this update fixes other performance and stability issues with previous versions of LogMeIn.

UPDATE: The full feature, including the plug in is now available. We are rolling out auto updates, but to ensure you have the most recent version, simply open the host LogMeIn software and click About>Check for Updates.)