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Customer Security Tips

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer security, we’d like to offer our customers some advice on IT security and user password best practices, and how to better utilize the multiple layers of security that are built into LogMeIn products.

Some important user password best practices include:

  • Use two-factor authentication that is simple, free and available on all LogMeIn products
  • Create a unique, complex password for every account, device and system
  • Consider using a password safe application to generate secure passwords and store them safely
  • Never use simple passwords like “password” or “12345”
  • Always use complex passwords of at least eight characters in length, including upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols

The above tips are especially relevant in efforts to protect against scam “phishing” tactics. For more detailed information on how to identify and avoid fraudulent emails,  click here.

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