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Evaluating Cybersecurity Trends with Central in 2020

Read about some developing cyber threats and trends in 2020 , and how you can respond to them by using Central and its Security Module.

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping 2020 brings you positive change, success, and growth. At LogMeIn, we are hoping for all of the above.

Over the past month or two, there have been a variety of articles and reports released that point to growing security trends that will play a substantial role in 2020. Most importantly, these articles make the reader think: how can we best protect ourselves against cyber threats moving forward? To put it simply – using one’s own intuition just isn’t enough in today’s world. However the proven, reliable technology of LogMeIn Central can help. Let’s dive into a few of these growing trends to see how Central can help address them.


  • AI will play a substantial role in both cyber-attack and defense

It is reasonable to believe that AI will play an increasingly large role in all of our lives in the coming decade. Every day, more and more processes and tasks are being automated, whether in our home computers or factories – why would cyber threats be any different? And with AI technology being widely available on the internet, this threat is pervasive. Any nefarious group could theoretically use AI to automate its cyber-attacks as they become more complex and simpler to deploy.

Fortunately for Central users, LogMeIn Antivirus utilizes Bitdefender machine learning technology which is constantly improving itself based on recognition of new and growing cyber threats. Bitdefender’s AI has the ability to spot trends and threats ahead of time, relying on years of data collection and billions of threat interactions, meaning that the AV software protecting your endpoints is continuously improving its ability to locate and prevent attacks.


  • Maintaining “security hygiene” is key

Security hygiene is another way of saying – how well you are staying on top of security on your many devices. This means adapting to business growth, changing trends and threats, and learning how to continuously optimize and protect against cyber-attacks.  It is easy to get complacent, especially when you think your AV software or security technology is doing everything for you in the background. But this is not always the case. To be truly “hygienic”, one must be constantly on top of their security. This means protecting your data from cyber criminals and staying diligent. Suffice it to say, most companies don’t necessarily have an appreciation for just how difficult it is to maintain a pace of awareness to adversary activity.

LogMeIn Central provides the tools required to maintain your security hygiene. With the built in functionality of Central and Central’s Security Module, users can perform a variety of daily and weekly tasks to stay on top of security, regardless of what new threats are emerging. Trend Micro predicted that attackers will outpace incomplete and hurried patches in 2020, to the point where it will be essential to stay on top of the most up-to-date software and ensure it is deployed properly to your endpoints. Features like patch management ensure that your endpoints stay up to date and have the latest software. Our updated Antivirus Management page, coming this quarter, will help you manage the various AV software employed throughout your endpoints, and will increase speed, functionality and ease of use. Furthermore, LogMeIn AV powered by Bitdefender utilizes industry-leading threat detection technology to continuously learn from threats and improve your security. This provides an excellent level of both hands-on and hands-off security that you can customize based on your personal needs.


  • Cyber attackers are innovating

As the world grows and develops, so do the tactics of cyber criminals. FireEye’s excellent 2020 report on cybersecurity highlights the potential for attackers to utilize new and aggressive techniques to hack into your devices and steal valuable data. For example, ransomware attacks, which gained notoriety and popularity in 2018-2019 for their role in disrupting the critical infrastructure of established companies, will continue to be more and more customized as hackers target the inner-workings of companies, in some cases with the assistance of someone internally! In addition to this, cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated, even to the level of nation-states, simply because the technology is no longer only in the hands of powerful governments, but rather for anyone to access. This means more destructive malware threats, improved hacks and breaches, better and more convincing phishing tactics, and evolving dangers for all of us.

How can you use LogMeIn Central to combat these ever-developing cyber threats? Start with LogMeIn Antivirus, which provides essential tools to supplement routine patch management and monitoring of your endpoints. For example, LogMeIn’s AV’s Real-Time-Protection continuously inspects the computer’s memory and file systems for threats during user interactions, providing continuous evaluation of dangers for you and your endpoints as you connect to them. With quick and full scans, you have the option to examine your hard drive, memory and external devices for viruses and threats on command given your needs. Anti-phishing technology, built on Bitdefender software, identifies phishing content in websites, email, etc. and blocks the content ahead of time. On the web, Central’s Traffic Scan continuously scans HTTP traffic for Malware. In combination with the Security module’s malware-detection technology, this creates a significant barrier  to entry for threats. With whitelisting on firewall being added in early 2020, Security module users will be able to block certain URLs as they see fit. Central allows you to customize your threat protection and detection capabilities to meet the needs of your organization.


Hopefully this provides some cybersecurity insight moving into the new year. Stay safe in 2020!

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