New From Forbes Insights: Tooling Up for Collaboration

Collaboration is a significant driver of success for businesses. The number of meetings is on the rise, bringing the challenges of coordinating across a globally dispersed and mobile workforce. Virtual meetings are essential, yet many companies are running into roadblocks including late-starts, connection problems, sub-standard audio quality, draining productivity. With these challenges, it is not surprising that our research shows that two-thirds of executives report that fewer than half the meetings they attend are worth the time.

So, how can companies meet better, collaborate better, and thus BE better? In this new report “Tooling Up for Collaboration”, Forbes Insights has combined the opinions of top executives and consultants with our findings to advise on collaboration needs, considerations, and best practices. They’ve identified the following insights for companies to consider:

  • Complexity is on the rise.
  • The need to manage complexity drives the value of collaboration.
  • Properly deployed, today’s technologies deliver exponential improvements in the ability to collaborate.
  • Advancements in the ability to collaborate are driving extraordinary improvements in overall business performance.
  • Collaboration drives business results. Simplicity in tools drives collaboration. 

This fifth and final insight we find most striking. While companies must play in the virtual meeting space and accept that meetings are no longer limited to a boardroom, they also need to beware of investing in complex solutions requiring extensive integration. In most cases, the simplest, most intuitive, easiest-to-implement and use solutions are by far the most effective in fostering collaboration

In the end, a collaboration tool is most useful if it is easy to implement, and then embraced by the organization.

Download a copy of the new Forbes Insights report and check out the infographic below for some quick highlights.



Click to Close with for Salesforce


Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform used by sales professionals everywhere to give demos and sell smarter and faster every day. is already the instant, online meeting tool of choice for sales professionals, so it’s a no brainer that we would bring these two popular cloud-based sales tools together to deliver seamless, instant and easy one-click demos.

We’re excited to officially unveil a new integration between and Salesforce, enabling sales professionals to start a meeting directly from the Salesforce interface. The integration, which works with enterprise accounts, allows Salesforce users to instantly start a meeting or give a sales demo directly from the lead or contact view. Now, companies using Salesforce and can boost sales productivity and empower sales reps to close the deal faster.

Meeting hosts simply click on the “Start a meeting” button directly from the Salesforce screen, prompting the window to open and share your screen instantly. Hosts will then be prompted to share the 9-digit meeting code or personal url with participants allowing them to enter. Once the meeting ends, Salesforce creates an activity record, complete with details from meeting and any follow up notes the user would like to include.

Want to see what it's all about? Watch this short overview below.

The integration is available for enterprise accounts. For a limited time only, the integration will be available to Pro users! Click here to start your free trial and test the Salesforce integration. If you’re interested in becoming a enterprise user, please contact our sales department for more information.

Don’t waste any time, install this new integration from the AppExchange and increase your conversion rates and boost your sales today!


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We've successfully applied a fix that should resolve the issues described below. The fix was applied last Friday, and subsequent tests over the weekend into today (Monday) have confirmed that it has had the desired effect. All services should be back to normal. Again, our apologies to those who experienced these issues.


We’re actively investigating reports of sporadic connectivity with, LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Central. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and wanted to assure you that our team is working tirelessly on a resolution. Here’s a quick update on what we’re seeing and potential options that may resolve the issues in the meantime, should you experience them.

What we’re seeing

The issues are affecting some but not all people, and result in one of the following experiences.

  • Getting ‘kicked out’ of active sessions. i.e. After successfully logging in, people suddenly appear to get disconnected or logged out.
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Based on our investigation, we believe both are related to a single, common issue, and we’re actively fixing it.

What might help

One potential short-term fix is to clear your cache, close your browser and try to re-connect.  Many people who have reported these issues have since been able to connect upon further attempts.

When the issues will be resolved

Our team has been working around the clock, and we believe we have identified the contributing factors. Fixes are actively being tested and applied now.  We believe that these steps will enable us to reach a resolution by this weekend, and we will provide a further update as soon as possible.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience, and once again, we apologize for any inconvenience or disruption this may have caused.


Connected employees are changing everything.


Legacy team collaboration solutions don’t fit the modern, mobile, consumerized, and connected workforce’s needs and expectations. Professionals desire agile, easy-to-use tools that facilitate the rapid proliferation of ad hoc and virtual meetings. And if IT-provisioned tools don’t do the trick, employees are not shy about solving the problem with their own apps and devices.

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5 Ways To Make Your Meetings More Productive

meetings-arent-what-they-used-to-beThose who have taken a look at their calendar lately know that meetings are on the rise. We have meetings to make plans, to collaborate, and to communicate — all of which becomes even more important as companies add satellite offices and allow employees to work from home.

Still, many employees gripe about wasting valuable time and energy in meetings. And the amount of time wasted is adding up. According to a study by Ovum and by LogMeIn, senior executives lose an average of five full days and 19 hours every year waiting for late meetings to start. As companies try to be more engaging and productive, the way they conduct meetings needs to follow suit. They need to adapt to a younger, more collaborative workforce accustomed to ad hoc and virtual meetings.

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The modern workforce needs a new way to meet.

cio jm

The modern day workforce has evolved to be highly mobile and consumerized. According to Collaboration 2.0: Death of the Web Conference (As We Know It), 32% of all meetings are now being conducted virtually as a result. And that number will continue to grow alongside the population of millennial professionals.

In fact, respondents ages 26 to 35 are conducting an even greater rate—38% to be exact—of their meetings virtually. Is this just a sign of the times? Sophisticated web conferencing and team collaboration technology has certainly facilitated the growth of virtual meetings, but not to the extent that today’s professional demands.

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Your web conferencing solution is costing you more than five days each year.

5daysHave you ever heard anyone say, "I'm really psyched! I have a ton of meetings today”? Probably not, because in general, meetings are a painful albeit necessary part of everyone's work life.


[Webinar] Your Scarcest Resource: Time is money, but few organizations treat it that way


Companies have elaborate processes for allocating and investing capital. Yet, in contrast, in most organizations, time goes largely unmanaged. Companies are awash in e-communications and teleconferences. Meeting time has skyrocketed. Dysfunctional meeting behavior is on the rise. But formal controls for managing organizational time are rare and there are few consequences when employees waste precious organizational time. As a result, time is squandered and wasted.

Join us today (9/15) at 12:00pm-1:00pm ET for an interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, where Bain's Michael Mankins will share a new approach for more effectively managing organizational time, with eight specific practices. Michael Mankins is the leader of Bain's Organization practice in the Americas and co-author of the Harvard Business Review Article, "Your Scarcest Resource."

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The world of collaboration just got a little bigger


With millions of users and 100+% y/y growth, represents our most popular and fastest growing product. Its speed and simplicity have quickly won over legions of fans across North America, the UK and ANZ.  And this week, we’re taking some key steps to bring this same great experience to a global audience.  We've just rolled out new French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese versions of, as well as local language PC, Mac and mobile apps, while kicking off a significant marketing push in Europe and Latin America.

If you're new to or curious as to the drivers behind its success, the story -- like the product -- is pretty quick and easy.  As workers ourselves, most of us would recognize the impact that mobile working – more broadly flexible working – has had on our meeting habits.  It's not just that more of our meetings are virtual -- they are -- but more importantly the volume and types of virtual meetings we’re all having are rapidly changing.  Sure we still have formal, pre-scheduled boardroom-style meetings, but we're also more frequently collaborating on-the fly with small groups or even 1-1.  While most of the big web conferencing products were built to replicate formal, prearranged meetings, was created with a completely different mindset – one that we believe is a better fit for today’s on-the-fly, impromptu meetings that very often blur physical and virtual lines.

This might be a big reason why there were 27 million meetings in 2013, alone.  But don't take our word for it.  If you've never tried, or if you're tired of meetings that consistently start 10-15 minutes late while everyone desperately tries to connect to the web conference, give it English or Français or Deutsch or Português or Español or Nederlands or Italiano.

  Goes to HubSpot's INBOUND 2014


LogMeIn and the team will be at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2014 on September 15-18 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. As a sponsor of the event, we have several cool things going on that we want everyone to know about.

First, will be used to host all of the HubSpot Deep Dive sessions -- meaning session attendees can see the tool in action by joining the online meeting via their laptop or mobile device! This won't be the only way to see in action - be sure to catch a product demo on the INBOUND Live Stage in Club INBOUND.

Next,  Our VP of Product Marketing, Matt Duffy, will be leading a breakout session titled, “Leads vs. Trials: A case study on when you need content marketing and when you don't," on Thursday, Sept. 18th at 10:30AM-11:15AM, where he will be sharing some tips and tricks to implementing a content marketing strategy that shifts the focus away from trials and more toward leads.

Last but not least, stop by the booth in the Sponsor Showcase for some cool giveaways and more info on how you can enter to win a vacation package in our #5Days Dream Getaway sweepstakes!

We’re extremely excited to showcase’s speed and simplicity to the thousands of sales and marketing attendees at INBOUND - we hope to see you there!