Sneak Peek: Wake sleeping computers right from your iPad or iPhone

Wake me up Scotty… We’re excited to give you another sneak peak of our next update to LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone/iPad.  Based on user feedback, we’re planning to add the ability to turn on a sleeping computer using Wake On LAN.  Whether it’s your PC or Mac, LogMeIn Ignition will soon be able to wake those sleeping computers.  Stay tuned for more information, but it’s coming soon.


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  mobile viewer for Android available today

It’s here!

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be – the mobile viewer for Android was such a huge hit at Mobile World Congress that we wanted to get it to you as soon as possible.

What can you expect? Better online meetings than you’ve ever had free. Fast, secure free screen sharing on your Android device. Collaboration – anytime, anywhere.

Okay, now to the good stuff. To get the app, you can either click on this link on your Android device or use a reader app to scan this QR code to take you right to the Android Market. You can also tell your friends to search “” in the Market (because we know you’ll be telling your friends about us).

As always, we want to hear what you love, hate, and appreciate – so leave us some feedback here on the blog so we can make your mobile viewers just the way you like them.

If you want specs, details and a little more info from our PR team, check out the post on the press room.


User Schmoozer – Eden Konja

We heart our users. That’s why every other week, we’ll be schmoozin’ it up and shining the spotlight on you. Customers that leave us great feedback and have interesting reasons for using will be featured right here on this blog. Got something nice to say? Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Name: Eden Konja

Occupation: IT Specialist within Higher Education and Part-Time Instructor.

Hometown: Commerce Township, Michigan

Uses for: Support, Classroom Tool

“I’m always finding ways to incorporate technology in the classroom and is a perfect fit. It’s so easy to set up and use, no accounts or login needed. Other applications require a login and don’t come with all the free features included in It works great for presentations as well as computer tutorials. Students appreciate the ability to use their monitors to see what I am projecting. It beats trying to take notes and look towards the front of the room, over heads and other distractions. Schools have tight budgets and can’t go out and buy similar tools. The free version is great and can be used by many disciplines, not just computer science. It can also work for online courses, and meetings. It can be used to help students directly from anywhere. Students can also use to get together on class projects. is a great product; I’m a big fan and will continue to use it.”

Interested in becoming a User Schmoozer? Email me at

  mobile viewer for Android

No need for a double-take – Android lovers, your time has come. I told you that we were working on a mobile viewer for Android, and here it is, being demo’ed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

Being the maven that I am, I already know what you’re going to ask me. Of course it’s going to be a free download from the Android Market. is all about free screen sharing, after all. And when’s it coming out? Soon. Very soon.

So, as I like to say… stay tuned.


First look: Preview of Ignition for iPhone/iPad with file manager @ Mobile World Congress

LogMeIn Ignition for iPad

The new Ignition offers two ways to access your files and data

We’re here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona showing off LogMeIn’s latest mobile products and previewing a few things we have in the works.

Yesterday, we offered a sneak peek at an upcoming version of Ignition running on the new Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet OS.

Today we have one for Apple iOS fans: A preview of the next-generation of our popular iPhone/iPad app which has a totally new design and many new feature enhancements.   Continue reading “First look: Preview of Ignition for iPhone/iPad with file manager @ Mobile World Congress” »


Sneak peek from MWC: LogMeIn Ignition on Honeycomb

The Ignition team has been hard at work here at LogMeIn, developing enhancements for Android smartphones and tablets. We are at the Android Stand during Mobile World Congress to show off the latest preview of LogMeIn Ignition running on Honeycomb tablets. Continue reading “Sneak peek from MWC: LogMeIn Ignition on Honeycomb” »


Tune in to this: 5 Effective Ways To Deliver Dynamic Presentations

Question: Raise your hand if you’ve ever drifted off in your own thoughts during a boring, monotonous presentation at work. (Note: All hands should be raised.) At, we know that even the best free screen-sharing tool needs powerful and inventive presentations behind it to succeed. That’s why we partnered up with Dux Raymond Sy, PMP to put on a webcast this Friday, February 18 at 2 pm EST.

If you’re not familiar with Dux, he’s a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 15 years of experience in Information Technology and Project Management. He’ll be sharing his insight with us on Friday on to deliver dynamic, effective presentations from prepping the presentation into a coherent story and using interactive techniques to keep your audience involved. is also giving away two iPod touches to two lucky attendees.

Register for this free webcast, and we’ll see you on Friday.


The MeetingBoy Debates: Corporate vs. Independent

Attention: What are your thoughts on corporate vs. independent business? MeetingBoy is about to talk to the best in business – but he needs to know what you want to know about. See below, comment & let’s get to debating.

Since I became MeetingBoy in June 2009, the top response I get is “do you work at my company?” Second to that is “you remind me why I’m glad I don’t work for a company any more and now work for myself”. And frankly, I don’t get that. How is that different? Don’t you still have clients, and aren’t clients really just bosses? Aren’t you still working with people, and aren’t people still lazy, stupid, and unreliable?

But of course I’m biased. So I have proposed a series of debates, Corporate versus Independent, which will happen on free screen sharing later this month. And I’ve roped in some people to debate me, including Mike Figliuolo of Thought Leaders and Peter Shankman (see his blog).  But I need your help– I’ve got a preliminary list of questions, but I want to know what you want us to answer. The debates should be a mix of education, humor, bitterness, and resentment.

Proposed Questions

1. Trust: How do we know you’re working, and not on Twitter all day? How do we know you’re working on what we’re paying you for?

2. Managing: How can you possibly get things right without the boss’s notes and directions? How long does it take for you to find things have changed? How often do you have to check-in to make sure you’re on the right track?

Is it possible to succeed without my boss’s constant micromanaging? Because according to him, it’s not.

3. Support: How do you get paid? Isn’t it tedious to have to go collect everything, to write your own contracts? How do you get help when things are broken?

4. Boundaries: Are you ever on vacation? Not taking calls?

Haven’t you ruined your home by making it the office? And every coffee shop too? Because no one is ever going to believe you are really doing what they’ve asked you to do, don’t you have to work when you’re sick, work after hours, and work on weekends? There’s no way to ever completely prove yourself to the people paying you, is there?

5. Compensation: It always seems like consulting pays better, but doesn’t a million unemployed people who can all claim they are “consulting” drive down your ability to get a good rate? How do you argue for a raise? For more money/time when things are tougher than you expected, or the client throws you a curveball?

6. Time-wasting meetings: Sure, you don’t have the meetings we do in corporate, but don’t you just have the same number of conference calls?

7. Conference call or meeting: Which is worse, better, why?

8. Keeping current: Where do you find new buzzwords, make sure yours are current, if you’re not in the office to hear what the corporate peacocks and copycats are all saying?

9. Social interaction: Do you get lonely? Do you need privacy? What’s the right amount of each?

10. Conflict & Accountability: How do you make people do things? Hold up their end? Not change their mind and make it your problem? Don’t you need to get in their face? Make them worry about looking bad?

Like I said, there’s probably more to argue about, so please add your questions– or your tweaks to the above questions– in the comments below.

Who should debate me?

Aside from the people listed above, is there someone else who spins great tales of the independent consultant/work for yourself life that you think should debate me? If so, let me know. And if you think you should debate me, tell me why.


The debate schedule for Wednesday, February 23, all times EST:

9AM Lauren Davidson (@OrganizerLauren) of ARoundTuit Organizing & Productivity

12PM Andy Traub (@AndyTraub) of

2PM Penelope Trunk (@PenelopeTrunk) of

7PM Patrick Saleeby (@littleepistles) who also writes a weekly roundup of Tweets From The Trenches on his blog

All debates will take place on at All you need is a browser to watch and comment.

This should be enough times for anyone around the world to catch one, and I hope you do. It’s quite a lively group.



Big News on Android Support from Mobile World Congress

Two weeks ago we introduced the New Rescue , including some great new features for Android support.  Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we’re bringing out the big guns:  full remote control of Android devices! Initially available for mobile operators and OEMs, these remote control capabilities extend our Rescue Mobile benefits while ensuring the highest level of security. We’re doing this through a partnership strategy that has Rescue being pre-deployed by some of the biggest device manufacturers on some of today’s best-selling Android devices.  The pre-deployed Rescue applet enables mobile carriers and OEMs to deliver complete support (including full remote control) to their customers’ devices.  That means technicians can support Android smartphones and tablets remotely, as if they were in the palm of their hand.

We’ll be showing it off all week at MWC, so if you’re here swing by the LogMeIn booth (hall 1, stand 1G31) or the Android stand (hall 8, stand 8C25) to check it out.  For everyone else, here’s a sneak peak of an Android tablet being “Rescued” by our Mobile product manager John Purcell: