Tips and tricks: How to use is a free and simple online screen-sharing tool, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some tips and tricks to know. We want you to get the most out of So, I’ll give you a few, and you if have some to add, you give a few in the comments. Capiche? I’ll start:

You can do free file transfers with In a session, click the “File” icon next to the person’s name you want to transfer a file to. It’s that easy. By the way, your participants won’t be able to see your personal files when you do a transfer.

Tell your participants they can change their name from “Viewer” under the “People” button in the menu. They will be the first person listed. ┬áThat way, you know who’s there and who’s playing hooky. And if there are two people named Steve… may the force be with you.

If you’re the host, no one can see you typing in the chat box until you send it. So, if you want to have a private conversation with one person (don’t forget to set the message to @Participant!) no one can see you typing to that person, even if you have 250 viewers.

One more tip: If you don’t like where the menu lands – at the top middle of your screen – you can move it. No one can see your menu but you. So if you don’t want it there, move it. Left, right, up, down – whatever works for you.

You can also get some more info on how works by watching our tour.

Anything to add? Put your tips and tricks in the comments.


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Alix is a Product Marketing Manager for LogMeIn.

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  1. Clicking on the URL/link box (, in the menu, to display the ability to copy the link to the clipboard or send the viewer(s) the link by e-mail, is a function that is not immediately apparent. When first showing others, I always tell them about the functionality. It makes it much easier for them to distribute the link to others.

    That said, I believe it would be a very good idea for the team to place a little “down” icon at the right of this field. It is the standard visual aide for indicating that more functionality is available. It’s used in the conference number popup, for the select monitor function, etc. Let’s also use it to indicate they can copy the link to the clipboard or send it in an email. Consistency with visual aides and functionality is one of the key components to the usuability and therefore success of an application.


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  3. is a fantastic screen sharing program and FREE to boot! It’s as good if not better than any other screen sharing program out there. Thanks for a great product.
    I have one suggestion. Some of the other screen sharing programs allow you to choose which programs you wish to share, thus blocking the view of the rest of your desktop.
    This would be helpful as sometimes while doing a screen share (usually PowerPoint) I’m asked for information not on the slides, but in a different location on my computer. Everyone can see as I move from screen to screen, program to program in search of the info. It would be nice if I could pause the screen share on the slide I’m currently on and then in the background find and display the info requested. This would be a nice addition, if possible.
    Thanks again for a really impressive program.

  4. is really cool. I plan on using it for training teachers in my school district. One request: thumbs up and thumbs down buttons for a quick check of understanding from viewers would be really useful. Thanks!

  5. I am a singing teacher, and want to find some way of teaching several classes at once, in the rural area where I live. I don’t really understand the audio side of, but guess it will not work in the same way as Skype would, for instance, where both the class(es) and I would be able to hear one another….?

    • Actually, it does. Once you start a session, click on the “phone” button and then connect to the audio by “join by internet.” Have your students do the same in their app when they join your session, and everyone will be able to hear each other.

  6. Maggie:
    I assume you meant to say that…as long as everyone has a mic connected to their computer then you can use the “phone” feature so that everyone can see and hear your computer screen sharing presentation and everyone can hear each other. Correct?

  7. I have a problem with it, it crashes a lot and it causes my computer to run slowly, is it the flash on my computer or something?

  8. I use this at school for lack of a projector. Is there a way I can block my middle school students from having side chats on here?

  9. Hi
    I use Join Me with some colleagues in the UK and it works great. However we have started working with some charities in Australia and naturally with the time zones, they are rarely around when we are.

    They send we an email with the URL and code embedded so I can see there screen, however there is no-one there to click the OK when I request control.

    Any thoughts?

    • Hi Les,

      With, you definitely need at least 2 people to have a meaningful session, since its meant for sharing your screen, and you can’t take control without someone on the other end to allow it.

      Are you doing support for these charities in Australia? If so, we offer a support product that allows for unattended access, so the other person doesn’t need to be on the other end for you to support their computer. It’s called Rescue, and you can check it out at



      • Hi Maggie

        Thank you for you response. Yes, we are a UK charity that supports other charities with their IT needs, specifically relating to the use of a database we developed for the Non for Profit. This has found its way down to Australia which creates its own challenges as described in my earlier email.

        I will have a look at Rescue



  10. Hi, please let me know if there is a way to change the join me url ie. can you change the xxx at anytime? If so how and how often can you?

    • Your 9-digit code will change at the start of each new one-time code meeting. You can personalize the URL with a pro subscription, and can change that as often as you’d like from the “put the me in” section on the page you’d see once logged in. Happy sharing!

  11. Hey, I need some help–

    Every time I try to join after getting an invite– the screen remains white– it’s been like this for almost a week now– and I have no clue on what to do.
    Any advice?

    I’d appreciate your help,

    Thank you.

    • Hi Richard,

      There’s no additional charge for presenter swap – it’s included with your Pro features. Happy swapping!


  12. Is there a way to cause the “share” functionality to start from a URL? This would help us greatly to be able to test machines that automatically share their desktop at startup.

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