Top 5 reasons to add to your solutions portfolio the world’s fastest growing and most in-demand online meeting app for business, is instant, intuitive and affordable, so it’s easily adopted by everyone in your client’s organization. By adding to your portfolio, you improve your client’s collaboration and end-user productivity. And with the new BYOA market, you need solutions that boost your competitive advantage.

“We started using late in 2011, and it has become a core sales and marketing tool. Ease-of-use, device interoperability and speed all contribute to more effective meetings for us. We actually spend the first couple minutes of every sales call selling to others.”

– Jay McBain, Chief Marketing Officer, ChannelEyes

Top 5 reasons why empowers client collaboration and elevates your IT business:

1. Performs at the speed of business

Legacy meeting tools have legacy problems: users need to download and install software, interfaces are bloated and hard to use, and the cost is high and variable., on the other hand, is purpose-built for today’s workplace – fast-paced, highly mobile, highly dispersed, where collaboration needs to be spontaneous, continuous and widespread.

2. Instant and intuitive is simple and fast, so your end-users can use it right away. There’s literally no learning curve and training is minimal at best. As well, because there are no viewer downloads, meetings start in seconds instead of minutes and require no IT involvement. And because of its simple design, most actions are just one click away, so there’s no lost meeting time trying to find a tool.

3. Affordable

The price is as simple as the app itself. One price, one bill makes attractive for businesses, large or small. And with user-based licensing at 1/3 the cost of competitors, it is clear that is the tool of choice for the SMB market.

4. Unlimited Audio

Unlike other meetings tools, comes with unlimited conference calling at no extra charge. Clients can choose to host online meetings and audio conferencing, or hold just audio conferences using a dedicated phone line or the Internet. Plus, with non-variable billing, clients always have one flat-rate bill without additional costs per minute.

5. Designed with IT in mind is built to fill the needs of even your most concerned users. With 256-bit SSL encryption, optional meetings locks and 99.99% uptime, you can rest assured clients’ meetings stay connected and secure. Plus, is easy to deploy and no training is needed, so clients can get down to business fast. And its management capabilities help you stay in control as an important partner to your clients’ productivity gains.

“The intuitive nature and fast start time of make our daily product development meetings much more productive and effective, while opening the doors for more ad-hoc collaboration sessions between teams.”

– Bud Ketterl, Vice President of Product Management, Scripps Interactive Network

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[SLIDECAST] Bring Your Own App: The Secret Weapon for Sales and Marketing Success

BYOA SlideCast - LogMeIn - Lou Orfanos -

Recently, I attended the 2013 Dreamforce event.  I had the excellent opportunity to talk about how to best understand and leverage the Bring Your Own App trend in your organization.  It’s an interesting topic because it affects sales, marketing, and IT, albeit in vastly different ways.  The trick is using it to your advantage!  Here’s a description of the presentation, right from my abstract:

Bring Your Own App:  The Secret Weapon for Sales and Marketing Success

CIOs and their counterparts in Sales and Marketing have learned the hard way that saying “no” to user-chosen productivity applications is a non-starter.   Learn how leading enterprises are embracing these best of breed applications to achieve transformative improvements in overall collaboration and sales and marketing productivity.  This slidecast will help sales and IT leaders alike better understand and align around an ever-changing sales persona, driving better productivity and sales as a result.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, I’m sharing it with you below.  You can pace yourself through the slides and my audio with the SlideShare commands.

What about you?  Does your workplace embrace a BYOA phenomenon?  Are you a millennial ‘Joe’ sales person?  Let us know in the comments.


3 Reasons Why is a Smart Choice for Inside Sales Professionals

95% of a sales professional’s interaction with prospects and customers occurs over the phone and internet. For this reason, is an ideal tool when pitching these prospects or demoing a product. An article from earlier this year on nicely outlines the reasons why is a smart choice for inside sales professionals. Here’s our take.

1. Contains Costs

Overhead costs of web conferencing tools, CRM, phones, software, etc. add up very quickly. If you’re a SMB salesperson, keeping these costs down is vital to your business. The free and pro versions of provide options for every sized business or personal user. The free meeting tool allows up to 10 meeting participants. The pro version, available for $13/month, allows up to 250 meeting participants and additional features, not available in the free version.

2. Instant Screen Sharing

The speed, simplicity and reliability, of’s instant screen sharing capabilities are what users love most about our tool. It’s cliché, but first impressions count, and in sales and marketing, they count in dollars. If you’re pitching new business or trying to advance accounts with clients, being able to immediately connect, without the fear of hassles on either end, can go a long way toward winning over new accounts. If you have a prospect on the phone and you determine that it is appropriate to show them a demonstration screen, you need a tool that will enable your prospect to view your screen, regardless of the browser, firewall or security settings on either computer. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why is a Smart Choice for Inside Sales Professionals” »


Infographic: Cloud Computing Growth

We all know the saying “you’ve got your head in the clouds.” Well, maybe that’s not such a bad place to be…

According to AwesomeCloud, the total cloud computing industry is expected to reach $150 billion in 2014. With new technology allowing us to access the cloud wherever we go, it makes sense that 60% of server workload is expected to be virtualized by 2014.

Today, Cubby and work together to extend the collaboration benefits of each product and offer a simple, secure way to store your meeting recordings –and this is just the beginning.

How else has the cloud grown? Check out this infographic by AwesomeCloud to learn more:


Image Credit:

  Valued For Its Ease of Enterprise-wide Deployment

Nucleus Research finds is valued for its ease of enterprise-wide deployment

Nucleus Research, a third-party research firm, recently published a report stating that one of the key benefits customers experience over other online meeting tools is the ease of creating a business deployment.

The research document, the Guidebook, cites several of our customers who have used other online meeting tools in the past. Nucleus Research interviewed them about their previous experiences with other tools, as well as their current experiences with, to uncover the key reasons why these companies made the switch to

Nucleus found that many of these enterprises were introduced to by individual employees, who were using the tool outside of their company-sanctioned meeting tool. The users then elevated their requests to management and IT to purchase the application. One natural concern at this point in the process is, “How do I deploy and manage a cloud-based application to my company?”

Nucleus dove into this issue head-first by interviewing customers who have been through the process and discovered that the  administrative interface was easy to use.  Companies could quickly aggregate all single users into a single  console and deploy to new users with a simple email invitation, and  it was easy to use for ongoing management of licensces


joinme presenter tab


One company interviewed stated that they were already using a competitive meeting solution, but decided to put to the test on a trial basis. They specifically noted how simple it was to add 75 users to the corporate account, quickly.

Another company stated that they were able to quickly provide licenses for 300 users. “We sent the invite to 300 people and they were set up.”

It’s that quick and easy. Continue reading “ Valued For Its Ease of Enterprise-wide Deployment” »


New research shows how is being adopted by enterprises


dominoes joinme

image source: domino by barryskeates (CC BY 2.0)


Wonder if would fit the many needs of your enterprise – from continuous collaboration to value? Don’t take our word for it. Find out what you need to know from an independent third-party research firm who evaluated our solution and asked our customers directly.

The new Guidebook authored by Nucleus Research features background information on challenges enterprises are facing, a review of as an enterprise solution, key benefit areas as identified by four enterprise customers, and best practices for maximizing the value of

Nucleus Research states, “Our research builds on vignettes and quotes from customers to develop a framework quantifying how organizations have achieved value from a solution.” In this case, they focus on the value and key benefits of to four distinct enterprises.

One key benefit outlined in the report is identified as ease of use and greater adoption. It appears that many businesses are introduced to by an individual employee who prefers its ease of use to their company’s incumbent conferencing tool. With use, starts to catch on.

“I started using this for my meetings and got questions from people who were able to join with just one click. People would ask me how to get this tool.” – A quote included in the Nucleus Research Guidebook.

Start reading the full report now to see if will work as your enterprise’s collaboration solution. And look for more information on this informative research in the near future.

Happy meeting!


Present Your Cubby Files from Your iPad Using

Did you know you can share your Cubby files from your iPad using With and an iPad you will never have to sprint back to the office for that last minute online meeting again. These step by step directions will get you presenting your Cubby files in no time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you have the Cubby and apps installed on your iPad.
  2. Open your Cubby and select that game changing presentation that has to be shared with the world before it burns a hole in your iPad.
  3. Tap on the file to view the presentation within the preview pane and select the “open-in” icon in the upper right hand corner (the box with the arrow).
  4. Select “open in” option from the list.

join me cubby screengrab

The app will open and you’ll need to log in with your Pro credentials. Once logged in, choose to start the meeting with your personal link or one-time code.

join me cubby screengrab

5.  Click the start meeting button to begin sharing.

join me cubby screengrab

You are now hosting a meeting from your iPad and sharing that game changing presentation that was saved in your Cubby.

Want to try it for yourself? If you’re a Pro user test it out today! If you’re using the free version, set up a free Pro trial here:

For more information, visit our knowledge base at


Nucleus Research finds is valuable to enterprises for external collaboration

windows explorer security error

(Image: Flickr/lorentey)


The independent research firm, Nucleus Research, recently interviewed several enterprises about their past web conferencing experiences with other tools and their current experiences using In the resulting evaluation research report, the Guidebook, Nucleus states that one of the top four key benefits of using over other tools is seamless external collaboration with suppliers and partners.


The enterprises questioned for the research stated that collaborating outside of their company’s networks posed firewall issues, yet the need to communicate externally was especially important, whether for vendor management and partnerships, or for working with external employees. Companies surveyed found that other web conferencing solutions ran into security or networking issues, while works securely and simply through a web browser.


When business is moving so fast that every day, hour and minute count, companies must seize every opportunity when dealing with external firms without wasting time trying to connect with them. Not only do failed connections frustrate the internal team, but they have the potential to damper partnerships essential to the business. In such an environment where time is money, enterprises need to be able to share content across networks quickly and effectively.


As stated by one company in the Nucleus Research Guidebook, “Some of the other programs didn’t work very well with other company networks, which made it difficult to bring vendors and suppliers into meetings.”


When connections count, they trust


About the research report

The new Guidebook authored by Nucleus Research features background information on challenges enterprises are facing, a review of as an enterprise solution, key benefit areas as identified by four enterprise customers, and best practices for maximizing the value of

Nucleus Research states, “Our research builds on vignettes and quotes from customers to develop a framework quantifying how organizations have achieved value from a solution.”

Start reading the full report now to see if will work as your enterprise’s collaboration solution. And look for more information on this informative research in the near future.


Happy meeting!


The HTML5 viewer is now in beta!

Viva la HTML5 Revolución!

Starting today, you can attend a meeting from your browser without needing to have Flash installed. Introducing the HTML5 viewer, now available (in beta) at

The HTML5 viewer will kick in if Flash is not installed on the following platform/browser combinations (more to come soon!):

  • Mac- Safari
  • Windows- Chrome
  • Windows- Firefox

If you already have Flash installed, you can still join in the fun! Simply follow the instructions found on our Knowledge Base here.



Reporting is now available for pro

We’re giving you a bit of history today – of your meetings, that is. With pro, you can now pull reports of your past meetings. Details include presenter name, email, meeting subject, start time, duration, number of participants and features used. You can find it in the “reports” tab in your account:

Check it out now at

Happy reporting!