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How to grow your restaurant business with digital signage

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There is no denying that digital menus are on the rise in fast casual and quick service restaurants. In fact, the use of digital signage in these locations is moving from a luxury to a necessity. The freedom and opportunity that digital signage offers to restaurants is critical to a healthy, growing business. In a new eBook, we’ve put together 6 ways the use of digital signs can help grow your restaurant business. Check out 3 of these tips now:

  1. Quick content updates – Quickly change content to reflect menu changes (especially for restaurants that move from breakfast to lunch to dinner menus), add nutritional info, and even comply with healthcare laws. Wendy’s recently declared that ‘content is king’ when it comes to digital menu boards – fresh, relevant, interactive content is the key to keeping your customers engaged.
  1. Remote management – Less time and resources required to maintain and update your menu boards with software that allows you to manage from anywhere that has an Internet connection. With digital menu boards, you’ll no longer need to send technicians out every time a problem arises because you can simply troubleshoot from where you are. Platforms like LogMeIn Central delivers powerful remote access that allows you to manage and maintain all of your digital signs through safe, secure connections.
  1. Reduced costs – The integration of digital menu boards into your restaurant can immediately reduce the cost of producing printed menus and dramatically simplify making price changes and updating food items including the employee labor it takes to execute those tasks. With digital screens, you install the hardware once, and remote management software allows you to control menu boards for all of your restaurants from your location.

Digital signage has become a critical piece of owning and running a fast casual or quick service restaurant. From the ease of operating and consistency in message to the reduced costs and increase in sales, the adoption of digital menu boards is inevitable in the industry. By using digital menu boards, restaurants can focus more on quality menu items and customer support, rather than logistical issues associated with traditional signage.

Check out the complete eBook for all 6 tips on how to scale your restaurant’s growth with the use of digital menu boards.

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