A coming of age is coming to work. Millennials represent over 50% of the nation’s workforce, and in 25 years, that number will jump to a massive 75% – it’s a full-on takeover! How will the habits, knowledge, and behaviors of this new majority change the world of work as we know it?

We surveyed millennial workers about their work styles, motivations, and mobile device habits. We combined our findings with additional market research and commentary in a new infographic and eBook, to help you determine what to expect as the generational scales begin to tip – and how you can prepare for the future of work.

Read the highlights in our digital infographic! Want to jump right to the full info? Download our eBook here.

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Update on Cubby service disruption

For those who may have experienced or may still be experiencing issues around Cubby and/or recordings, we wanted to provide a quick update on what happened, what we have done and are doing to fix it, and what steps you can take, if desirable, to mitigate near-term disruptions.

First and foremost, please accept our apologies. We’re a company that has long prided itself on making products and services that ‘just work’ when you need them. We recognize any disruption is less than acceptable. And we’re working around the clock to restore full service.

What happened and when:

On June 5th, 4:13pm EDT, in the process of routine maintenance – specifically in the process of updating a Cassandra database used to support Cubby – we encountered a system failure that caused multiple issues with the Cubby service.  Specifically, this issue affected the ability to upload and download new files, the ability to access files from Cubby’s mobile and web applications, and the ability to access shared files from Cubby links (this included recordings of meetings).

What’s been done to fix it (and what has been restored):

We’ve successfully restored the ability to upload and download new files from Cubby. New recordings are now accessible via their public links. P2P sync and share is now working.

We’ve also made progress restoring access to previously uploaded and shared data, including past recordings. Access to a large percentage of meeting recordings has been restored and we continue to restore more every hour.

Work to restore access to saved Cubby files is also in progress, which will also restore Web and mobile access while restarting syncing of local files.

What’s next:

The steps to restore web and mobile access, as well as public link access to files will continue today and throughout the week with more and more of your files accessible by the day – we’re doing this chronologically to ensure access to more recent files first and then working backward. We expect this full process to take days.

Access to the majority of recordings has been restored with more and more taking place by the hour.

The work is being done in a way that will map to your existing file structure. This will mean it will just work on your side with no other action required on your part.

Ways to expedite access:

If there are select files that you want to ensure can be accessed by other people today, there are two ways to manually kick-start sharing in advance of a full restore.

First, you can use the Cubby website to drag copies of existing files into a cubby (and thus into the cloud).  The benefit of this method is that it ensures that any previously set up syncing or sharing options (including previously create public links) continue to work.  This is the preferred method and we’ve covered it in this quick how-to guide:

The second option is simply creating a new cubby. i.e. Uploading files into a new, separate cubby folder. Like the first option, this will allow you share and sync files today. The only downside of this approach is that previously created links and syncing options won’t work, and would have to be recreated and redistributed, in the case of public links.

With both options, we’d only recommend this approach for select files that you need to share in advance of a full restore.  Once restoration of your files is complete – part of our ongoing restoration work – previously created links and sync options should automatically work.  So we wouldn’t recommend re-uploading all of your previous Cubby files, en masse.

How to stay up to speed on progress:

We’ve made and continue to make progress, and we expect the majority of this process to be completed in a matter of days. Many users will regain access well in advance of that, but if you are a Cubby and/or user, we will post updates to our blog, as well as to our social media channels. You can follow us on the following channels to get regular updates:







Again our apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your continued support.  We’ll provide further updates as they become available.


[INFOGRAPHIC] SMBs & the Cloud: The Rise of Cloud Apps

Another day, another new login. It feels like we’re adding new apps and websites to our repertoire every day. A social media tool here, an analytics site there. A recent research report by Enterprise Strategy Group found that individuals use more than 25 apps each month. Can you remember that many usernames and passwords? If you can, it’s probably because you’re using the same password for all your accounts.

The rising number of cloud apps and web services we use on a daily basis is becoming a bigger challenge not only for individuals but also for small businesses. Today’s professionals want to be productive from anywhere and to do so, they bring apps from their personal life into the workplace for a seamless transition from work to home and back again. This presents a challenge for small businesses, of which 60% have no full-time IT staff to manage the blurred lines between business and personal accounts.

You can read the complete report, Password Management in an Increasingly Cloudy World, or check out some highlights in the infographic below.

Nervous about the growing password problem for employees and small businesses? We are too. Stay tuned for Part 2 of SMBs & the Cloud: The Truth Behind Password Security, coming soon!

Meldium_Password_Problems_part 1




For sales teams, connecting with your crazy-busy prospects is tough. Customers have always carefully protected their time, especially for live or on-site meetings. Thankfully, applications and technology have advanced such that virtual meetings – whether by phone, screen share, or videoconference – can be just as effective in closing the deal.

Join best-selling author, Jill Konrath this Thursday at 2 PM EST for a live webinar: Nailing It! How to Ace the Online Sales Meeting. Jill will share insights from her latest ebook of tips & tricks on how to ace the online sales meeting, including:

  • Zero in quickly on the value of what you’re selling with specific value propositions
  • Use quick, ad hoc online meetings to speed up sales cycles
  • Pick the right meeting technology, and know it like the back of your hand

Whether you’re new to sales, a sales pro, or just plain curious about this important trend, you won’t want to miss this event. Register for this webinar here. If you aren’t able to make it, check back here for a recap and a recorded version.


Cubby Service Impact

As of June 5, 4:13pm EDT we began experiencing an issue with Cubby which affects the ability to upload and download files and access previous recordings of sessions. We’re confident that your files are safe and secure, however access is currently limited from and the Cubby mobile and desktop applications. Our engineering team is actively working to resolve the issue and we will continue to provide updates as they become available. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

UPDATE: We’ve made some initial progress — we’ve restored some key functionality — and continue to work tirelessly on the rest. New files can now be uploaded and downloaded from Cubby. New recordings are now accessible via their public links. P2P sync and share is now working.

We’ll provide further updates as they become available.

  – collaboration, innovation, and engagement

Week of June 5, 2015

This was an exciting and truly significant week for, as we announced our mobile makeover! We launched our new app for Apple Watch, made upgrades to our iPhone app, and debuted a brand new iPad experience with mobile whiteboarding. If you haven’t already, be sure to download our new iOS apps and improve your mobile meetings!

Apple Watch is the hottest gadget on the market, and it’s changing the way people work and communicate. We’re so excited to bring the instant collaboration experience to our users with just a tap on the wrist – we’re even giving away an Apple Watch to celebrate! Check out some of the latest buzz on Apple Watch below, including news for developers, marketers, and all the “road warriors” out there.

whiteboard tech crunchLogMeIn buys Zamurai to add Mobile Whiteboarding to
“Both and Zamurai recognize that how people work has changed. We meet and collaborate in real time and more often than not, we interact online. And we were both passionate about the simplicity of the experience for our customers,” says VP of Marketing Michael Parker on yesterday’s acquisition announcement.

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developersDevelopers Wind Up for Apple Watch Update at Apple’s WWDC
Next week is Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference, and developers are anticipating getting new access to the capabilities of the Apple Watch – including the sensors, microphone, and zooming/scrolling functionality. This will revolutionize the apps that programmers can build for the device.

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marketingBig Data Gets Bigger Apple Watch Internet of Things
The Apple Watch, which is touted as “the most personal device ever”, will have a significant impact for data-driven marketers, as it’s a whole new resource to collect insights about consumer habits and behaviors.

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Road WarriorsFive Apple Watch Apps for Road Warriors
Whether you are traveling for business or for fun, these Apple Watch apps are great suggestions to help you stay on track from flight takeoff to hotel checkout. If traveling for business, download the app to start your meetings with just one tap on the wrist!

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Four tips to understanding your customers and set yourself apart from the competition



Support is an opportune time to build relationships with customers and get a better understanding of their pain-points (and how to solve them). Whether on the phone, interacting via-mail, using online chat, or conversing on social media, we’ve got some tips to help you more easily gather and leverage customer information.

Figure out ahead of time what your goals are

There’s a lot of customer information you could be gathering – but you don’t want overwhelm the customer or end up with useless information. Knowing what your goals are from the onset will help you identify the data you need, and to strategically get it. For example, if you aim to reduce call volume by improving self-service troubleshooting content, you’ll want to gather information around what problems crop up most frequently – and who’s experiencing those problems.

Fine-tune your data-gathering strategy to each support channel

Different support channels are suited for gathering different types of data. Email and phone are ideal for customer surveys. Your FAQ page is an excellent way to gather demographic data. Web analytics can provide data on which webpages or help sites are viewed the most. If you’re providing remote technical support, having a tool that can gather a system’s information will help you pinpoint problem areas (e.g., your company’s website is not working well with certain browsers).

Be upfront about what information you want

Your customers may find data gathering invasive, no matter which procedure you use. Technicians should be cognizant of that, and be able to explain why this information is being gathered and what it will be used for. Tie in examples where such information has impacted customers (e.g., with customer feedback we have been able to improve our services and support). When your customer knows that answering questions about themselves helps you to provide better support, they are far more willing to provide open, honest feedback.

Keep an eye out for new use cases

Understanding how your product is being used can translate into new feature ideas, new ways to talk about your product, and even new market opportunities. You can gather this information from basic surveys and customer interviews even by technicians ask customers what they were doing when the problem occurred.

Develop a plan that covers your identified goals. By identifying the types of data that would be most useful, and determining how and where in your support channels to capture it, you’ll be well on your way.

  Gets a Mobile Makeover!

zamurai_800x300’s mission is to simplify how people connect and work together. And today, more people are connecting and collaborating in a mobile world. So it is important to us that we craft the same simple and instant experience in that new, mobile world, that lets you work as easily as you do with our desktop offerings. But an experience that is designed for a mobile-first world, taking advantage of how we interact on these devices, not just duplicating the desktop experience.

With that in mind, I am very excited to unveil the new and improved iOS portfolio, with new apps for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. With this update, we introduce the ‘One Touch Meeting’, available in our new app for Apple Watch and an update to the iPhone app. And we introduce our re-envisioned app for the iPad, now including the Mobile Whiteboard.

And with our new app for the iPad, you can present – documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and even whiteboards – for free. Yes, free.

Here’s what you need to know:

New ‘One Touch Meeting’ for Apple Watch and iPhone

Today introduces the ‘One Touch Meeting’ for Apple Watch and iPhone. With a single touch on the iPhone or Apple Watch, will automatically call the host – our “Call Me” feature — and start on your desktop right away. No need to dial any numbers or passcodes. No need to start on a laptop or desktop. We start it for you.

If you have a scheduled meeting, will now send you a push notification to your iPhone or Apple Watch when it’s time to meet. One touch and your meeting starts right up.

Need to start a meeting on-the-fly? No problem. Ad hoc meetings start with a simple tap on your app for Apple Watch and iPhone.

It’s definitely simple and easy. Check out this short video to see how it’s done!

New Mobile Whiteboard for the iPad

The whiteboard is part of almost every business and sales discussion, but it’s been trapped on the wall, until now. Today,’s new mobile whiteboard for the iPad lets you create and collaborate on or off-line, giving you the ability to create, present, save, and share ideas in real time right from your iPad. With our InfinityBoard™,’s new mobile whiteboard provides a truly infinite canvas so you can draw, add shapes, lines, and even images from your photo library. Want to share it in real time? Just share out your whiteboard, and others can see what you are thinking and creating, even if they are half way around the world. Try doing that with a physical whiteboard.

Want to send the whiteboard to to them after the discussion? Stop taking pictures. Your whiteboard files can be shared as jpegs, PDFs, or in a fully editable whiteboard file format that can be sent to others so they can add their ideas. Check out this video for a quick demonstration:

You can create and share up to 4 mobile whiteboards for free, and additional whiteboards are available for pro and enterprise users. The new mobile whiteboard is based on and incorporates the capabilities of the Zamurai mobile whiteboard app, which I was a co-founder and CEO.

Remember, you can also share documents, presentations, even spreadsheets, all right from your iPad. And you can even join calls right from your iPad using VoIP.

All of the iPhone and iPad capabilities are available for existing iOS app users via an update, or for new users via a download in the App Store.

Don’t miss out – upgrade your apps and start meeting & collaborating with— from virtually anywhere—now!

  adds single sign-on integration with Google for Work, Office 365 and more!



Our goal at is (and always has been) to make online meetings as simple as possible for our users. That’s what sets us apart and makes the leader in user satisfaction! And as deployments grow within an enterprise, it’s important that we provide an experience that is equally as simple and powerful for administrators.

That’s why we’ve enhanced our single sign-on (SSO) capabilities that will make securely managing deployments even easier for administrators. now integrates with a number of the most popular enterprise application management platforms, including Office 365, Google for Work, Bitium, OneLogin, Okta and Ping Identity, and Windows ADFS.

Administrators can now leverage authentication, access and audit controls in these popular platforms to securely and easily provision and manage accounts across teams, departments or even entire enterprises. The results are better meeting security, less manual work to manage accounts, and – best of all – peace of mind. Users benefit too, enjoying the seamless meeting experience with one less password to remember.

Learn more about’s new SSO capabilities here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how to best leverage SSO or just want share some feedback.


Your computer in the cloud, thanks to LogMeIn Pro

Did you know your LogMeIn Pro subscription includes a free mobile app? With the LogMeIn app for iOS and Android, you’re able to access your entire computer – desktop, applications, files, etc – from your smartphone. As long as you have WiFi or an internet connection, you can remotely control your computer as if you were sitting right in front of it.

With summer in full swing, and vacations and long weekends in the future, the LogMeIn mobile app will keep you productive, whether you’re working from home, the beach house, or your client’s office. The app allows you to save directly to your device so you can work on the files offline, and you can also move and copy files between your computers and devices as needed. Download the app today to make your summer both productive and relaxing.

Don’t take it from us. Hear from LogMeIn customers who love their mobile app experience:

 “I’m able to “be at the office” from pretty much anywhere!” 

“This has helped me do lots of business remotely.”

“Best Remote App. I support all my clients with ease.”

Download the app, available for iOS and Android!