Customer Spotlight: Meltwater Sales Teams Drove Adoption of

We recently spent a fun afternoon visiting the Boston offices of one of our favorite customers, Meltwater. If you don’t know them, Meltwater is a leading media intelligence platform offering their clients smart solutions in media monitoring, database management, and news distribution services.

Meltwater has a team of over 600 global sales professionals, who are all happy users! What we love about their story is that the adoption of came from the ground up. Sales teams were unhappy with the complicated meeting tools that the company was providing. Download requirements that were incompatible with prospect software or security regulations were causing meetings to fall from their calendars.

The Meltwater sales teams did some research to solve their problem – and they started using trial accounts for their meetings. With the simplicity and speed of, Meltwater sales reps can now start unscheduled, on-the-fly sales demos, leading to more meetings throughout the day, and in turn, they’ve increased their sales revenue.

Watch more of the Meltwater/ story in this video:

Thanks so much to Meltwater for letting us visit and for sharing your story with us! If you’re a current customer and have a story to share, please leave a note in the comments section below. We’d love to connect with you!


What’s in Your South-by-Suitcase?

South by Southwest Interactive 2015 kicks off next week, and the team is so excited to enjoy the sun and hand out free tacos. To make sure we’re prepared, we’re making our packing lists and checking them twice. Here are some of the essentials we recommend bringing to make the most of your time in Austin:

  • Portable Phone charger(s) – You’ll be tweeting, e-mailing, and snapping pictures throughout the event, so keep this on-hand to juice up for afternoon sessions and networking events.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – Get pumped up for the day in your hotel room with your favorite Spotify playlist!
  • Water bottle – With the warm  climate, deliciously salty BBQ, and evening beverages, be sure to stay hydrated all day to keep your energy up! There will be water stations at the event to fill up on H20.
  • Pedometer - Whether it’s a Jawbone, Fitbit, or another wearable fitness tracker, be sure to pack it. You’ll get your steps in for sure!
  • Selfie Stick – For the after parties and dinners out, make sure you’re ready for some great photo ops.
  • Texas 2 Step Cheat Sheet – These two steps are the one way to fun at any country western bar in Texas! Be sure you’re brushed up on your moves.
  • Ten Gallon Hat and Armadillo Cologne – When in Rome, right?
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Week of February 27

As the great Bob Dylan sang, “the times, they are a changin’.” Rapid innovations in software and technology are driving a brand new economic era, writes Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum. Schwab describes the force of this technological revolution as a tsunami “with little warning and inexorable force”, cautioning that companies must adapt quickly or be left behind. Here at, we aren’t scared; rather excited to be a part of this era of change. We are redefining collaboration and disrupting the market with simple and effective solutions, helping our customers quickly and easily adapt to this new economic landscape. This week’s articles revolve around a new age of collaboration and tools that are helping us improve collaboration.

updateme_Feb27_200x200The Age of Adaptation Klaus Schwab writes about the new economic era driven by technological change, and how companies must adapt to survive. “Competing in the twenty-first century economy will require relentless adaptation… every practice and standard will have to be rethought.” named Market Disruptor in New Report We’re excited to share a new analyst report by Frost and Sullivan, where was named a market disruptor in the web conferencing industry, ranked as the fastest growing web conferencing product on the market.



eweek10 Social Networks Aimed at Improving Enterprise Collaboration Today, the lines are becoming blurred between using social networks as a business tool or a personal tool. eWeek recently compiled a list of 10 social networks aimed at improving enterprise collaboration.




smithsonianThe Accidental History of the @ Symbol We had to include this fun read about social media’s favorite character! How did the @ become a staple of modern electronic communication? Smithsonian Magazine writes an interesting history of the character that bears many interesting names, including the “snail” and the “monkey tail”.

  named 'Market Disruptor’ and Fastest Growing Web Conferencing Product in New Report

We're excited to share that has been recognized as a “market disruptor” in a new Global Web Conferencing report by Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan Global Analysis of Web Conferencing Market - An Executive Summary

The research states that the global web conferencing market is becoming a key business enabler that is connecting and engaging employees, customers, and partners as never before.  In fact, the market grew by 10.5 percent in 2013 to reach $2.0 billion in revenue. With more than 100 percent year over year revenue growth, and a 150 percent increase in customer accounts in the last 12 months, is ranked as the fastest growing web conferencing product on the market.

The report also focuses on how the consumerization of IT is turning traditional ways of working and technology selection on its head, highlighting that users are bringing their choice of devices and applications to work for simpler, faster, and better ways to communicate and collaborate.

"As a result of BYOA and the consumerization of IT, web conferencing users as well as line of business heads are discovering simpler and more effective options for collaboration, triggering greater adoption of cutting edge technologies in their workplace," said Roopam Jain, Industry Director of Enterprise Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan. " has built a large base of users and successfully entrenched itself in the SMB segment, proving  the overall value in its service."

For more  information and to access a copy of an executive summary of the Frost & Sullivan “Analysis of the Global Web Conferencing Market” report, please click here:


  heads to SXSW, for collaboration and tacos!


As our Boston Headquarters continues to dig out from Juno, Linus, Marcus, and Neptune, our team has had enough. We’ve decided to fly south for the winter to sunny Austin, Texas! Sayonara, snow banks!

Ok, it’s not really just the weather that’s driving us out of Boston. We’re thrilled to be heading to SXSW Interactive from March 13-17, joining the best and the brightest in innovation and technology. We can’t wait to see what new ideas and innovations are unveiled this year.

A trip to Austin wouldn’t be complete without great food, so we’re pairing up with The Peached Tortilla to help feed hungry innovators, and are giving away free taco lunches! Check out our SXSW page to find out where we’ll be, and register ahead of time for your free tacos!

We’ll be posting fun contests, blog posts, and games before we leave - so keep checking our our page for updates! On twitter, follow @joinme and use the #joinUS to join the conversation.

See you there!

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Week of February 20
At, while we don’t have a crystal ball, the future of innovation and collaboration is always on our minds.  This week we found a number of interesting articles covering the future of work.This includes everything from what we’re already seeing now (working anytime, anywhere) to new trends that we thought we’d only see in the movies (artificial intelligence anyone?).

feb20_forbes12 Habits of Highly Collaborative Organizations
When it comes to the future of work, many organizations are already spearheading new initiatives and ideas to drive productivity.  In this article, the author Jacob Morgan covers 12 common habits or success factors for collaborative organizations.



feb20_constellationWhere's my Hoverboard?
Who doesn’t love a reference to the movie Back to the Future and its iconic hoverboard?  This article not only covers the future of where, how, and why we work, but also when it will arrive, if at all (just like the hoverboard)




Everything You Need to Know About How The Workplace is Evolving
It’s obvious we’ve already moving very quickly away from the old 9-5 office workday.  This article covers the key drivers pushing us toward a radical employment transformation; things like speed, disaggregation, freelancers, and much more.

Feb20_GuardianWhat Will Artificial Intelligence Mean for the World of Work?
There are those who argue that up to 60% of the work we currently do will, within two decades, be entirely replaced by technology..  Like so many futuristic stories we’ve seen and heard, will computers eventually one day rule the work world?





Week of February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day! In the spirit of matchmaking, this week we developed a quiz to find out your “meeting type”, and then match you to the right features to help improve and optimize your meetings. Check it out here, and share your results with us! Here’s what else is going on this week in collaboration:

tedShould You Call That Meeting?
As we touched on last week, everyone is tired of bad meetings! Check out this infographic to help you determine if that meeting you’re about to call is really necessary, or if you’re actually just bogging down your colleagues.

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ceoDon't Waste Those 30 Minute Gaps Between Meetings
This article gives a great perspective on scheduling for better daily productivity, including avoiding 30 minute breaks in between meetings which lead to wasted time. Our recent Ovum study showed the true impact of wasted time - $5M per year for a mid-sized business - so we’re on board with any time-saving meeting tips.

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entrepreneurPinterest Adds 'App Pins'
Pinterest launched “App Pins”, an innovative new way to share mobile apps. Now you can share your favorite iPad and iPhone apps (including the mobile app!) with your friends, plus discover and download new apps, directly from the Pinterest platform.

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eweekMobile Collaboration Tools a Boon for Remote Workers
New research in eWeek emphasized the importance of mobile collaboration tools, as remote workers trend upwards. Forty percent of those surveyed were able to conduct at least half of their total workload on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device – and we expect that number to grow rapidly in the next few years.

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  Receives 2015 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award

Frost award logo

The team is thrilled to have been awarded the 2015 Customer Value Leadership Award for web conferencing by Frost & Sullivan in recognition of our customer and business impact in the Web conferencing market! received the highest ranking based on the criteria set for the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award, which focuses on business impact and customer impact. Frost & Sullivan evaluated price/performance value, customer acquisition processes, financial performance, growth potential and customer purchasing experiences, among others.

Roopam Jain, Industry Director of Enterprise Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan stated “ offers a good fit with the emerging user trends to serve customers with a high performance, low priced approach to collaboration, eliminating the traditional hurdles to adoption that include high costs and complex solutions. has effectively leveraged its expertise in the enterprise communications market and has enhanced customer value through innovation and sound execution. Its rapidly expanding customer base is a strong testament to the strength of its portfolio and the overall value of its services.”

For more information and to see the full Frost & Sullivan award summary, please visit


QUIZ: What is Your Meeting Type?


Meetings got ya down?

Are you distracted, bored, or frustrated with your meetings?

Would you rather spend your day alone by the glow of your computer screen with a half-cup of old coffee, rather than deal with another BAD meeting of dial-in issues and complicated downloads?

We understand how you feel. Bad meetings, cumbersome meeting tools, and wasted time can bring anyone down at work. But you don’t have to feel this way forever – is here to help, just in time for Cupid’s special day!

Take our “What’s Your Meeting Type” quiz to discover your meeting identity. We’ll connect you with just the right match to be more productive, feel energized, and make the most out of your workday.



Update.Me – Collaboration, Innovation, and Engagement News

Week of February 6, 2015

Collaboration is great, but meetings suck. At least that’s what everyone is telling us, including NPR. In a new article they examine the dichotomy of meeting culture - recent data shows meeting attendance is trending upward, but so are people’s frustrations. Everyone is tired of “bad meetings” that waste time and diffuse responsibility. For tips on how to avoid some of these bad meeting pitfalls, check out this HBR article on time-saving strategies.


And So We Meet Again: Why the Workday is So Filled with Bad Meetings
NPR examines the office meeting culture and the problems it causes – low productivity, slow company decision-making - but why the “bad meeting” habit is so hard to break.

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image2A Surprising Upside to Terrible Weather
Many of us were hit with a major storm recently and have had to work from home. According to new research, people actually tend to be more productive when stuck at home (IF armed with the right productivity tools, we’d add).

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Now on Twitter: Group Direct Messages
There’s a new way to collaborate on one of social media’s most popular platforms – Twitter has rolled out a group chat feature, allowing for private direct messages between multiple users. We’re interested to see how companies and brands will use this feature to interact with their customers or followers.

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Building an Innovation Engine in 90 Days
While many companies consider themselves “innovators”, are they doing it the right way? Quite often, good ideas in an organization go unknown, or undeveloped. This HBR article outlines what makes a successful innovation engine step-by-step from day 1 to day 90.

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