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There’s been a shift to cloud adoption, mobile working, and employee-introduced technology in today’s workplace. The rise of BYOA and the move to the cloud means today’s workforce is no longer governed by a 9-5 mentality. Being connected anytime, anyplace, anywhere is the new normal. According to industry analysts at Gartner, apps developed for mobile devices will outnumber those developed for the PC by four to one in 2015. At join.me, we believe in delivering a simple and instant experience for our users on both a desktop and their mobile device. Here are a few articles that discuss the importance of mobile, the cloud and some cloud apps that can help improve your productivity.

huffpost2_200x200How the Cloud Is Reshaping Business Communications
Big enterprise level companies discovered the “cloud” five to seven years ago for lowering costs, reducing head count and enabling virtual teams to work together more cohesively in and outside the company. The bottom line benefits for integrating the cloud with your business: improving your web presence getting access to more business applications you weren’t even aware of, lower cost/high value hosted communications and improved collaboration with your staff, customers and distribution channels.

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Entrepreneur_updateme_200x20021 Apps to Boost Productivity, Accountability and Success
No matter how you work or what type of business you run, being productive is a must. But techniques and strategies aren’t enough if you don’t have the tools needed to implement them. This article shares 21 apps that are guaranteed to boost your productivity, accountability and success.

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CIO_updateme_200x200CIOs need to support B2B mobile innovation
Mobile is becoming a critical factor in driving product, service, and process innovation as well as in enhancing customer and employee engagement. As business enablers, all cloud initiatives must include a mobile element – and vice versa. Mobile devices, applications, and content management form the basis for any comprehensive strategy to address the B2B mobile mind shift.

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Techrepub_updateme_200x20010 ways mobile apps are bringing breakthrough technologies to business
Tens of thousands of mobile apps have been deployed by companies in the past three years. What we’ve learned from these deployments is that certain application scenarios are head and shoulders above others in terms of their usability and their ability to make a difference in the business. Certain mobile apps have worked exceptionally well and are beginning to provide us with some outstanding examples and mobile app best practices. Here are 10 of them.

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New Harvard Business Review Webinar: A Digital Toolkit to Optimize Your Next Meeting


Despite our current workplace landscape being mobile and globally dispersed, an organization’s work still often takes place through meetings, both in-person and virtual. Successful collaboration requires successful, well-organized meetings. Yet, people often feel that time is wasted in meetings, and they aren’t nearly as productive as they could be. But that doesn’t have to be the case – there are a number of digital tools that can help optimize all your meetings for success.

On April 27, in a live webinar hosted by join.me and Harvard Business Review, digital researcher and strategist, Alexandra Samuel, will discuss her digital meeting toolkit of simple, easy-to-use tools that can make every meeting more productive.

Samuel will recommend a list of tools to use before meetings for scheduling and planning, during meetings for note taking and brainstorming (or “mind mapping” as she calls it), and for post-meeting information sharing.

If you invest a great deal of time in meetings and would like to learn how to make them more productive, join us for this live webinar discussion. You will leave with a toolkit of simple, easy-to-use tools to help optimize your next virtual or in-person meeting.

Register here for this April 27th webinar.


Tip Tuesday – Getting Started With join.me

Last week, we kicked off a new blog series called Tip Tuesday, to give our users insight into how to best use join.me to improve their meetings and collaboration.  We shared a video on how first-time users can easily download and install join.me, and start collaborating in just seconds. This week, let’s continue with some more basics of getting things started!

You may not be hosting the next join.me meeting you attend, but we’ve still made it very simple to join. Learn how to easily connect in to the next join.me you’re invited to with this short video.  You can share this video with any meeting attendees who are new to join.me, to show them how to join your next meeting.

Once you’ve joined your meeting, you’ll notice we provide a few options for audio, including location-based telephone conference numbers, and free web-based VOIP. Learn more about your audio connection options in this video.

For more tips, view the full User Tips library on our YouTube channel, and keep checking here on Tuesdays for your next tip!


update.me – collaboration, innovation, and engagement

Week of April 10

Remote work and flexible work arrangements are trending topics across the globe. This week, we saw articles from Europe, the US, Australia, and South Africa, all discussing on the desires of employees for more flexible work environments, and the considerations for companies providing them. At join.me, we see that the landscape of the typical workplace is changing, and no company or region will be excluded from the trend. We enable simple, instant, online meetings from anywhere, so all your mobile employees are better prepared to get their work done, wherever they may choose to do it.

seats 2 meet imageWhy These Coworking Spaces in Train Stations Let You Pay in “Social Capital”
This is a cool new movement in mobile work environments – Seats2Meet provides thousands of mobile employees work stations in unoccupied European city spaces, like train stations, schools, and libraries. The most unique part is that members pay for the service not in money but in knowledge, by participating in beta testing or giving strategic advice to other members. Plus – free food and free coffee!

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dynamic business imageThe Tools Driving Flexible Work Environments
Recent reports show that 70% of Australian job seekers consider a better work-life balance more important a raise in pay. Vice President of Product for join.me Craig Daniel comments on this trend, and what businesses need to consider to meet these changing desires of their employees.

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ThinkstockPhotos-stk318032rknHow to Benefit from Flexible Working Conditions
Flexible working conditions are beneficial for companies to consider among their current employees, and during the recruiting process. Flexible policies with employees can help minimize time off and sick days of current staff, and be a huge advantage when recruiting top talent.

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emancipation imgeThe Emancipation of Corporate Culture
This blog provides a unique perspective on how a fully virtual company operates, how it’s sustainable, and the impact on their company culture.  One key factor is trust – can everyone get their work done in their own space on their own time? While employees feel liberation, the employer feels trust being tested.

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5 Ways to Increase Sales Revenue in 2015


For sales teams large or small in any industry, there’s a clear line between succeeding and falling short — and that’s called a quota. On which side of the line do most sales teams fall? According to new research by CSO Insights, only 58% of sales people met or exceeded quota in 2014. Even with this mediocre performance, the pressure continues to mount for sales teams to close more deals and increase company revenue. In fact, 95% of companies are raising revenue targets for 2015.

These higher targets will only be more difficult to attain by sales teams who already struggle to hit their goals. To move the 2015 success rate upwards from a measly 58%, sales managers need to ensure their teams are adequately trained and armed with the right tactics and tools. Sales teams will continue to struggle with high performance quotas without the right help.

To help managers better prepare their teams to hit quota in 2015, join.me has created a new eBook that identifies Five Best Practices to Optimize Sales Revenue. We explore the following success drivers:

  • Identifying the perfect prospect profile
  • Utilizing social selling
  • Optimizing virtual selling
  • Being a virtual coach
  • Adapting sales processes

Download the full eBook to learn how to execute these practices in your own sales team and achieve your 2015 revenue goals.


New join.me Tip Tuesdays!

Our number one goal here at join.me is to help our users work better, meet better, and collaborate better. So we want to share all the ways that join.me can improve your communication and collaboration. That’s why we’ve created a brand new User Tips library on our YouTube channel. If you’re a new join.me user, you can learn the basics of starting, joining, and hosting your first join.me. If you’re a pro or enterprise user, these videos will help you learn how use all our advanced features including chat, annotation, audio, and more.

We’ll be bringing these new user tips to you every week in a new Tip Tuesday blog series, highlighting different product features you may not know about. As we make product updates, we’ll be sure to share them here.

In this week’s inaugural Tip Tuesday post, we’ll start with the basics! Check out this short video on how to download and start a join.me meeting and start collaborating in seconds.

Did you know you can send e-mail invitations right from the join.me app? Learn how, here:


Update.me – Collaboration, innovation, and engagement

Week of April 03

Virtual collaboration tools in the workplace have become a mainstream topic of conversation in global news articles and blogs.  As the youngest members of the millennial generation grow up and enter the workforce, companies are heavily considering their work styles and communication preferences – including the technology and tools they use. Here are a few articles this week that talk about virtual collaboration, including why it’s preferred over a competitive work environment, and how it can work better than face-to-face communication.

04_03_um_INCWhy Collaboration Wins Over Competition
Millennials who will make up 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, overwhelmingly prefer a collaborative workplace over a competitive one. This infographic shows how collaboration wins in the workforce, and how advances in cloud and video technology are empowering employees by staggering numbers.

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Collaborating Online is Sometimes Better than Face-to-Face
When given the choice, most workers would prefer a face-to-face conversation as a method of communication, to enhance productivity and communication. However, there are some benefits to choosing online collaboration first, including appealing to various work styles, and convening dispersed teams.

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04_03_um_socialmedmonthlyMake Your Online Meeting More Social
Given that there are a lot of potentially sucky meetings out there, we like this post about how to jazz up your next global online meeting, including skits, toasts, and starting with some humor.

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How to Wake Yourself Up in the Afternoon, Without Caffeine


It happens like some sick narcoleptic clock work: every day around 3 PM, your body yearns for a very inconvenient nap. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one dozing off: nearly 40% of U.S. adults fall asleep unintentionally during the day – it could have something to do with sucky meetings. The answer isn’t an IV drip of coffee straight into your bloodstream (in fact, that might make it worse).

Instead, here are some decaffeinated tips that’ll help you conquer that pesky afternoon fatigue.

Take a Sunshower
Your internal rhythms vibe well with daylight, so if you find yourself nodding off at your desk, simply open the shades and position yourself where you can get as much Vitamin D nourishment as possible. If the day is looking bleak, artificial light can work too. Using a service like join.me allows you to work from a sunny, remote location and still get just as much done.

Take a Nap
No for real: if your body is shutting down and all these methods are no match for your sleepy little face, ten minutes of zzzs should do the trick. It’s a quick reset button so you can finish out the day. Just find a quiet desk and crawl into your own personal cave. If you don’t want to hunker down proximate to your boss, you can work remotely.

Start DJing Your Afternoon
Put on the headphones and stream your most upbeat, energetic music. Sound vibrations can stimulate your brain waves and jolt your entire body into a more wakeful state.

Want to see some more? Click here for the full list on Lifehacker.com.


Update.me – Collaboration, Innovation, and Engagement

Week of March 27, 2015

The almighty cloud! Cloud computing offers advantages in productivity and collaboration, making it an integral part of every professional’s day-to-day work.  Companies are re-evaluating best practices and business processes, while workers are leveraging cloud solutions to be more nimble and productive. The articles below are just a few that have been published over the past few weeks that focus on cloud computing, including it’s affects on specific business lines and how mobile workers are adapting.

3.24.fortune12 Apps That Let You Manage On the Go
Working on-the-go no longer means carrying around your laptop, if you’re prepared with the right apps on your smartphone or tablet . Fortune Magazine lists the top cloud apps to help you manage your workload on the move – including join.me!

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3.24.eweekCFOs See Cloud Technology Boosting Collaboration, Analysis
New data shows that financial leaders are seeing great improvement in their business processes by using cloud solutions. Adaptive Insights surveyed 250 CFOs across the US and found that team collaboration has increased by 25%, while dependence on IT reduced by 24%.

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3.24.cioinsightsGetting The Most Out of Apps in the Cloud Era
As the “power of the cloud” grows, tech leaders are at the front lines. This interview with Rod Smith, IBM’s Vice President of Emerging Internet Technologies, provides insight into the perspectives of and challenges facing developers and IT leaders.

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3.24.hbrFive Basic Needs of Virtual Workforces
As cloud-based solutions replace existing hardware and location-based solutions, more people are working virtually than ever before. Given this shift, HR leaders need to reevaluate their processes to continue to meet the needs of their mobile employees.

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As you look at the next few days on your calendar, how many meetings do you have? Probably a lot – our research shows that 91% of employees are spending more time in meetings than ever before. So with more and more of your time spent in meetings, you’ll want to make sure they suck less and less. Take a spin through our infographic below to consider all the variables of your next meeting – time, location, snack situation – to help determine if your meeting will suck, and if so, what you can do about it.