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Firewall Now Included in LogMeIn Antivirus

LogMeIn Antivirus is now included in LogMeIn Central and has advanced features such as firewall, device control capabilities, anti-phishing, traffic scan, silent mode, and more!

World-class security is now included in LogMeIn Central. Take control and mitigate the risk of cyber threats with our robust security module that includes Application Updates, Windows updates, and now, LogMeIn Antivirus with firewall functionality. LogMeIn Central’s antivirus solution protects your business and your customers from known and unknown threats, including malware, viruses and more.

Antivirus is not a one-and-done solution, and it requires an ongoing commitment to continuously monitor and protect your IT infrastructure from an ever-evolving threat landscape. LogMeIn Antivirus simplifies ongoing security and maintenance for your endpoints, allowing you to save time and optimize your team resources.

With LogMeIn Antivirus you can:

  • Implement a proactive strategy to protect your company’s distributed endpoint infrastructure from malicious threats
  • Resolve concerns before they become problems and ensure threats are detected  and addressed before spreading through your environment
  • Easily deploy and install antivirus from your Central dashboard and have instant visibility into your company’s security status

The latest feature additions to LogMeIn Antivirus include:

  • Firewall – Feel more secure about employees working from anywhere with firewall functionality monitoring traffic, blocking trojans,  keeping hackers out of your network, and stopping key loggers
  • Device Control Capabilities – Set the action to always scan, ask to scan, don’t scan, or block scan when USB devices are plugged in
  • Anti-Phishing – Block known phishing and fraudulent websites when browsing
  • Traffic Scan – Scan HTTP, POP3, and SMTP traffic for viruses
  • Silent Mode – Run LogMeIn Antivirus in the background to prevent users from accessing antivirus settings
  • and more!

To explore all of the features included in LogMeIn Antivirus please visit:


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