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New Year, New Central

In early January, we’ll be taking the wraps off new versions of LogMeIn Central designed to deliver new value to our IT customers, while making it far easier for each and every Central customer to get the right product – and the right capabilities – to meet their specific needs.

So what will this new Central look like and what’s in it for you?

We’ll be revealing the full details of the new offering early in the New Year, but at a high level, the new Central will be delivered in three simple versions, making it far easier for customers to get the right fit for their needs. The foundation of this simplified and improved offering will start with faster, more elegant remote access capabilities, raising the high bar on what you’ve come to expect from LogMeIn. From there, we’ve designed each distinct edition based on your feedback.  Just need to remotely access PCs and Macs without all the other bells and whistles? We’ve got you covered. Looking to extend remote access to your employees and customers so they can remain productive when outside the office?  We’ve got the perfect mix for you. Rely on Central for business-critical IT management and automation?  We’ve got the professional grade innovation ready to go in a nice simple package.

We’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.

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