The Startup’s Toolkit: Team collaboration tools

Collaboration. Whether you know it or not, you are constantly collaborating with your co-workers – that’s how work gets done (and sometimes not done). Every team is different, and every team needs a different kind of collaboration solution that works for them. There are many online tools for team collaboration out there, like note taking apps, sync and storage solutions, free screen sharing, meeting rooms for teams – the list goes on.

Today, Mashable posted an infographic detailing the web and business tools startups use the most (survey done by BestVendor) . It includes tons of online team collaboration tools – check it out below.

Share with us: What team collaboration tools have worked for you? What features make them great? Let us know in the comments.


LogMeIn Previews Controls for Securing Access From iPads and iPhones in the Workplace

So you’ve been hearing about  LogMeIn’s new service to secure and manage access from employee iPads, eh? Wondering what it is? Well, we can’t wait to tell you all about it! Right now, we’re taking the covers off our new service that blends Total Access with Total Control.

With LogMeIn Ignition you’ve long been able to access your actual desktop, and the applications, files and data that are important to you. This is Total Access.

Now we’re making sure that full access has a true place in our work organizations. We’ve added a set of management tools to LogMeIn Central designed to control that access – which computers and data can be accessed, by whom, and from what device. This is Total Control.

With this new service, you can:

  • Enroll individually owned and IT-procured iOS devices into an organization’s mobile inventory
  • Authorize individual iOS devices for remote access to one or more company computers, including access to corporate apps and files
  • Manage remote access rights and permissions by individual, computer, and/or mobile device
  • Control whether files can be remotely transferred from remote computers to individual mobile devices
  • Handle lost or stolen devices by remotely wiping stored credentials

We’re really excited about the services, and we’re showing a preview today. General availability will certainly follow later. If you’re interested in hearing and seeing more, why not head over to and register!


Keep Windows Up-to-Date and Secure with LogMeIn Pro and Central

Now you can apply automatic and individual Windows Updates for computers running LogMeIn Pro and even manage updates for hundreds of computers simultaneously with LogMeIn Pro and Central together.

Checkout the video below for a quick tour.

LogMeIn’s new Windows patch management features are designed to let IT professionals and power users:

  • Easily and simultaneously manage Windows Updates on multiple computers
  • Automatically update multiple systems at the same time
  • Individually select which Microsoft updates to apply
  • Check for Windows Updates at the click of a button
  • Instantly view Update status of remote computers
  • Support Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 updates

Log in to your account and try it today.  New users can try it free by creating a LogMeIn Pro or LogMeIn Central account at


Rescue now fully compatible with Firefox 5 (plus IE9 updates)

You asked for it, and today we’re happy to announce full Rescue compatibility with the latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer!  To take advantage and provide remote support anywhere in the world with an internet connection, simply launch your Rescue Technician Console from Firefox 5.x and you’ll be prompted to install the latest version.  We also addressed some minor issues with IE 9 that can be downloaded via the Rescue MSI link below:

As always feedback is welcomed!

  – a free sales tool just for you

No matter what you’re selling, having a great free sales tool like in your back pocket will not only impress, but possibly close the deal. Here are three ways can improve the sales experience and make the best use of your time.

1) Prepare properly. First impressions matter, and a well-delivered message is your best ammunition. Second best? How you deliver. requires no registration for your viewers, so they are only a click away from what you have to say. Time is money (if you didn’t already know).

2) Get to the point. You’ve been there – waiting, waiting and waiting to download complicated technology just to get on the same page with someone else. With no viewer downloads, you can get to the point easily with Need some show and tell? Have them launch their own session and show you their thoughts.

3) TTYL (Talk to you later). When the conversation ends, is perfect for ad-hoc meetings and follow-up calls.  Need to quickly check in? Want to go over the contract together?  With an impressive ability to swoop in and save the day, makes the sales cycle easier and more authentic. Sold!

What are some of your favorite free sales and marketing tools? Leave them in the comments.


Monday Morning News July 18th, 2011

Welcome back! It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to get back into work mode. Let us help: Here’s five stories to catch you up on the tech news of last week and some other topics to keep an eye on as the week goes by.

The Future of Office Space: Interview with Cambell Mckellar

Want to find shared workspaces across the country? Look no further than

5 Ways to Develop Culture for Remote Teams

Just because everyone isn’t in the same office doesn’t mean the culture can’t extend to your remote workers. Here’s an article from Mashable on how to provide great office culture, no matter where your workers are.

Are Rebel Remote Workers Good for Business?

Well, are they? Read on to find out.

What is Spotify?

Whether your a music aficionado or just someone who likes tunes, you should check out this new service that launched in the US on Thursday.

And now for something completely different: Out of Office Ad

Make money on your out-of-office messages by selling ad space. Yep, it’s that easy.

Do you have a memorable post/article that you read or wrote in the past two weeks that you want to share? Post a the link below in the comments.


LogMeIn Unleashes Mac OS X Lion Support for Free, Pro and Ignition

We’re excited to post that we have a new LogMeIn software update available, which officially supports Mac OS X Lion.  LogMeIn Free, Pro and LogMeIn Ignition (iOS and Android) users who are upgrading their Macs to OS X Lion can also update their existing LogMeIn software for free.  We’re pleased to be one of the first remote access services to work with the latest Apple operating system in order to deliver anytime, anywhere access for Lion. Continue reading “LogMeIn Unleashes Mac OS X Lion Support for Free, Pro and Ignition” »


Support OS X Lion users with LogMeIn Rescue!

Are you providing remote support to a Mac-heavy environment?  If so, then supporting users on OS X Lion devices won’t be a problem with LogMeIn Rescue.  In advance of Apple’s latest release, we’re happy to announce the ability to seamlessly support end users who choose to upgrade to OS X Lion.  With more than 250 new features, your customers and employees are bound to have questions, so get ready to Rescue them.

The best part?  It just works.  Technicians don’t have to do anything different than they do today to provide support to Lion users.

Rescue Remote Support for Apple Lion OX X image

How many of your customers and employees do you think will upgrade to Lion?  We’d love to hear your feedback.


Fun office activities: What does your office do to celebrate the summertime?

Do you have any other ideas to make summertime in offices a little cooler? Leave them in the comments.


LogMeIn Central Scrolling and Filter Enhancements

This week we’ve made some minor adjustments to LogMeIn Central in order to provide you with a few new ways to get to your computers faster and more efficiently.  These updates are specifically helpful for our power users who manage and maintain hundreds to thousands of LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Pro computers.

Here is what’s new:
– Continuous scrolling of computers in the home tab across all views (no paging required)
– A new “recently accessed computers” is available in Favorites to show the last 25 accessed computers
-Users can now sort by columns in Detail view in Central

Try it out today and leave your feedback below.

Looking for more Central search tips, check out our recent post.