Channel Webinar Recap: Elevate Your Business to Succeed in the App-centric World

webinarLast month we hosted a webinar, Elevate Your Business to Succeed in the App-centric World, hosted by Ted Roller, VP Channel Development at LogMeIn and guest speaker Chris Johnson, CEO of Untangled Solutions.  Both speakers gave us an inside look into the changing IT landscape and some strategies that Managed Service Providers can use to drive more business and enhance their value proposition as they address the new business realities of today’s impending IT challenges.  Both speakers touched on some strategies that targeted staying relevant in IT services as the entire market transitions from the existing device-centric support and service model, to a user-centric IT approach encompassing mobile devices and cloud based applications that empower today’s end-users.  You can access the full recording of the webinar.

Throughout the presentation we collected questions from the audience and were able to answer a few of them.  We ran out of time to cover all of the questions, so we felt it was right to get to some of the unanswered questions:

Will the Rescue solution integrate with our PSA tools (Autotask, ConnectWise, and/or TigerPaw)?

Currently, Rescue integrates with popular PSA and ticketing tools including Autotask, ConnectWise, and Salesforce.  You can see a full list of integrations for Rescue on our website.

Do I have the opportunity to resell or cubby with margins?

Yes, as an Elevate Channel Partner, you are able to resell and Cubby to your customers and receive margin.  You can learn more about our benefits for Elevate partners from our website.

Does Cubby offer Active Directory type control, or an actual AD plug-in for file/folder rights management?

*UPDATED 2/15/2014: Cubby Enterprise has ADFS & Domain based administration capabilities which means that IT administrators can automatically own and manage all employee Cubby accounts within a domain. Additionally, ADFS will allow IT admins to enable single sign-on.

How is Cubby different from other cloud storage solutions?

Cubby has a few key differentiators from traditional cloud storage solutions.  Here are some of the big differentiators:

  • Desktop app with client side encryption – Data never leaves computers unencrypted
  • Powered by LMI Gravity Platform – Eliminates risks produced by public cloud infrastructure
  • Cubby Locks – Ensures no 3rd party access to sensitive data by granting the user encryption keys
  • Sync in place – Cubby allows you to cloud enable folders so you don’t have to reorganize your files to get them to the cloud
  • DirectSync – Secure sharing without the cloud
  • Central user/policy management – Simple user provisioning/de-provisioning
  • Advanced sharing and sync controls – Minimizes risk of data leakage

You can visit to learn more about the benefits of using Cubby.

What 3rd party applications does AppGuru currently integrate with?

In addition to and Cubby, AppGuru is able to manage today’s most popular cloud apps.  The list of integrated apps is growing and we are adding more each day!  You can see all the apps that are managed by AppGuru and learn more about cloud management on our website.

Can AppGuru discover applications on my clients network? Also, can I implement control settings for those apps?

Yes, AppGuru allows IT service providers to discover cloud apps coming into the businesses they support.  AppGuru lets you discover which cloud apps are being used on the network, learn how much company data is going into the cloud, and find out which employees are using cloud apps behind the firewall.  From here, the you can analyze app usage data so to better understand the risk/reward ratio.    Then, quickly and simply add or delete users, and provision cloud based apps. Once added, you can apply custom policies to users and groups to control how and by whom apps are used in the organization.

How do I get started with AppGuru?

The AppGuru Preview is accessible from  From here you can test drive AppGuru functionality and start managing your client’s apps today! 

Are there any special offers for the channel?

Yes.  Call 1-866-489-6976 to talk to one of our sales representatives to talk about our special channel discounts and pricing!

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New Innovation in the AppGuru Preview, Part 2: Box, Join Growing App Catalog

AppGuru is designed to give IT a single, central source for managing the myriad cloud apps being adopted and used in the workplace. And as I noted in my last post, we’re actively listening to our users to help guide our decisions on functionality and AppGuru’s ever-expanding app catalog.  So, with that in mind, I’m happy to announce that we’ve added new apps to the AppGuru App Catalog. The newbies are and Box.

Our strategy with AppGuru is to enable admins to manage all of the cloud apps that are critical to their businesses. We’ve been prioritizing the list based on feedback. Sync and store apps continue to be the number one request because of the security risks they can pose to a company’s data and IP. But we’re also working on integrations with other popular collaboration, helpdesk, Finance, and HR applications.

We believe that a delightful experience is what separates the great apps from the good apps. So, we’ve spent a great deal of time improving the way the app tiles animate when you’re interacting with them. Play around to get a feel for it. We’d love to know what you think.

What apps would you like to see in AppGuru? If you’re already a user, check out our feedback community which you can access from within AppGuru.  Here you can suggest or vote on apps as well as new features and functionality.

If you haven’t joined us on the preview yet, you can sign up here.


New innovation in the AppGuru Preview, Part 1: Group Support

It’s been almost 4 weeks since we opened the doors on the AppGuru preview, and we’re happy to announce some new capabilities, and, yes, some new apps.  We’ll provide a deeper dive – and quick demos – on all the new features in the coming days, starting with one of our top requests: group or team support.  But before I get into the details, I wanted to first thank each and every one of our customers for your continued feedback and ideas. It’s always gratifying to know that we have such a reliable and insightful base of people to help us in our journey to build great products.

So, with that in mind, here’s a look at the new group support. We’d love to hear your thoughts:


Group support, or more accurately nested group support, allows you to organize your users into whatever group structure makes sense for your business. It is also our first step toward broader Active Directory support; where we’ll enable you to replicate your AD group structure in AppGuru.

This gives you the ability to apply policies at the organization unit level – teams, departments, office locations, accounts, etc. – and apply these policies across appropriate apps under management.  The result is dramatically simplified on-boarding and the ability to ensure that new users are automatically assigned to the apps you’ve set up for their respective organizations or teams.

You can see it in action below, or even better, try it out for yourself.  It’s now live for all AppGuru users.  If you haven’t joined us on the preview yet, you can sign up here.

Don’t be shy. We want to hear more about what you like, loathe and anything in between.  And feel free to pile on over at our feedback community once you’ve joined the preview.


Introducing AppGuru: IT’s Answer to Managing Cloud Apps in the Workplace

Today, we’re introducing the preview of a new offering built to help IT professionals bolster their strategic value in the cloud era.  The latest addition to our IT management portfolio, AppGuru provides IT pros with the tools needed to embrace, secure and manage the rapid influx of business and employee-introduced cloud applications into the workplace – the types of apps that often gain a foothold with little or no IT involvement.  While control is certainly part of this, the real story – the real value – is how a solution like AppGuru can help IT adopt new management approaches to encourage the broader, secure use of employee-introduced solutions.

In a nutshell, AppGuru brings together Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) features, provisioning and policy management for cloud apps, ranging from SaaS enterprise applications to cloud productivity suites to employee-introduced business and personal apps.  It’s a product that we believe can help IT be better positioned to be an expert advisor to business sponsors and a partner with employees in the cloud app era. And it’s a product whose genesis ties back to the intersection of LogMeIn’s IT management and cloud app businesses.

Our own cloud apps – LogMeIn Free/Pro,, and most recently Cubby — have attracted millions of users, and they, like most popular cloud apps, have become widely popular in the workplace, often outside of IT’s purview.  After some internal grassroots adoption, these apps begin to bubble up to IT decision makers, who might recognize the benefit of such tools, and then look to us to help them with broader team or company-wide adoption, as well as better management.

At the same time, we’re hearing a consistent message from our large base of IT customers: They are not looking to play the role of ‘gatekeeper’ when it comes to app usage but are struggling to find a way to best manage users, subscriptions, policies, and of course, information sharing. Many of them are even seeing cloud apps – like other kinds of bring-your-own tech – not as a threat to IT-procured applications, but rather as an opportunity to save money on underutilized apps while deferring to employees’ preferences.

We see AppGuru as a product born from that unique perspective. That said, we’d rather have IT pros tell us whether or not we’ve hit the mark, and help us to help them with new updates and capabilities to meet their evolving needs.

So whether you’re an IT pro, a business user using our cloud apps, or an existing customer of our IT management offerings, take a look, and let us know what you think.

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