Did you know…

… That join.me is really pretty awesome and has a few features you may not even know about, making it even MORE awesome?

Well, if you did know that, you’re pretty awesome but may still be pleasantly surprised from what you find below. And, if you don’t know about the features – well, read on.

File sharing: You can share a file using the chat feature.  Just click the file icon next to the participant’s name. Works the other way around, too, if they want to send you a file. And before you ask – yes, we are working on being able to send the file to everyone in chat at once.

Name Change: If you want to name yourself in the session and don’t want to be named “Viewer,” click the People button. The first “Viewer” is you, and you can change your name by clicking on it. Pretty snazzy, huh?

Share Screen Control: If you want to get up, get stretch your legs, take a call, etc – you can share mouse control with any other viewer by clicking the Mouse icon next to the name. You can take it away just as easily by clicking the “X” on the Mouse button next to their name.

Zoom in and out: This one is for the viewers.  If you want to make a shared screen or presentation larger, you can either click on that big magnifying glass icon or simply use the mouse wheel.  This one is especially handy when someone is showing you that 25-row spread sheet.

Did you discover any hidden gems about join.me? Let us know in the comments.


Gym, Tan – Sell?

I’ve gotten all different kinds of responses lately about people using join.me to help them work, so I thought I would share my favorite tale thus far. Don’t be surprised if he becomes a regular on the blog – he’s pretty good.

The Sales Guy

Welcome to my world– sell to live, live to sell. 9-to-5 is truthfully 5-to-9 for the sales guy. Customers want to talk on their terms and I am more than happy to oblige. My survival kit? An extra cell phone battery, laptop power source, a Power Bar (power source for me), and a Dunkin’ Donuts card.

What do I do? I sell software. Constantly. I don’t really have a choice. Either you keep putting up the big numbers or get surpassed on the depth chart by the latest young, hungry rep trying to dig themselves out of a pile of student loans. What’s the key to staying on top? I keep my tool box updated. Almost daily. Why swing a hammer when you have a nail gun?

Let me introduce you to my nail gun: join.me. Hands down the best web conferencing I’ve tried so far, and I’ve tried a lot. They haven’t always worked the way I’ve wanted them to – makes for awkward conversation and a poor first impression. With join.me, the process for the viewer to attend my presentation has been simplified beyond belief. Quite frankly, I just don’t need the bells, whistles and horns built into classic online meeting products. I just need speed, simplicity for my clients and overall reliability. join.me gives me that and more.

Want to know what it’s like to be a sales guy on the grind using join.me? Come behind the scenes with me as I share all the dirty little secrets of life in sales. I’ll be around the blog documenting my trials and tribulations, foibles and follies of the sales world. So stay tuned!


Let’s get a few things straight around here.

I would say, “You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.” but someone already has that tag line, so:

I wanted to address seven (6.5, really)  of the questions I see all the time on our social media, in our feedback emails, and even some questions we got at Mass Innovation Night. All here, in one spot.

Is join.me REALLY free?

Yes. Free. Costs nothing. No registration. Free.

OK, so the beta is free. What’s going to happen when it’s out of beta?

We can’t give away all of our marbles –we’ll have none left to play with – but when a product is built by a company famous for its ‘freemium’ model…well, you get the gist.

I use two monitors at work. Can join.me switch between my monitors?

Not yet. But, you’re not the only one that uses two monitors for work. Heck, I do too. We hear you.

Why does it install the .exe every time I start a new meeting?  Why not just save it to my browser?

We’re a little over-the-top with security.  When you exit a session, join.me is completely wiped from your system.  Completely.

McAfee won’t let me run join.me – what’s that about?

We know. We know it’s not fun when you try to use our product and you can’t because of another company. We are working with McAfee to figure it out.

How many people can join my session?

How many friends and colleagues do you have? We encourage you to have meetings as big or as small as you want. As of right now, there is no limit.

There’s five or six features I want. Where are they?

We can do everything but read minds over here, so “talk back” to us on join.me and tell us what you’re looking for.

Need to know something else? Find me at @joinme or on Facebook.


Back to the Future: join.me in 2035


join.me in 2035

The pilot behind join.me, the free screen-sharing service that rocked online collaboration to the core, looks back on how join.me influenced the past quarter-century

Wow, we can’t believe it’s already been 25 years since join.me was introduced. Did you ever think it would be this big?

join.me was designed to be a better, easier meeting product, you know, on the old World Wide Web. It really wasn’t supposed to support interplanetary connectivity – and teleporting the presenter wasn’t even remotely on our road map. Did we ever envision that it would be the antidote to the overbooked conference room crisis of 2020 or be the beginning of the end for email attachments and the entire online storage market? Of course not. Who could have?

How has online collaboration changed since 2010?

In 2010, simple screen sharing was still a new idea. It was like Justin Beiber – a baby on its way to skyrocketing to fame (can you believe he restored and expanded Neverland Ranch?). Back then, the online meeting was relatively slow and tedious, nothing like the direct brain-to-brain meetings we have today. I mean 22G networks and Apple’s iYou have a lot to do with that, but still, our daydream and inappropriate thought filters were what really made this practical.

What’s happened to your competitors?

The first wave? The meeting guys? Well, they kept packing on features, making things more complicated, which of course is a recipe for a short lifecycle. It probably didn’t help that the GE sales meeting on one of their platforms brought down the entire web in 2013 – no amount of advertising can help bury that fiasco. The other collab guys just kept trying to be the meeting guys. Oops.

What’s your personal wildest use case?

In 2011, we decided to buy a 1950s Ikarus Bus in Budapest – the marketing guys thought it would be really cool to drape it in a join.me wrapper and drive it to Mobile World Congress. I volunteered to drive it from Budapest to Barcelona – I mean talk about a boondoggle! The thing broke down con-stant-ly. So anyway, it dies halfway up the Alps, at night, in the middle of nowhere. I call up one of my Hungarian colleagues, who hooks up with this mechanic in Budapest and loops me in via a join.me session to walk me through the repair. So I’m lying underneath this beast with my iPad, oil splattering everywhere, smoke billowing, getting schooled in Hungarian with some broken English. Hey, if join.me can turn a cultured Canadian into a surly Eastern European mechanic – complete with occasional Hungarian expletives – anything is possible.

Give us one line on what people are saying about join.me today.

They’re not saying it, they’re thinking it, and we’re telecommunicating it for them.

Kick back and give us your parting words on join.me.

Online collaboration is the new group hug. Trust falls, anyone?


join.me, swag, and #MIN18

12:50 PM: I’m sitting at work preparing for Mass Innovation Night, where we’re presenting join.me in a local event that features new products and a way to spread the word around Massachusetts and anywhere the Internet is (so… everywhere).

I’ll be keeping you updated on here as the night goes on – what’s happening at our booth, photos of the event, who is stopping by to chat, etc. It’s like you get to go to the event – but you can wear pajamas and eat popcorn while you do it. Best case scenario all around, I think.

2:45 PM: One cool thing about Mass Inno is that it’s really low-key – all they provide you with is a table. Which means for a tech company like us, we’re bringing quite the carload. Monitors, laptops, cords – oh my! If only I had those shiny red heels.

Here’s a photo of the swag we plan to give away at #MIN18 tonight. We’ll have some signs there on how to get your hands on some.

Note: Not bringing the magazines.

5:00 PM: Doors open to the public in an hour but we are ready to rock, thanks to my Martha Stewart-like table decorating skills (sorry, Martha, I’m just too busy with join.me these days for a guest appearance). Participants in Mass Inno – there are 10 companies – are slowly starting to filter in. However, no one has as much orange and green as we do. Game over.

6:00PM: The doors may have just opened, but we’ve already got our first visitor. His name is Arno, and I know that even though he is crumpling that shirt he loves his join.me swag.

7:05 PM: This. Is. Awesome.

We are swamped with people asking about join.me. Our coffee mugs are going like hot cakes. People love the pens. I haven’t even heard one mention of Halloween with our orange and green logo. Our business-card fishbowl had to be emptied – twice.

The presentations are about to start – four companies are getting five minutes to present, and we’re first. (Thanks for all the votes, by the way.)

Bottom line: join.me is rocking the boat over here at Mass Inno Night.

7:25 PM: Who still uses the word “swimmingly“? Well, I do. Our five minutes here went swimmingly. join.me is definitely a crowd favorite tonight – you could tell by the captivation of the audience. They even wanted to hear the questions repeated when they couldn’t hear! A great sign.

Some great tag lines from our presenters, Lee and Paul:

“Ridiculously simple.”

“Collaboration is a human endeavor, getting to a better solution.”

“Our enemies? Conference rooms.”

“Everyone on Newbury should be wearing our tees in a couple of days.”

I’m pretty sure no one disagreed with the last statement. We’re thinking of sending one to Bieber to really get them started. Our logo is going to go great with his hair.

9:30 PM: Home from Mass Inno after some crazy traffic on 93. I’ll say this though: Tonight was the perfect forum to introduce join.me to our peers. Informal, conversational, simple, human – just like we hope join.me is for those looking for easy collaboration.

It may have been late in the day we but we still had our game faces on. Thanks to everyone who participated – next time, someone better bring burgers. Or else.

Until next time…



What kind of Coffee Break is this?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s completely fat-free.

Our goal is to show you how easy and simple it is to share your screen with anyone you want using join.me. So we thought: What better way to do that than to share our screens with you and offer prizes? Everyone loves to win. Last week I bought a milkshake from Burger King (oh, the horror) and won free fries. You’d have thought it was Christmas.

Here’s the deal: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I’ll put out a join.me link on Facebook and Twitter. Click on it, and you’re entered into a session where you’ll be asked to solve a brainteaser. Tweet the correct answer to @joinme and you’re the winner of free coffee mugs and coffee gift certificates for your office. Now, if that doesn’t make you everyone’s favorite co-worker, I don’t know what will.

Here’s an example of a past brainteaser:

The Coffee Break happens at 10:30 AM EST, so look for the link around 10 AM.

Please note: It won’t be a fat-free Coffee Break if you bring your doughnuts. Just sayin’.



An introduction to Maggie, the join.me maven

I’m fourth in line at the grocery store on Labor Day with a gallon of milk and an US Weekly trying to figure out why everyone else had the same idea I had: That no one else would be at the store on this holiday and running in for one item – one item – would be a breeze (the US Weekly was an impulse buy). I feel so impatient, standing in line. I mean, almost everything I need in my life is at my fingertips. I want a book? Ten seconds later, it’s on my iPad. That new song I love on the radio? Shazam – it’s on my “New stuff” playlist on my iPhone. That document I left on my desktop at work? Well, I won’t even get into how easy that is to get (I do work at LogMeIn, after all).

When I was introduced to join.me, I knew it was going to be a game-changer. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s instantaneous – pretty much the word I think describes my generation. I’m not your average 20-something: I buy iPad cases instead of shoes, I love eating at new restaurants because I haven’t “checked-in” there yet and my enthusiasm for iOS 4 updates rival the squeals of teenage girls at the latest Twilight premiere. The bottom line is, I am LogMeIn’s resident gadget-loving, tech-news-obsessed, Facebook-ing,Tweet-ing, blogging, social-media-marketing girl. And I love every second of it.

I’ll be on the blog sharing with you what every online collaborator needs to know: join.me news, updates, tips and tricks; interviews with join.me users and creators; and other news to supplement your geeky, tech side: Cool technology and news that crosses my MacBook, ways to have better online meetings, my favorite note-taking iPad apps – all sorts of awesome stuff, all from the perspective of someone who grew up in the generation of living, working and learning online.

Find me on here, Facebook and Twitter.


P.S. Just thought I would mention- Team Edward. All. The. Way.


Join what?

Oh boy.  First post.  No pressure.

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, you’ve likely come directly from the join.me site or the @joinme Twitter page or the join.me Facebook page.  And what do these three things have in common?  An amazingly sparse explanation of just what the heck IS join.me?!  That’s intentional…but we’ll get to that in a bit.

What is it?

In a nutshell, join.me is pretty much what online meeting products have always, desperately wanted to be – a, and I quote, “ridiculously simple” way of sharing your screen with someone else or a few hundred someone elses.  No registration, no plug-ins, no banging your head on the keyboard.  Oh, and it’s free for now.  Yup, free.   But that should come as little surprise to those familiar with our ‘rents, the good folks at LogMeIn.

Why is it?

Every web conferencing product on the market promotes the ‘ad hoc’ scenario.  Just fire it up, on the fly, while you’re talking to someone, and voila, you’re looking at the same document or image or spreadsheet or presentation, right?  Uh, wrong.  You never do that. Do you?  No, you end up just emailing the file and then walking through it like you’re playing 20 questions…or instructing a perfect stranger to describe and defuse a bomb.  Web conferencing products are just that.  For big, honking, pre-planned events.

Our thought: Strip out all the bloated features people don’t use, make it easy, make it fast, and maybe, just maybe, people will actually use such a service for an impromptu collaboration session…or that informal weekly meeting with your colleagues across the aisle, hall, country or globe.  We like to think of it as the Flip cam model to meeting online.

And the blog?

Remember that part about being fast and easy?  Yeah, well, that also means sparse, light and pithy.  And while we kick ass at haikus and 140-character prose, sometimes you just need to be a bit longer winded when sharing the latest and greatest new feature or offering tips and tricks or just waxing poetic about some cool new iGadget that was intentionally left found on a barroom floor.

So if you like our fun new, light, fast and free product, add this, its verbose sibling, to your favorite RSS Reader.  In return, we promise that you’ll be among the first to hear about new features, special offers, cool giveaways – stuff like that.

And don’t be shy.  This thing is in beta.  So you’re a tester.  Tell us what you like, hate and dream of when it comes to join.me.  We’re listening here…and here…and here.


Stay tuned!

The insider’s guide to join.me, LogMeIn’s free screen sharing service, is coming soon!