SNEAK PEEK: on the iPad

We love our blog readers so much we decided to give you probably the best sneak peek we could think of – something you’ve been asking for, over and over again. Hey – we’ve been listening. Check out the video to see what’s up.

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The New LogMeIn Rescue: Efficiency. Satisfaction. Android

We’re very excited to announce that the new version of LogMeIn Rescue is now live!  The New Rescue was designed with two things in mind: keeping our customers productive and improving the end-user experience.  To do that we loaded the New Rescue with Android support capabilities and features like Connect On-LAN and Tear Away Remote Control Windows.

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Do something for yourself today – try pro.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Come a little closer and listen: Did you know that there’s a pro version of that has great, extra features like your own personal link and scheduler that could help you collaborate better? Really cool stuff. And do you know what the best part is?

It’s not even really a secret because it’s always been available. We’re working harder to give you more opportunities as you explore to try pro but here’s one big shout to the masses. Try pro! its FREE for 14 days and if you aren’t hooked, you can still use free whenever, wherever.

Instead of me waxing poetic about the great features of pro, here’s a chart – because I know I’d rather look at a picture than read.

Okay, you’re hooked. We get it. Now, where you can sign up for this trial?




Easy as one, two, pro.


New Time-out Settings in LogMeIn Central

We’ve released a new setting this week which allows users to control the time-out period for inactivity when logged in to LogMeIn Central.  This is great news for users who spend most of their day in Central and don’t want to be required to log back in after a quick game of Angry Birds.  Here’s how to change the time-out setting: Continue reading “New Time-out Settings in LogMeIn Central” »


Darth Vader Was Not Invited To The Conference Call

Last week MeetingBoy had a brainstorm with his favorite users about why conference calls suck. Apparently, there were more than a few reasons why people need to learn conference call etiquette. Check out the new rules about conference calls – and the penalties that ensue if you don’t follow. Take notes!

Darth Vader Was Not Invited To The Conference Call

…And Neither Was Your Dog

Last week I asked people to help me come up with the things that people do that make conference calls suck. And a few things kept coming up, and so I’ve come up with some new rules:

1. Hold music.

How many times have we all been on a call, and someone puts the call on hold for a minute, and then we all have to hear their hold music?! A lot. It makes it difficult for the rest of us to hear and carry on. And the music is invariably awful. It isn’t even background music, because there’s always some sales pitch that interrupts, or some customer service voice that reminds us to “please stay on the line. Your call is important to us.”

RULE #1: If you have hold music, you are not allowed to put the conference call on hold. If you have to get off the call for a few minutes, you must drop off and dial back in when you’re ready.

PENALTY: Violators will be dropped in a hole with their hold music piped in at variable intervals until they take their own life.

2. Bad connections.

The preponderance of VOIP and cellphones in the workplace gives people the illusion that they can always connect, but really it only gives them the ability to connect poorly.

  • Cellphones drop calls and people keep rejoining, which the automated voice interrupts to tell us each time. Are there any more annoying words than “Who just joined?”
  • VOIP often creates some awful echo chamber, and anyone using it sounds like Darth Vader. “Luke, I’m your father. Join me on the Dark Side. Together we’ll rule the universe. And also check out this PowerPoint about the projections for next year’s Empire sales figures.”

If you’re having trouble hearing us, then we’re having trouble hearing you. And whatever it is can probably wait until we can all be on good phones. The only reason to call in on bad equipment and try to make it work is if you’re on the battlefield and you need to call in an airstrike before the artillery wipes out your position.

RULE #2: If you don’t have a good connection, don’t bother.

PENALTY: Violators will be forced to take dictation from a chatterbox who’s calling from their cell while walking through Grand Central Station tunnels on the way to their train. Until they take their own life.

3. Failure to mute.

We don’t need to hear the directions you are giving to the cabbie on your way home from the airport. We don’t need to hear your coworker recount her slight from Jody in Accounting. We don’t need to hear you snap your gum. We don’t need to hear you slurp your soup. In fact the only thing we need to hear from you is your input. So when you are not talking, press mute. And if you don’t have a mute button on your phone, then go somewhere where there is one. This goes hand-in-hand with Rule #2.

My favorite problem with people who don’t mute is that at our office, our phones will cut off our microphones at any noise at the other end– it’s a feature to keep people from cutting each other off. However, in practice it often means someone takes the call from the busiest deli in town, and as a result our phone never lets us talk. The best part is that the person who does this the most is our boss, who will, without fail, get back to the office and then yell at us for “not speaking up”. True story.

RULE #3: If you don’t have a mute button, you can’t be on the call. When you are not talking, press mute.

PENALTY: Violators will be forced to take an overseas flight sitting next to an over-caffiennated  Fran Drescher who wants to talk about all the little reasons why her first marriage failed. And for a break she’ll watch Dumb and Dumber, which she will find hilarous. Hahahahahahahaha. Until they take their own life.

4. Your dog is not invited.

Sure, I like dogs. Who doesn’t? But we did not invite your dog to the conference call. So if you’re taking this call from home, then make sure your dog isn’t in the room. Because dogs are unpredictable, and before you know it they are barking and the call is ruined. Don’t make your dog my problem.

Other people who aren’t invited to the conference call:

  • Your spouse asking if you’re ever going to fold those whites.
  • The guy delivering your pizza.
  • Anyone on your TV.
  • Howard Stern.
  • The microwave.
  • The people at the next table in the restaurant.
  • Your toilet flushing.
  • Your crying baby.

RULE #4: If we can tell you are taking your call from home, from the road, or from lunch, then you are not allowed to join.

PENALTY: Violators will be forced to spend one week with the crazy cat lady at the office helping her set up a blog for her cats, including taking candid photos and having her dictate their life stories to you and every cute thing they ever did. Until they take their own life.

That’s all for now. But it’s not over…



We’ve Updated LogMeIn Pro² & Free for the Mac

We’ve just released a new host update for LogMeIn Pro2 and Free for Mac.  This latest update includes a number of improvements to the host installer, while also improving overall performance, stability, and yes, even fixing some bugs.    We love our Macs and hope you’ll love this new update for the Mac. Continue reading “We’ve Updated LogMeIn Pro² & Free for the Mac” »


LEAK! New audio features coming soon to

The scene: I’m on my computer last night, catching up on some Benson/Stabler drama and going through my emails when I found this screenshot from our Dev team. I thought: Who would appreciate this picture more than all of our loyal users who have taken the time to leave us feedback these past few months? So, here you are. Enjoy. I think this might almost as good as finding a phone in a bar. Almost.


Brainstorm with @MeetingBoy – Why Conference Calls Suck

Our good friend @MeetingBoy is back, and he’s talking conference calls – probably a favorite subject of working people everywhere (hint: that was filled with sarcasm.) Check out his latest event below. We’ll see you there.

Now is the portion of the day known as the conference call. I call it talk radio time. You listen to idiots out in the boonies spouting off. —@BlondHousewife

Conference calls suck. I’m working on a new post about the things people do on them. I want to go beyond my original post Stop Wasting My Time – Conference Call Edition, and get a list of what you see people doing that is counterproductive and needs to stop. I’ll give away a few calendars to people with helpful suggestions. Please leave a comment here, or join me at on Monday, 1/17, at 3PM EST.


Snowpocalypse 2011 from the Boston Command Center


I think the blue tint really gives it an other-worldly feel. And if you’re wondering, no, my car is not one of those that has it’s wipers up. Next time.

What a great day to be a remote worker. I have my pajamas on, and I’ve made my own little command center at the dining room table (it’s closest to the fridge, I couldn’t resist.) It got me thinking: What are other people who have been affected by the January Nor’easter doing today? What tools are you using to stay in touch with your office? For some, this may be their first time working from home. I want to hear stories! Quips! Gripes! Anecdotes! Take a moment and tell what you’re up to today.


Ignition for Android Update Adds Wake-on-LAN, Remote Sound and Tablet Support

As our first official product post, we’d like to tell you about our first major update to LogMeIn Ignition for Android.  This update includes many enhancements requested directly by you, our users.   Ignition for Android now has Wake-on-LAN to remotely turn on your sleeping computers via LogMeIn – as well as the ability to play remote sounds from your Windows PCs running LogMeIn Pro2.   We’re also excited that the latest version of Ignition now includes additional enhancements and optimizations to give you the best possible experience on your Android tablet. Continue reading “Ignition for Android Update Adds Wake-on-LAN, Remote Sound and Tablet Support” »