5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes – Tip #2


#2 They Snooze, You Lose. 

Let’s get real here.  If you are sitting in meeting after meeting, the words all start to string together, and before you know it, you are daydreaming.  It happens to all of us.  From the sales side, the problem is that when people begin to daydream during a sales presentation, you lose the dream you have of making a sale.

Holding a client’s attention is one of the best ways to ensure a sale.  If you notice meeting members starting to fumble with their phones, flip through papers that aren’t related to your meeting, or stare off into space, then it’s time to change tactics.  Pause and see if anyone has questions.  You can ask, “Hey, how about a change of direction?  I’m wondering if this (enter suggestion here) would more accurately address your needs.” Better yet, if they have already agreed to the purchase, stop!  Unless there are immediate details that need to be worked out, enjoy the win and end the meeting early.

If you are looking for a smarter, faster way to sell, be prepared to change tactics to keep your meeting attendees engaged in the process and read 5in5: 5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes.  The first step to winning is staying awake.


5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes – Tip #3

joinme sales meeting tips

#3 Will the Real Decision Maker Please Step Forward? 

Have you ever had the experience of doing a presentation and not having any sense as to who the decision makers are?  If you have, you would be accurate in your assessment.  If you think you know who the decision makers are, you don’t!

Typically, about seven people within each organization work to make buying decisions.  Not being able to see into the future, you have no idea who might be the junior staff member today and who will be leading an entire department in two years.  The solution is a real no-brainer.  Simply address everyone who attends the meeting as though they are the primary decision maker.  Easy, right?  Allow everyone to share their input and opinions and leave the guessing game as to who has the final say to someone else.

By including everyone, you are also planting seeds for the future.  Not everyone sitting at the table will be a lifer with that particular company.  When they move on, if they remember you have treated them with respect and you have a product or service they need, they may call you – not your competitor – for support.  Talk about a smarter, faster way to sell:  you are not only explaining your services to current decision makers at one company but preparing for the future as well!  Access 5in5:  5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes to learn more meeting tips now.


5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes – Tip #4

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#4 Get 10 hours of your life back, each and every month!

Oh, to have the time to take a breath and actually get some work done!  With professionals averaging a brutal three meetings per day, there is literally no time to get work done, plan or follow up on anything other than the most urgent matters.  There is a smarter, faster way to decrease your meeting time.  All you need to do is to scale them back with the 10-minute principle.

It’s easy!  Simply schedule your meetings in 20 or 50 minute blocks instead of the normal half hour or full hour.  That extra 10 minutes can make all the difference.  Less time means more efficient work, sticking closer to the agenda and making decisions more quickly – all things that can benefit business, spur sales and create momentum.

The best part?  That extra 10 minutes that you normally would have scheduled for a meeting is now free!  You can take a walk to clear your head, jot notes for next steps and creative solutions, or simply kick back and get a latte.  Losing 10 minutes of meeting time will give you peace of mind and better productivity.  Want more tips like this?  Take a look at 5in5: 5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes today!


5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes – Tip #5

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#5 Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time

Meetings, meetings, meetings.  It seems that more and more actual work time is spent in meetings that do nothing but cause a ton of frustration.  When those meetings are sales meetings and don’t meet the potential clients’ expectations, you can end up with a mess on your hands.  The reality?  Meetings that aren’t well planned, don’t meet the prospects’ expectations, and don’t address the “what’s in it for me” issue are simply a waste of time for everyone involved.

What can you do to create more effective client meetings?  Work carefully to set agendas that directly address what prospects want to know.  Remember that they aren’t taking time out of their day to hear you ramble.  They have questions and needs – those have to be the priority.  When you are assembling the agenda and during the meeting, remember to ask questions that force them to answer with more than just a “yes” or “no.”  Crafting this type of agenda lets clients know that they are in for more than just a stock sales presentation and that you care about the individual needs of their company and brand, which helps build anticipation and cooperation.  Read more about this smarter, faster meeting process in 5in5: 5 Tips to More Profitable Meetings in 5 Minutes, and you’ll be halfway to the sale before the meeting ever happens.


[SLIDECAST] Bring Your Own App: The Secret Weapon for Sales and Marketing Success

BYOA SlideCast - LogMeIn - Lou Orfanos - join.me

Recently, I attended the 2013 salesforce.com Dreamforce event.  I had the excellent opportunity to talk about how to best understand and leverage the Bring Your Own App trend in your organization.  It’s an interesting topic because it affects sales, marketing, and IT, albeit in vastly different ways.  The trick is using it to your advantage!  Here’s a description of the presentation, right from my abstract:

Bring Your Own App:  The Secret Weapon for Sales and Marketing Success

CIOs and their counterparts in Sales and Marketing have learned the hard way that saying “no” to user-chosen productivity applications is a non-starter.   Learn how leading enterprises are embracing these best of breed applications to achieve transformative improvements in overall collaboration and sales and marketing productivity.  This slidecast will help sales and IT leaders alike better understand and align around an ever-changing sales persona, driving better productivity and sales as a result.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, I’m sharing it with you below.  You can pace yourself through the slides and my audio with the SlideShare commands.

What about you?  Does your workplace embrace a BYOA phenomenon?  Are you a millennial ‘Joe’ sales person?  Let us know in the comments.


BYOA: Apps brought by you, for you

Worried about straying away from your company’s provided apps?  You might be surprised to hear that only 16% of businesses strictly prohibit the use of outside
apps, according to a recent study by Edge Strategies, underwritten by LogMeIn.1 That means a majority of companies allow employees to use their preferred apps and bring them into the workplace. logmein bring your own app byoa

Take traditional online meeting tools, for instance. Are they sluggish? Are they difficult to use? Do they require participants to download software every single time? That’s okay because there are many fast, simple apps to choose from, and chances are you can use them at your organization.

Bring Your Own App (BYOA) empowers employees to increase their flexibility and productivity, and companies are catching onto the idea. In fact, nearly 70% of businesses report active use of employee-introduced apps.

What apps are employees using?

  • 69% are social media like Yammer, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • 52% are cloud syncing and storage apps like Dropbox and Cubby
  • 44% are for collaboration, like Skype and join.me

Plus, not only are most companies allowing outside apps into their workspace, but three out of ten actively encourage BYOA, and about the same share of apps (29%) are officially endorsed.

According to IT pros, BYOA is only going to keep growing – it’s expected that nearly 50% of companies will encourage employee-introduced apps in the next two years. While security and privacy concerns over BYOA are still prevalent among businesses and IT, most are willing to work with employees to promote a more productive work environment. So don’t be scared to find and use what works for you. And if you have any doubts, ask IT what their stance on BYOA is.

How about you? What employee-introduced apps do you use or see in your workplace? Sound off in the comments.

1“From Devices to Apps: New Research Shows Bring-Your-Own Trend Fueling Consumer App Adoption in the Workplace,” Edge Strategies on behalf of LogMeIn, December 10, 2012, https://investor.logmein.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=725849

(Image Source:  cloudmine.me(CC BY 2.0)


Save Time, Stay Organized. join.me Meeting Recap is here!

recapWe are pleased to share that join.me meeting recaps are now available to for join.me pro and trial users!

Meeting recaps are a new way to quickly recap your meetings, share related files and tasks right from your join.me meeting—a feature that extends the collaboration beyond simply hosting online meetings.

Check out the feature by launching a join.me meeting and immediately after it ends, you (the host) will be asked if you’d like to send a recap complete with options for notes, action items, files and recordings of the meeting.

The new meeting recap feature in join.me is powered by Cubby, LogMeIn’s secure cloud file sync and share app, and represents the latest in a series of integrations between the two collaboration offerings. When participants receive a meeting recap email it includes a link to the meeting Cubby that holds all of the meeting files.

No more following up via email or forgetting to share the presentation or action items. With join.me meeting recaps, you’ll save time and stay organized.

Will you be using meeting recaps? Share your experience in the comments below!


3 Reasons Why join.me is a Smart Choice for Inside Sales Professionals

95% of a sales professional’s interaction with prospects and customers occurs over the phone and internet. For this reason, join.me is an ideal tool when pitching these prospects or demoing a product. An article from earlier this year on Business2Community.com nicely outlines the reasons why join.me is a smart choice for inside sales professionals. Here’s our take.

1. Contains Costs

Overhead costs of web conferencing tools, CRM, phones, software, etc. add up very quickly. If you’re a SMB salesperson, keeping these costs down is vital to your business. The free and pro versions of join.me provide options for every sized business or personal user. The free meeting tool allows up to 10 meeting participants. The pro version, available for $13/month, allows up to 250 meeting participants and additional features, not available in the free version.

2. Instant Screen Sharing

The speed, simplicity and reliability, of join.me’s instant screen sharing capabilities are what users love most about our tool. It’s cliché, but first impressions count, and in sales and marketing, they count in dollars. If you’re pitching new business or trying to advance accounts with clients, being able to immediately connect, without the fear of hassles on either end, can go a long way toward winning over new accounts. If you have a prospect on the phone and you determine that it is appropriate to show them a demonstration screen, you need a tool that will enable your prospect to view your screen, regardless of the browser, firewall or security settings on either computer. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why join.me is a Smart Choice for Inside Sales Professionals” »


Presenter Swap Now Available for join.me iPad users

iPad presenter swap Screenshot

Starting a join.me meeting on the go from your iPad but don’t necessarily want to be the host?

A new update to the join.me iPad app, now allows iPad users to pass the presenter role to any other participant using join.me’s simple “presenter swap” feature.

The new presenter swap feature, as well as the hosting capability works in conjunction with active join.me pro accounts. join.me pro hosts can pass the presenter role to any participant attending the meeting via a computer or iPad. The result– a simple and consistent meeting experience, no matter where you are.

The presenter swap feature can be found under the “Participants” button or under the “Meeting Tools” button on the presenter toolbar. Simply click the raised hand next to the participant you’d like to pass the presenter role to. The participant will then be prompted to either accept or deny the swap. Once the participant accepts the presenter role, your join.me toolbar turns green and a window opens showing the new presenter’s screen.

The updated join.me iPad app is now fully compatible with iOS7.

How else would you like to see us simplify meetings on-the-go? Let us know–we appreciate any and all feedback!


Three Cheers for Three Years!

join.me celebrates three years of explosive growth and popularity with our online meeting tool this month. With tens of millions of users and more than a million new people trying join.me for the first time every month, join.me has become more than just another online meeting tool—it’s a tool that extends beyond the meeting.

Three years and 150,000,000 sessions later, join.me is proud to celebrate providing better meetings for all.

Check out the image below, illustrating some of the great milestones in join.me’s lifetime.